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PrizeRebel Review: Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

PrizeRebel is a site where you can earn multiple rewards for completing activities.  These include filling out surveys, watching videos, signing up for free trials, and referring friends and family.  Founded in 2007, PrizeRebel now boasts over 5.4 million users who have earned either cash or gift cards.  Member loyalty is strong with this suite because of how many ways there are to earn money. 

How PrizeRebel Works

The only requirements to join are the age limit.  You must be over 18 years old to sign up by yourself.  If not of age you will need parental consent to join the program. Upon signing up, you will instantly receive additional offers otherwise known as "coregistration."  Some of these may be worth your time but beware of signing up for third party services, you will receive spam emails.  The next screen will cover PrizeRebel's top four survey tips, and will offer you a first survey for 85 points.  This is a great way to earn cash fast.    

As noted make sure to use Chrome or Firefox browsers for an optimal experience.  If you are using an ad blocker, some parts of the site may not render correctly.  The best way to ensure you are maximizing survey opportunities is to start with filling out the profile questionaire.

Ready to get started already? Setup your free account here.​ Its quick, easy, only takes a few minutes, and you can start earning right away. 

How to Earn Rewards 

So, how exactly do you earn rewards with PrizeRebel?  Rewards are granted in "points" which can be redeemed in a variety of ways.  Upon completing sign up, and reading the "Let's Start" popup, you will be placed on the dashboard.  There you will see 10 different survey providers from which you can choose to participate.  These include well known survey companies such as Toluna, Peanut Labs, and Opinion World.  Notice that there is a "best surveys" tag above the recommended choices.  Notice the "earn" tab at the top left of your browser, that is where other options to make money are located.


By far the the most effective way to earn rewards on prize rebel are the paid surveys.  After clicking on a survey provider, you will be given a list of available surveys to take.  A nice feature of the platform is the estimated time and points rewarded are given before attempting the survey.  Try to choose surveys with high payouts that do not take up massive amounts of time.  Beware however, it may take you a few tries to be matched to an opportunity.  After completing a few you will start to find a sweet spot and will be able to identify which opportunities are best for you.  


Here you will find specific offers just for PrizeRebel users.  Many free trials are offered just be careful and read the stipulations.  As with any third party offers you may start to receive unsolicited emails or mailers.  Notice that there are two different offer tabs.  The "Free" selector will give you options that mostly focus on surveys or promoting PrizeRebel via Facebook.  Under the "Offerwalls" tab you will find outside opportunities from 12 different providers.  Offers can be a great way to rack up points quickly.  Not only do you get a desirable product or service, you also receive points!  That is a double win in our book!

​Hyprmx Daily Points

Under this section you can earn rewards for completing tasks that are relevant to your specific geo.  Depending on where you live there may not be any offers available.  We found that this section offers a low ROI, s​o it may be best to skip. 

Engage Videos

A common feature these days among paid survey sites, watching videos can be a incremental way of earning points.  On PrizeRebel's site you will need to watch 6 videos in order to earn 2 points.  Points will only be rewarded after you watch the video for 45 seconds.  Talk about a huge waste of time!  The only way we can see this being worth your time is if you absolutely have nothing else to do and can play the videos in the background of your computer.  Even then it's a very low ROI for the amount of time spent.  


Similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk, the tasks section let's you perform micro activities for points.  Just as we advise not using Mechanical Turk, you will be better off focusing your time on the higher paying sections of PrizeRebel's site.  

Daily Challenges

Based upon the S.M.A.R.T. goals sytem- PrizeRebel offers daily challenges to motivate users to earn more points.  An example would be the level 1 challenge, which will earn you 140 points.  With only 5 hours to complete the challenge, make sure to use the timer and bar graph to check your progress.  Once you complete the challenge you will be rewarded with extra points and a badge.  


Want to win prizes via a lottery?  PrizeRebel offers you the opportunity to exchange points for entries into prize giveaways.  A countdown and number of entries will be displayed next to the raffle, so you can calculate your odds.  One entry will cost you 10 points. 

Lucky Numbers

Feeling lucky?  Just like popular lottery games you can pick 4 numbers to play and if correct you win the jackpot.  Entries cost 20 points each, best of luck!


Excited about all the tasks you are completing?  Well you can enter into competition against all other PrizeRebel users to see who can earn the most points in a given amount of time.  There are 4 different contests ranging from surveys, tasks, offer walls, and referrals.  


Rack up points super easily by referring your friends and family.  Just for signing up you will receive 20% of their accumulated points for life!  Imagine earning hundreds of points a month just by sharing a simple link.  Click on the flashing banner to find out more. 

With so many opportunities to earn money, it can be quite profitable if played correctly. It is always good to look for a site with multiple ways to earn, and this is a great example of that. ​

How to Redeem Points

With a straightforward points system PrizeRebel offers a variety fo ways to earn rewards.  Every 100 points you accrue is equal to $1.  Prizes range from many categories including gift cards to major retailers, online game portals, books, and electronics.  Cash is available through Paypal with a $5 minimum payout.  

The other rewards can be redeemed for as little as $2 via an Amazon gift card, but only once you have achieved silver level or above.  Working your way up from Bronze will require accumulating 1,000 points.  The higher level you can acheive the better the rewards become.  

Speaking of leveling up, there is a slight catch.  Points are not cummulative, so once you hit silver level your points will not count towards the achieving gold status.  Rewards are processed on a continual basis and usually received within a 24 hour period, which is super fast for the industry. 

For more motivation check out the testimonials section under the rewards tab.  There you can get ideas about cool prizes and rewards that users have earned. 


  • Clean user interface and easy to navigate site.
  • S.M.A.R.T goals oriented - daily challenges and motivation. 
  • Low payout threshold, only $2 for Amazon and $5 for Paypal.
  • Variety of ways to earn rewards. 
  • Very positive reviews from the community. 
  • High ROI on surveys. 


  • High "screen out" rate, you might not get matched with many oppotunities. 
  • You receive zero compensation for being "screened out." 
  • Customer service is lacking in some areas. 

How to Maximize Earnings

As with any survey site you will not get rich by spending time online participating.  If you do spend a few hours a week it is an easy way to make some quick cash.  

Trials for free offers are awesome for earning points, but can cause you grief between all the extra emails and hassle of filling out credit card info.  Be sure to cancel before the trial expires or you will end up being billed for the products.  

Surveys are the best way to earn points on the platform.  With such a low payout threshold and ample opportunities you can easily hit the cash out minimum in a few hours.  Likewise, avoid watching videos and doing tasks like the plague.  They are a waste of your time and will yield you very little.  


As a whole PrizeRebel is a really solid online paid survey site.  With so many ways to earn points, you really can't go wrong with most options on the site.  We are glad to include PrizeRebel as number 7 on our list of top online survey sites.  

With a pleasant interface and super low minimum cash out value, PrizeRebel ranks very highly on our list.  Being paid within 24 hours of cashing out is a huge benefit that no one else in the industry can match.

The only factor holding PrizeRebel from ranking higher is the high qualification standards the site has.  Expect to be "screened out" of multiple surveys before you can participate in one.  Additionally, links have been known to break on the site, causing issues with validation of completed surveys.  

If you are looking to start making money online right now PrizeRebel is a great option. Reviews are generally positive and people are in agreement that the site is legitimate. Click here to setup a free PrizeRebel account. Looking for an even better option?  Check out our top recommended sites via the SwagBucks or MySurveys review.  

Josh Eberly

Josh Eberly is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and avid craft beer drinker. Always looking for the best deal, he thoroughly enjoys helping others make money online. Personal favorites include flipping Bitcoin, investing in real estate and maximizing airline miles. You can connect with him via LinkedIn.

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