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Protandim Review – Can I Make Money?

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The internet is a great resource to discovery money making opportunities. Here at Surveyswonk, our goal is to find these opportunities, and save you time by reviewing them, ranking them, and giving our opinions on them. In the last few weeks, we have looked at over 50 online websites that claim they can make you money from home. We weed out the scams, and make sure that we are giving accurate rankings on legitimate websites. From survey sites to scholarship sites, we have seen it all. However, this review is about something a little different. Instead of a site where you make your money online, Protandim with Lifevantage is a site where you do the work in real life. They give you a product, and as a salesman would do, you go out and sell it. 

Not only are you selling the product, but you also can sell subscriptions to the company. So just as you do, you can receipt people to be sellers and members of the website. This in turn makes Lifevantage a MLM company. MLM means multi-level-marketing company, similar to a review I did on Solavei (they turned out to be a scam.) However, Protandim with Lifevantage is a legit business. I repeat, it is not a pyramid scheme. Yes, it does have a pyramid like structure, but there are real products being sold, that can help your body, establishing it as a legitimate business. Ill get into the product in a bit, just wanted to clear that up. ​

What Is Protandim?

Protandim is a Nrf2 synergizer that is run and sold by Lifevantage. Don't worry, I also had no clue what a Nrf2 synergizer was up until a little while ago. What Protandim does, is boost your health by awaking dormant cells in your body that help produce antioxidants. Well all know what those are, right? Antioxidants are vitamins, like C and E, that remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in your body. Our cells have these antioxidants in them, but at times they need a little "boost" to get working. Protandim is a synergizer that puts these vitamins into gear, in order to help protect your body. 

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Lifevantage states that Protandim is all natural with plant ingredients. There really isn't a reason to not believe them, as the science is all there, with top notch nutritionalist working for them. With Protandim, your body will reduce its oxidative levels by 40% in 30 days. It accomplishes this feat by increases the antioxidants released by your body. More about Protandim can be found here, where you can see the breakdown of ingredients, as well as how it exactly works. It is quite easy to read, therefore you do not have to be a nutritional to understand what is happening. 

What Is Lifevantage?

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Lifevantage is a company that manufactures nutraceutical products and sells them to the public. They are wellness and personal care company, that first and foremost focuses on the science of their products. So now you might be wondering, what is a pharmaceutical company want with me? Well, they are operating their company through network marketing. What that means, is that they do not go out and spend millions of dollars on T.V. commercials, or ads online. Instead, they rely on their consumers to spread the word. That is where you can come into play. By joining Lifevantage, you basically are becoming a spokesperson for the company. Task include selling products to other people, and increasing the consumer base for Lifevantage. This review is all about Protandim, although they do have a couple of products. 

Protnadim seems to the most popular of the lot, therefore it has the highest amount of people selling it. The company claims that they have more than 67,000 independent distributors, as of 2013. That is a lot of people talking about the product, and getting people to buy into the Lifevantage way. Because of this network marketing plan, Lifevantage pays people to do their marketing, instead of advertisers and other business. It is a great way to earn some money, and get healthy while you're doing it. 

Why Did Lifevantage choose network marketing for Protandim?

For one, of how great of a success it can be. Protandim has seen a explosion in sales through their network marketing, turning it into a multi-billion dollar business. Secondly, Lifevantage chose network marketing for Protandim because of the loyalty of their consumers. They realized that all of the Protandim ​customers where strong proponents of the product, which made them want to share the product with people. Due to how strongly they felt about Protandim, the next logical decision was to have the customers help sell it. Because after all, who is a better spokesperson? Someone on the T.V. who has never used the product, or someone that has found great success with the product. You guessed it, the latter on. 

How To Join?

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Joining is quite simple, especially since it seems like a very complex business. To join, you can go onto their website and click on the "join us" link at the top. You will then be instructed to either join as a preferred customer, or a a distributor. You probably are here to learn how to make money, so you probably want to become a distributor. After that, you will be able to pick out a distributor enrollment pack and a enrollment pack. Unlike other money making oppurtunies online, there is a startup fee. ​You need both of these. The ​distributor packs are $50 and have dvds, notepads, and brochures about the product. This will help you get your bearings straight, and really learn about the product you will be distributing. 

After that, its times to get some product. There are multiple levels of enrollment packs, some being more expensive than others. The levels have a certain amount of each product, and benefits that come with it. This isn't as important early on, because for many people there is a learning curve. You always can order more later if you start crushing it out of the gates. You just want to make sure you are comfortable with putting a payment down in the beginning to get your business started. 

​The Product

Lets talk a little about the product that distributors will be selling. I know I did mention earlier about Protandim, and what is does, but lets dive a little deeper. It is important to have a good understanding of what the product does before you become a voice for the company and product. To do this, lets look at some pro's and con's to the product.

Pros of Protandim (product):

  • Easy to take. You just have to take one a day, and you can take it with food as well. Boom. 2 seconds later you can forget about it for a day. 
  • 100% natural. All ingredients are natural; healthy, legit, non-chemical
  • Affordable. This is a two parter, because I am also going to mention price in the cons when talking about becoming a physical distributor, but I will approach that later. I say affordable because when it comes to there vitamin packs, it is competitive with pricing. 
  • Remedy. Protandim is a remedy for everyday illnesses such as stress, aging, and anything that goes on in your body that you are unaware of. It helps boost antioxidants, which is always a plus for overall health. 
  • Easily purchased. Because of network marketing, you are working with real people here. You do not have to call a line and get put on hold just to get your hands on Protandim. Instead you can find a distributor, and purchase it through them. And with the Lifevantage name, it still is a legit business. 

Cons of Protandim (product):

  • Limited to specific countries. This will not be a issue if you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, or Japan. However, it will be difficult to order if you are outside of those countries. 
  • Allergies. As with all medications, it is important to check with your doctor first, to make sure you are not allergic  to any of the ingredients in Protandim. 
  • Side effect. Like many other medications, there can be some side effects. Make sure you are aware of all possible side effects before taking Protandim. Basically, just treat it like you would treat any other new mediation you take. 

​How Do I Make Money?

Finally, the bread and butter of a money making blog. Its time to talk about how becoming a Protandim distributor can earn you money. Before I get started, I want to make it clear that you do in fact have to front the product out of your own pocket from the gitco. Lifevantage doesn't just give you a pack, and you pay it back once you make money. There is a start-up cost. Once you are aware and O.K. with that, you can be on your way to becoming a distributor. Distributors make their own distributor sites, there people can reach them to purchase the product. They can either purchase products through them, or become distributors in their network.

That is where you can really see how the Multi- Level Marketing plan starts to take shape.You can be a distributor that sells distributor packs to people under who, who in turn can keep the chain rolling. However, don't forget there is still a real product getting sold. People can get confused when it comes to buying and selling distribution packs because it can seem kine of "pyramid-schemelike." However, I assure you, this is not a example of that.

Payment forms

Payment is made in the form of commission for distributors, and compensation for regular customers. Customers can get compensated for 20% of their orders if they choose to have it auto-shipped every month. If you are already getting the precut each month, why not get paid a little after you receive it? Secondly, commission is the form of payment for distributors. Distributors need to maintain a certain amount of sales each month in order to receive commissions, as well as be eligible for bonuses. This may seem like a daunting task, but Lifevantage still will pay you half of you commission of you fail to reach that set number of sales. 

Pros to becoming a distributor:

​There are some obvious pros when it comes to becoming a distributor for Protandim. One of these is that you can earn a good amount of money. If you sell enough packages, and get people to become distributors beneath you, the commission can be a good chunk of changes. In addition to that, Protandim offers bonuses for customers that meet a certain amount of sales each month. These can range from a couple of dollars, to a couple hundred dollars. Furthermore, you get to use the product. There will come  time when you are in the black enough in sales, that you will be able to use the product for no extra cost to you. This is a bonus, and a great positive, because chances are one of the reasons you wanted to become  distributor was because you liked their products. 

Cons to becoming a distributor:

As with all sales jobs, it can be difficult to build clientele for your product. For example, if you owned a car dealership, in order to be successful you would need a lot of foot traffic and people interested in buying cars. There is no difference there then there is when selling products online. For products like this, nutritional products, it actually can be quite easy. Many people are online looking for vitamins and boosters to increase their health. They search online for these things because outside of GNC, and a few other kinds of stores, it can be tough finding products like protandim. ​

However, although it can be easy to find customers online, there are so many different websites offering the same product. The market is saturated, meaning there already is a lot of websites that are selling this product. I don't just mean Lifevantage, but also all of the distributor pages for people trying to do the same thing as you; sell product and packages of protandim. This is one of the major cons of trying to get your foot in the door for a multi level marketing company. However, the easy fix here is getting people you know to purchase the product. If they buy through you, it is easier on them. They do not have to search high and low for distributors. 

Another con to becoming a distributor is not selling enough. This sort of ties in with the above con, meaning if you don't have a large clientele, hitting a certain figure for sales can prove to be quite difficult. If you do not sell a certain number of products or packages, you will not receive commission, or be eligible for bonuses. This is a negative because after all, you joined Lifevantage to sell protandim to make money online. 

Is It Safe? 

This is a two sided question. For the first part, I will tell you a little more about the product. So far, so good. The product is proven to be safe, and is backed by scientist from Lifevantage. Of course there are some side effects, which like I stated earlier, you can read more bout on their website. However, overall, it is a safe product to take. Although there have not been any reports success stories about the product, there also haven't been any negative stories. However, the company has expanded in terms of distributor numbers. This has to mean something, because people clearly like the product enough to continue purchasing it, and becoming distributors of it. 

The second part of this question is safety of website, distribution, and payment. This question's answer is also yes. Lifevantage makes sure that they pay their distributors, as to not have any sour people leaving the company. For other reviews of the product, people are impressed on how quickly they get paid, and that they never haven't been paid. I know that that just sounded like a double negative, but its true. Distributors have always gotten paid, and they have never experienced a month where they did not get paid for their work. This is a positive for a money making opportunity because if you don't get paid, why are you even working? 

What Lifevantage is all about


Here are some quick tips on you can make as much money as possible through Lifevantage, selling Protandim. 

For one; you want to make sure that you start small. That means purchasing one of the smaller, cheaper packages. Although you will not make as much money, you will build up clientele and set yourself up for success. Too many times people jump into these multi level marketing companies by purchasing as much product as they can, and then trying to crawl out of a hole by selling it. Next thing you know you are sitting in your living room surrounded by boxes you cannot sell. Because of this, start small, and build clientele. 

Secondly, after you have a few people interested in the product, get them signed up to be distributors. If they enjoyed the product, and you advertise it enough, they will jump right on board. After all, you want other people to be as successful as you, right? Of course. Now, this may sounds a little scheme-like, trying to get your friends to do all the hard work, but you will be doing the same stuff at the same time as them. 

Thirdly, once you have a strong clientele, you can start purchasing bigger packages, because you will be able to sell them quickly. This takes all the initial investment risk out of the equation, ensuring that you get paid, and do not have to spend any money out of your own pocket. 

Bottom Line:

Here is where I give my bottomline on this money making opportunity. From me, this is a green light when it comes to legitimacy. After doing a lot of research, they have proven to be a true multi level marketing company. Lifevantage is not a pyramid scheme, and you are selling real product. On top of that, these products are actually helpful. They can help improve your overall health by boosting the amount of antioxidants in your body. Due to that, people keep coming back for more. Another statistic that helps Lifevantage move away from a pyramid-scheme connotation, is that they have 67,000 distributors selling their products, and they make sure to pay each one. If people started getting angry saying they aren't receiving their payments, then that is when I would start questioning it. Overall, I believe it to be a morally right, and true company, and a great opportunity to make money. Of course, its going to take some time and work. 

Want More?

If you are looking for additional ways to make money online, I've got you. We here at Surveyswonk have reviewed over 50 online money making opportunities. Due to the fact that there are hundreds of sites out there, it can get a little confusing. That is why we have done the work for you, reviewing sites, weighing pro's and con's, and ranking them. These opportunities span from surveys, to scholarship sites, to sites where you can scan items at the grocery store for points. ​These are of course just a few examples of ways to make money online. I hope this helped, and if Protandim isn't for you, I hope you find something on our site that fits your idea of making money online. 

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