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Product Testing USA: Legitimate Survey Site or Scam?

Companies love giving surveys online. It is cheap for them to conduct, and easy to get quick feedback from them. Sites like MySurvey are successful because of the amount of companies that utilize them to give surveys, and the amount of members they have taking surveys. However, there are other ways to get public opinions on products without paper surveys. There is product testing as a form of market research. Product Testing USA is quite different than normal market research companies. Instead of giving out surveys to their members, they physically give out products. There is no better way to get opinions on products other than giving them the products to test out

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What Is Product Testing USA?

Product Testing USA is a company that is looking for members to become product testers, secret diners, and mystery shoppers. They take in their members, have them answer a few questions, and then contact them about testing out products. This is a great way to try out some products and restaurants before anyone else. They also are not endorsed or supported by any of the brands they feature, therefore there is no bias towards any products. Product Testing USA is a true market research company. In addition to the USA, they also have a website based in the UK. And you named it, called Product Testing UK. Because they are on both sides of the pond, they can collect reviews and opinions on products from completely different demographics, making them a valuable market research company. 

How Does It Work?

It is pretty easy to understand how Product Testing USA works. You start out by signing up on their website, and entering some information. After verifying your email, you go into the page to fill out a questionnaire This will help the site know what interest you, in order to offer to products to test that pertain to your interest. Once you receive a possible offer, or find one the site, you sign up for it. Signing up for it means taking a quick survey telling why you would be a good tester of the product. The website then looks at your answers, and if they think you are a good match, send you the product. 

Once you receive the product in the mail, you are ready to start testing it out. After using it for a couple of days, all you have to do is give a quick review of the product. Product Testing USA asks that you be completely honest in your reviews, because with your experience using it, your opinion matters to the company of the product. Finally, after giving a quick review, you get to keep it! Just like that, no purchase necessary. 

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What Products Can I Test?

Products being featured on the site include: iPhone 8, Samsung S8 phone, Google Home, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Apple Watches, and more. You can view a list of products on their site here, and see if its worth joining the site for. Products are available that you also can use at stores and restaurants. Members can become "critics" at restaurant and receive gift cards to restaurants. In addition to that, you can get gift cards for stores that you have to review on how your shopping experience went. 

Via email we have received many offerings for products to test out.  Most of them are in the tech space.  A fair amount of beauty products and cosmetics are available as well.  Below you can see a sample email of offers that will be sent to your inbox. 

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Reviewing The Products

Members typically review products within 7 days from receiving the product. If you need more time, please let Product Testing USA know you need a extension, so they do not bombard you with emails asking for you review. 

Reviewing the product is quite easy, and you just fill out some questions, and give your opinion on the matter. It is best to be as honest as possible in these reviews, as to help companies make better products in the future.  Product tests should take a decent amount of time to complete thoroughly. 

In addition to reviewing the product, some products may ask you to submit a picture of you using the product, or how it is going with your product.  All of this information, both your answers and pictures will be kept safe on the website. The only reason your review would be made public was if the company loved it so much, it wanted to post it on their page. Before they do this they will contact you asking for your permission to make your review public. 

In addition to contacting you if they want to put your review on the site, Product Testing USA is allowed to call or email you, outlined in their privacy setting, checking in to see how your product testing is going, and making sure you fill out reviews.


It is quite apparent what the number one pro is; you get to keep the products. I mean who doesn't love free stuff?  Other survey sites don't even give you the products to keep, let alone keep them. On top of that, you have a lot of freedom in choosing which products you want to test. This is a huge pro because you can test things that you may have already thought about buying. A third pro would be that there is no cost in keeping these product. You do not have to pay for shipping, postage, or anything like that. 

Like other product testing companies Product Testing USA is seeking honest feedback about top quality products.  A hidden value of using the platform is the user reviews and feedback about products.  Think about it, users are way more keen to leave thorough feedback about items they received for free.  Reviews are verified, real, and from living breathing humans. 


There are very few con's to ProductTestingUSA. One of the biggest ones would be that you don't physically get paid for  this site. Other survey sites like Swagbucks offer you money for surveys. However, ProductTestingUSA does not pay its members cash for testing products. Secondly, ProductTestingUSA is pretty picky when it comes to people who become testers for certain products. Because of how great of a deal it is, ProductTestingUSA just doesn't give out products to anyone.  More times than not you will not be accepted to try the product.

Online survey companies hold a distinct advantage over Product Testing USA by offering a variety of ways to earn money.  Other platforms allow you to earn cash by voting in polls, answering surveys, or just surfing the web.  A significant return on investment can be achieved through consistently participating in these platforms.  Unfortunately, Product Testing USA is a reward or nothing situation.  

Another con that our audience highlighted was the massive number of emails and or phone calls that you will receive upon signing up.  If you want to sign up, but cut down on the number of emails you receive make sure to create a filter via your email provider.  If you get annoyed by repeated emails or phone calls we do not recommend you sign up.  


There have been some complaints being made about Product Testing USA. One of the biggest complaints people have about the website is that they will spam you with Emails. This is a big complaint because if you join, and do not receive any offers, receiving emails from the site can throw salt on the wound. To avoid this, try signing up with a email that is not your primary email. This helps you by not flooding your inbox, and not having your phone buzz from offers for other survey sites. 

Another common complaint is that people do not receive offers to test out products. To put this into perspective, there are thousands of users on the site. If you want to review a product, you will be thrown into a pool of hundreds of people, just like you, that want to try out a product. The chances of you getting picked are low, due to the size of the pool, and how many people are on the site. My advice; stay in there. You are bound to receive a offer eventually to test out a product; and who knows, it may be a great product that you have always wanted, but couldn't afford, or want to pay for it. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: If you want to try some pretty sweet products for free, and keep those when you are done, this site is perfect for you. Here's a link to get started for free. It is a great way to get some new products, and give honest feedback to improve those products. Additionally, Product Testing USA is a great site that does not require you to take a endless amount of surveys to receive a few dollars in rewards. However, if this doesn't sound like you, check out our reviews on top paid survey sites. Our reviews are in-depth, and we think, very helpful. You can spend hours and hours scouring the internet for a good review site, can spend 5 minutes on our site, read some reviews quickly, and pick out the site that looks like the best opportunity for you. 

In addition to product testing sites and survey site, we have reviewed many other unique money making opportunities. For example, if you are looking at getting into Multi Level Marketing, we have reviewed two sites that do so; Protandim and Kyani. Both sites legitimate, and not pyramid schemes. Furthermore, we have looked at cash back sites such as Ebates where you can earn cash back for shopping at popular stores online. These, and many more, are featured on our blog. So go out there, do some research, and make some money. 

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Product Testing USA offers users the opportunity to test products for free. The downsides of this program, however, are very large and numerous. We advise our users to look at other opportunities reviewed on our site for a better ROI. If you do feel like signing up, simply click on the link below.

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