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ProOpinion Review: Can I Make Money?

Making money online is very easy if you have the time, resources, and focus to do so. Survey sites are out there, and millions of people use them everyday to earn some extra money on the side. Sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey, get a lot of popularity due to their following, and the amount of surveys they conduct. However, often times people find themselves taking surveys they don't really care about.  ProOpinion is a unique survey site where they take into consideration you as a person and what surveys you may find enjoyable. The website not only offers surveys, but also a central hub for business and economic news. Furthermore, your answers in surveys matter here. ProOpinion has had their research published in top news sources such as Forbes and The Huffington Post.


How Can I Join?

To join ProOpinions, you first have to go onto their website and sign up. After you create a account, you will be asked to verify it on your email before jumping into the website. Once you verify, you will be asked to fill out a quick survey. This survey asks you questions about your occupation, your employer, and your financial situation. ProOpinion asks for this information in order to offer you surveys that are better suited for your profession. The name says it all; they are looking for opinion from Pro's, which can be you, in certain fields. 

What’s Next?

After registering for ProOpinion, and filling out a survey, you can start taking surveys right away. Since you already filled out a survey answering questions about yourself, the surveys you will be offered to take will be relevant to what you do. Because of this, there is a higher chance that you will not be turned away from surveys due to not being qualified. After you are registered you can either browse the site and its articles or go straight into taking surveys. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Similar to other survey sights, ProOpinion offers rewards for each survey, of which can be redeemed for different things. The reward value changes per survey ranging from $1 to $5. These redeemable rewards can be used for cash, through Pay-Pal, or through other sites like Amazon and iTunes, in the form of gift card. However, there is a $10 minimum cash out value. 

Additionally, you can refer friends through accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook to receive awards. 

ProOpinion Homepage

Look it's Neil Patel!

How Much Money Can I Make?

There is no maximum to the amount of money you can take, just a maximum amount of surveys being available. However, due to the amount of businesses and companies that use the site, there will never not be a survey you can take, as long as you qualify for it. Qualifications are set in the beginning, through the questionnaire you filled out while signing up for the site. This questionnaire is vital to your success on the site, therefore it is advised that you fill it out as honestly as you possible can. There is no "secret formula" to filling it out in order to receive the highest amount of surveys possible. Because of this, just fill it out truthfully. 

Why Would I Not Qualify

Since ProOpinions is a business-survey centered site, you may not have the qualifications to take the survey. The survey you take when registering will give the site information about which surveys you are, and which surveys you aren't, qualified to take. For example; if you are a dog walker, you probably are not qualified to take a survey concerning HR departments in a investment firm. Along with that, some surveys may be specific to certain regions, positions, and ages. 

What Do They Do With My Information?

Absolutely nothing publicly. However, they will use your information within the site to better connect you to surveys that are suited for your occupation, age, position, etc. All information about the company you work for, income, and other personal information is not sent to individual companies. It is a safe site to join because your information will not be sold to third party companies. Although many businesses use ProOpinion to conduct surveys, your information will not be sent to them, nor will it have a impact on the weight of your answers. ProOpinion is set out to conduct research, and provide anonymously. Therefore, your answers will not in any way be tied to your name. 


  • Has business and economic articles you can read
  • Take surveys right from your desktop
  • No email verification required after first log-in
  • $10 minimum cash out value. 
  • Multiple ways to cash out. 


  • Long process to register
  • May not qualify for certain surveys.
  • Only one way to earn. 

Should I use ProOpinion?

ProOpinions is looking for people to take surveys about their field and related fields, therefore there won't be any surveys that seem pointless. If you want to get your opinion out there on topics you are passionate about, then this site is right for you. Short and sweet. However, if you are looking for more surveys, consider checking out our Top Surveys Sites for 2017, for reviews like this on more money making surveys. 

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