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Qmee Review: Earn Money Searching and Buying Online

Here at Surveyswonk, we are passionate about finding people ways to make extra money. For someone that is working a steady job, but still looking to make more money, a great strategy is to start and build up multiple streams of income online. Qmee is a great site for someone that is looking to start up a second stream of income via the internet.

 Qmee was launched in 2012 by two business men; Johnathon Knight and Nick Sutton. They wanted to “revolutionize the way shoppers and brands connect”, and they did just this. With headquarters in both New York and London, they truly are a world company, and help people earn on both sides of the pond.

Ways To Earn On Qmee

Qmee Earn Cash Online

What’s great about Qmee, is that there are multiple ways to earn money on the site. The first way, which is one of the more popular ways to earn money online, is through taking surveys. Qmee has advertising and market research companies conduct surveys through them, and they get paid to do so. In turn, they pass this reward on to their members after they take surveys.

A second way you can earn money through the site is by shopping. Yes, shopping! Saving is earning, and Qmee can help you save money while shopping online by giving you coupons and offers for your favorite brands. They also have price-matching technology where they can find the best price for a product for you.  Many of our users have compared this feature to ​Ebates one of our preferred platforms for shopping. 

The third, and final way you can earn money is by searching products on your desktop. Qmee has a free browser that you can download on your desktop computer which can lead to you earning more money online. This browser is free to download, and safe to use. They do not use cookies, nor will it freeze up your screen, track your search records, or invade your privacy in anyway shape or form.  You can earn money this way by clicking on spotlight search results from Qmee. After each click your earning will go up in your Qmee piggybank.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is quick and easy. You can either sign up through email, or through social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. They will not post on either of your accounts, and do not take any information from them either. Once you are signed up, you can immediately start earning on the site through the multiple ways I outlined above.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Pay-out differs from each site and product, but usually ranges from $.05 to $1 per click. This amount is different because different companies and advertisers are pushing different products on consumers, and offer more money depending on how large their company/project they are working on has.

A great thing about Qmee is that there is no minimum cash-out value. You can literally click on one item through their browser, earn 5 cents, and immediately cash-out. They pay through Pay-pal, so it is required that you make a account in order to earn money on the site. However, if you are feeling altruistic and charitable, you can donate your earnings to one of the many charities on their list of sites they regularly contribute to. Although this does not help you earn money, it does help you do good someone, and for some that is better than earning money.

$$ How To Make More $$

Yes, you can make money on the site. However, their price per click is very low, and it may take a long time to build up enough money on the site to make a difference in your personal finances. Another great way to earn money on this site is through the friend referral program. By referring friends, you earn a percentage of what they earn, which is the ultimate form of passive income; you do nothing, yet still get paid.

Is It Safe?

Safety is always a concern when people download a third party browser to search the internet on. However, this site outlines in its privacy policy that they do not track your search results, nor spam your computer with advertisements.  If you still are feeling as if this desktop browser is sketchy, their privacy page has links to the code that you can view, to understand how the browser works. Then again, if you can’t read code, which many people cannot, you have nothing to fear. They are very upfront about what they do, and how the browser works. Furthermore, the surveys you take are confidential, and are only shared with the company that conducts them, your name being anonymous the whole entire time. Realistically, your answers are just turned into points of data that get compiled into a monster spreadsheet. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. 

Bottom Line:

Qmee is a great site for someone that is looking to build or increase their passive streams of income. It is very simple to use, and one can easily earn money through the site. With multiple ways to earn, with referrals on top of those, if you donate a few minutes a day to use the site, you can start seeing your piggy bank increase. 

However, it will increase at a incredibly slow rate. Since each click delivers a very small amount of money to your bank account, it can take a long time to see a number that you feel comfortable cashing out with. Now, don't get me wrong, it can be done. There are success stories of people earning up to $25 each time they are on the site, but that all depends on what sites you are using, the products you are clicking on, and the availability of surveys. 

If you are still looking for other ways to earn, or just want to supplement Qmee with another site, we have the answers for you. Check out our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites to find some great resources and websites that can earn you money online. I guarantee you will be able to find a site or two that will help you pad your bank account by supplying a second form of income. 

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