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Points2Shop: How Much Money Can I Make?

What is Points2Shop?

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Everyone shops and plays games online. Because of this, Points2Shop created a website which rewards you for doing the things you already do online. Points2Shop is one of the largest member run market research companies online. Instead of being a survey site, like Swagbucks, and attracting members with surveys and rewards, Points2Shop gets their members through offering points for shopping. There are currently thousands of members on the site, and it's increasing and expanding daily. Points2Shop takes shopping online and turns it into real cash that you can redeem. ​If you are looking for a cash-back option, you might want to check out Mr. Rebates. However, if you want to earn points strictly for shopping, and receive rewards for that, stick here with Points2Shop. Its a great site that has made a lot of people a lot of money. 

How Can I Join?

Joining is quick and easy. To join, you just have to go to their website, or click here. The navigation is quite simple, and the register button is on their homepage. You can either join by creating a email account, or join through Facebook. After joining you will fill out a quick profile, and be asked a few basic questions which will help the site determine what promotions, offers, games, and surveys are best fitted for you. It would behoove you to fill this out as accurately as possible, in ordered to be offered ways to earn points that would interest you.

How Points2Shop Works

How Do I Earn Points?

Earning points on Points2Shop is very easy. For starters, you get $1.50 just by signing up. Additionally, for each person you refer you get .50 and %15 percent of what they earn on the site. Points2Shop operates through advertisers that promote products and website on the site, and if you purchase something through the banner of the advertiser, Points2Shop gets paid. In turn they kickback a good amount of the money they make back to you. Ways to earn can include playing video games, purchasing items on a website, taking surveys, and downloading apps. Each day there are new daily promotions that the website offers for people to earn money, as well as categories like the ones I just described. 

Each offer has the points you can earn right beside it, as to make sure you get the most for your time. Because of this, you can pick and choose what you do by how many points they are offering. The best ways to earn earn the most points on this site is shopping through it. You already probably do online shopping, so why not get paid a little bit to do so? 

How Do I Get Paid?

After completing a survey, playing game, or shopping online, points will be deposited into your Points2Shop account. Points usually get to you within a few hours, although some may take a few days. Do not be alarmed if it takes a long time, you will get the points. However, these points are not redeemable for cash, like other sites we have reviewed such as Swagbacks or MySurvey. Instead, Points2Shop offers Amazon gift cards that you can earn once you get a certain amount of points.  

Is Points2Shop Safe?

Absolutely. If you choose to sign up through Facebook, the website only has access to you location, name, and email. Conversely if you choose to sign up through a email, the questionnaire you fill out will consist of this information anyways. Secondly, there is a identification verification when signing up which helps keep fraudulent accounts off of the site. I say fraud because there are ways that you can commit fraud and be booted from the site. These include giving false emails, not completing surveys or offers and just taking the rewards, and using fake credit cards on the site. 

When buying things, you will be asked to put a credit card number in, which the website keeps safe for you. Because of their high level of security to keep fake cards out of the site, they will protect your information as well. 

Positives of Points2Shop.

There are multiple pro's to using Points2Shop. For one, it is a great way to earn money by doing what you already do online. This is similar to using a cash-back debit card, in which you get cahsback for making purchases on it. If you already were going to shop online, why not get some money back from it? Secondly, with so many ways to earn, you can try something new everyday. ​Whether you enjoy playing video games, testing products, or taking surveys, they all can earn you points. As well as that, you can earn points just by friends or family members earning points. Points2Shop works on a commission, therefore you make 15% of what your referral makes on the website. 


  • Multiple Ways to Earn
  • Quick and Easy To Sign Up
  • Make Points Through Referrals

Negatives of Points2Shop.

Although there are many pro's to suing Points2Shop, not every website is perfect. One of the downsides to using this website is that you can be kicked out by giving false answers to surveys, or quitting trials to early. You still will have the points that you earned in your account, but you will not be able to earn more.

Additionally, being that it is referral based, you may find yourself spammed with messages and emails from those who referred you. ​Along with that, although you get points for shopping, the cash-back is very low, usually 5%. With that, you would have to purchase a incredible amount of things online just to make a little money back.

Finally, you don't get cash from this site. Instead, you get Amazon credit in which you can "cash-out" for a gift card. What is the cash-out minimum? Currently the website only offers $50 Amazon Gift-cards. However, that may change in next couple of months as they get bigger, but for now its $50. 


  • High Cash-Out Value
  • Low Percentage Pay-Out For Points Back
  • May Be Kicked From The Site For Fraudulent Reasons

Should I Sign Up?

​Although there are many pros and cons to Points2Shop, both can outweigh the other depending on how you look at it. For example, if you a big online shopper, this would be a great website for you. You can earn points for shopping, which you already do, and spend that on Amazon to buy more stuff. Additionally, if you have friends and family that are similar, refer them and get points. 

However, if you are not a online shopper, this may not be the best choice for you. Since you don't shop online a lot, it may take you longer to reach that $50 minimum. Along with that, the surveys and offers on the site do not pay as much back, therefore it would naturally take you a lot longer to fill out surveys for less points. If you are not a shopper, but still want to earn money online through survey sites, do not fret. Check out our top rated reviews for online money making websites that get you cash fast. ​

Want More?​

​If online shopping or survey sites are not for you, have no fear, we have the answers. Our blog is full of money making opportunities. Although some of them are cash-back shopping like Ebates, we do have other unique oppurtunities. For example, Amazon Flex is a way to earn money by basically being a uber driver for packages. You can join the Amazon delivery fleet for a few hours and make some extra money. Another unique opportunity is a site like Kyani, a Multi-Level-Marketing company. Instead of taking surveys, you can physically be selling a product, and earning compensation on other people selling beneath you. Examples like these, and many more, are featured on our blog

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