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Poshmark Review: Can I Make Money?

Today, people can buy and sell anything, anytime, anywhere. The internet has turned into a virtual marketplace for companies and individuals to sell their goods. There are sites like Etsy, where people can sell home made goods, and sites like eBay where companies and individuals can sell new and used products. Poshmark takes the idea of eBay, a global selling platform, and morphs it with Craigslist, a more local selling marketplace. People can buy and sell new, and gently used items on Poshmark.

About Poshmark

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Founded in 2011, Poshmark has made a name for themselves online. Even though there are many other websites that operate the same way, Poshmark is still around. They have been able to play with the big dogs, eBay and Craigslist, and stick around for all this time. They do this through being mobile friendly, as well as having as big of a presence as they can on social media outlets. This is seen specifically during the sign-up process, where you can sign up through Facebook and Google.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is quick and easy. You can either use your social media pages, as I mentioned before, or just sign up with a email. After that, you will choose a username, fill out some quick biographical information, and you are ready to buy and sell.

Visit the App Store To Get The App

Additionally, you can download their app to your phone, which makes the process quite easy and mobile. No longer do you have to be tied down to a computer to buy and sell, you can access the app anywhere you have service. Both the website and app are very easy to learn, and one of the selling points for Poshmark. It is convenient, easy to understand, and even easier to navigate around once you are signed up.


When signing up, the app will ask you to pick out some of your favorite brands. They do this because they then create a feed for you, where items from your favorite brands are featured. This of course may change as you continue to use the app, so you can simply update it in your settings.

Along with highlighting your favorite brands, Poshmark can even show items that are your size. Once you fill in your favorite brands, you can also specify specific sizes and styles of items. These then will also show up in your feed; which reduces the time you spend on the app looking for something in your specific size.


Seeing with Poshmark

Now if you are looking at selling some products, the process is simple as well. There is one requirement, these clothes and items cannot be shredded to pieces. Yes, some people wear their clothes until they are un-recognizable. If so, you can forget about selling some products. For example, if you were shopping for shoes, and you saw a pair that looked like they went through a lawn mower, you wouldn’t purchase it. To be successful in selling, you have to think like a buyer.

Members simply take pictures of their clothes, and upload them onto the app or website. When a sale is made, the seller has up to 7 days to cancel the transaction. However, there is a messaging platform which can allow for negotiation in that 7-day window; this helps expedite the buying/selling process.

How Much Is It?

There are fee’s that come with selling items. If the item is less than $15, the seller will concur a $2.95 charge. On the flipside, if an item is over $15, the selling will be charged %20. This isn’t cheap, but it also isn’t very expensive. It still is a great way to sell items, and if you sell enough, that %20, or $2.95 fee, will seem like pocket change.


Let’s look at some of the Pro’s for Poshmark. I have already walked you though how it works, the fees that are accessed, and the simplicity of the app. Now, it is time to look at some of the reasons people continue to sign up and use Poshmark. For one, it is cheap. I am not talking about cheap in terms of the fees, which they are, but in terms of buying items. You can find items on Poshmark that are up to %70 off what they are in the store. In addition to that, members have found that it is a cheaper alternative to a Plato’s Closet, Marshalls, and other consignment shops.

In addition to how cheap it is, it also is fast. You can easily log in, find a item, and buy it all within a few minutes. This beats having to go look around a story, or scour the internet for your size, brand, and the best price available.


Alternatively, there are some con’s to Poshmark. After all, you wouldn’t trust a review unless it outlined a few of the negative aspects of the site. The first one would have to be the fees for sellers. If you are trying to make a quick couple of bucks, the fee may affect your total earnings. The second con is the customer service. Some negative reviews I have read on Poshmark talk about how long it takes the website to get back to you on questions. For a site that brags about their social media/open marketplace, it does take them a while to get back to you.

What's The Call?

Well, if you have a closet full of gently used clothes or other miscellaneous items, this is a great site to check out. It is a friendlier community, compared to craigslist and eBay, and has an easy to navigate website. On top of that, the platform allows for communication to talk pricing and shipping information. Overall, a great way to make some extra money on things that are just taking up space.

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