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Project Payday Review: Legitimate or a Scam?

There are thousands of ways to make money online. Every day people are scouring the internet looking for ways to earn a secondary or passive income through websites online. Multiple different forms of websites can earn you money online. For one, there are survey sites. These sites thrive off of continuously disseminating surveys to their members, and in turn paying them for their time. Some top survey sites that we have reviewed are Swagbucks, MySurvey, and Pinecone Research. In addition to that, if you are looking at going back to school, you can earn money through scholarships. Although this isn't money that you can spend on everyday things, it can help you save money in the long run on education. Sites like Scholarship Owl offer scholarships for people of any age, looking to save some money on the very expensive stab that is education.

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Furthermore, there are websites like Project Payday. These websites are CPA sites, which stands for Cost Per Action. You get paid to do projects that others advertise on the site. It is a unique way to make some extra money online, due to being able to work whenever you want.

What Is Project Payday?


Project Payday was founded back in 2006, making it over a decade old today. They started in Denver, as an online project, and have exploded in growth since their launch. After doing some quick research with the BBB, it seems to be that Project Payday has received an A rating. This is a good sign, especially when it comes to online sites when determining legitimacy. They are powered by Clear Voice Surveys, a reputable survey site with great online presence. On top of that, since they have been around for so long, they must be doing something right.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is very easy with Project Payday. Their website is basic, and simple to navigate. The signup up page is their homepage. Therefore it shouldn't take long to sign up. After verifying your email, you will be all set to start completing projects and making money.

How Project Payday works

How Do I Make Money?

Unlike other survey sites, Project Payday does not offer their surveys. Instead, they work with other websites and individuals to advertise surveys on their site. There is a forum board where people can post projects, and how much they will pay. These projects can range from purchasing a product and trying it out, or sign up for a free month with Hulu.

After you have completed the project, you will receive money in your Project Payday account. This money can then be deposited directly into your Pay-Pal account. Pay-Pal is a huge plus because then you feel as if you are making real money online, and can spend that money anywhere you choose to.

Other Ways To Make Money?

There is a second way to make money through the site. This way is a referral program. Many online sites utilize referral programs because it helps build their user base. To be able to refer people to the website, you need to get certified. This won't take long, and just requires you to have already completed a few projects, and fill out a quick questionnaire. Once you are certified, you can start referring people and earn money just for them completing projects. Project Payday does this because they are continually trying to grow their brand and the number of users on the site.


Since it is free to sign up, many people don't think twice about joining. There is no risk involved because there are no investments necessary. Conversely, although it is free to sign up, there is an option to pay $35 to skip all the trials and become a member. This doesn't seem necessary because the trials do not take long, and they are free. In addition to that, there are two ways to earn. This is a popular pro for many money making sites because people want options. At Project Payday you can complete projects, and earn through CPA, or refer friends and family and earn that way.

Furthermore, because many of the brands using Project Payday as a platform to offer free trials, payment is never a worry. These companies make sure that the users of Project Payday get paid the right amount for their time.


Because all of the projects are from a third party vendor, spam emails can flood your inbox. After completing a project for a company, you may still receive emails from them about new products or other offers. This can get annoying after a while, which makes it s strong con. Secondly, not all projects are high paying. Yes, you may get lucky and get a $30 project everyone in a while, but most don't get into double digits. Because of this, it can be frustrating if you rely on a site like this for a strong secondary income.

Bottom Line:

Bottom line is this: it is certainly a legit site. However, is it a site that you want to invest your time in? Well, for starters, as stated earlier, there are some strong pros for Project Payday. Depending on how many people you know that would be interested in a site like this, you could make a good chunk of change through the referral program. Additionally, there are some very high paying projects out there. It is just a matter of time until you stumble upon one of the better projects.

However, one also has to consider the weight of the cons. Is it worth signing up for a site to make a few bucks a month if you are constantly deleting spam emails from your inbox! Secondly, not all projects are a bank breaker. There are some that will only pay a few dollars. Because of this, I wouldn't quit your day job anytime soon. Now, if you have decided against Project Payday, I have an idea for you. Don't count out survey sites just yet. Check out our reviews on what we say are the Top 20 Paid Survey Sites, and reviews of over 50 other sites.

More Ways To Earn

On top of survey sites, there are hundreds of websites out that there can help you earn a secondary/passive income or just some extra cash on the side. Our blog features many unique opportunities to make money. If you are looking for a survey site, yet don't like answering questions on a web page, try out Mindswarms. Mindswarms is a video-based survey site where you record yourself answering questions and using products. This form of surveys is a little more personable and lets the company truly get an idea of your opinions and reactions to a product. Of course, your video and information are kept safe.

Furthermore, there are Multi-Level Marketing sites like Kyani and Protandim. Although the startup cost can be surprising to some, the earning potential is endless. Once you have sold enough product, and gotten enough people working beneath you, you can easily earn a good amount of money each money. It all depends, for this site and other survey sites, how much time you want to dedicate to making money on the side.

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