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Product Report Card Review: Can I Make Money?

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Making money online is quick and easy if you find the right sites. Participating in long surveys can be time consuming and tough to stay on top of. Secondly, some survey sites have nothing to do with actual products. Instead, they just want to know your opinions on new products, or the likeness of you purchasing a new product. Product Report Card is different because they focus on products that are near and dear to your heart. Specifically, they focus on household products such as kitchen and bathroom appliances.  Serious survey takers have often compared Product Report Card to BzzAgent

What's Is Product Report Card All About?

Product Report Card is a online paid survey research company that is still fairly new to the scene of online surveys. They focus on kitchen, bathroom, and fitness products that are out on the market today. Additionally to sending surveys to their members, they review products on their website. Not only can users take surveys, but they also can read up on appliances that are on the market today. This makes Product Report Card not just a survey site that can help you earn money, but also a great resource to check out when purchasing new appliances and products. 

Furthermore, Product Report Card wants to know what kind of appliances you use, and how you like them. There will be surveys that ask you about items such as your fridge, bathroom scale, or any workout equipment you own. You can fill out answers for the products, as well as send in pictures through the survey site. The personal touch that this adds to surveys goes a long way when it comes to companies reviewing answers, and you actually filling out the survey. There is more of a sense of caring when you are taking a survey on products that you actually have, or may have in the future. 

How Can I Join?

To join simply view their website, or click here, and start filling in your information. They first ask for basic info like your name and email address. After you get in, you will fill out a basic questionnaire. This questionnaire will act as a filter, making sure you get surveys that are you care about, and are applicable to you. Finally, you can start taking surveys. Product Report Card reaches out to its members to take surveys by sending them emails. Once you receive the email, and view the survey, it will tell you the pay-out, as well as the length. Pay-out for surveys vary from .50 cents being the lowest, to up to $5. On top of getting paid for surveys, you get $3 just to sign up. 

How To Sign Up

What’s Next?

Start taking surveys and reviewing your products. Surveys do not come as frequently as other websites, being that Product Report Card mainly focuses on certain appliances, so do not expect to get 5 surveys each week. 

In addition to online surveys, there are options to do in-home testing. These tests pay much more than basic surveys, and If you are ever offered this, it would behoove you to take it. However, do not expect this to happen all the time. Since Product Survey has such a small pool of products they conduct surveys on, they are pretty tight with their preferences for survey takers. This is why you should pay close attention to how you fill out your questionnaire. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Good question. After you sign up for surveys and complete them, you will get the cash deposited into your account on the website. After you are ready to turn that "web money" into real money you can cash-out. 

Payment ranges from Pay-Pal transfers, to gift cards, to free products from their website. If you are one of those people that get in, get paid, and get out, you are going to have to stay in the site for a bit. Product Report Card has a minimum cash out balance of $25. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

​There is no limit to the amount of money you can make, just some restrictions to making it. For one, it is not a very consistent site when it comes to taking surveys. They are picky when it comes to the demographic taking the survey, so if you don't fall into that; take a hike. Secondly, with each survey only paying out a small amount, and with such a high cash-out value, making money on the site is tough. 

Is It Safe?

Product Report Card guarantees that your information is safe on the site. None of the information you provide, whether it be through registration, or taking the surveys, will not be given or sold to advertisers. On top of that when registering you will be directed to the privacy policy page. The page outlines how your information is used, so you can see how the site operates. On top of that there is a opt-out option where you can keep certain information private from the site such as your phone number or email. Once you do that you will only receive the emails concerning surveys, and they will not contact you with any offers or products. 


  • Easy to sign up.
  • Offers in-home testing to a lucky few.
  • Multiple ways to take surveys.


  • Program is hard to get into.
  • Very picky when it comes to survey takers.
  • High initial cash out value ($25). 
  • Inconsistent emails.

Should I Use Product Report Card?

Honestly, if you are looking to take multiple surveys each week, or even each month, this may not be the site for you. There are many downsides to the website, one being the infrequent emails. Along with that, this website is still fairly new, and does not a draw a big crowd from companies that want to conduct surveys. Because of that, I would suggest you check out some other survey sites. Look no further, we review survey sites from all over the place, offering all kinds of payments and review all kinds of products. Check out our Top 20 survey sites to start making some dough online. 

Other Options?

Yes! There are other opportunities to make money online. Just because Product Report Card might not be a good fit for you, the internet is full of other money making websites. For example, our favorite website is Swagbucks. They are a certified survey site that is as legitimate as it can be, pays their members quickly, and does not spam emails. In addition to that, there are dozens of other sites that we have reviewed that are not survey sites. We also are a big fan of Ebates, where you can earn cash back for shopping online. Chances are, you already shop at these stores, so why not earn some cash back while doing so? Our blog is full of these kinds of sites; unique sites that can help you earn money from home/on your own time. 

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