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Qriket Review: How Much Money Can I Make?

Do you like watching game shows and playing apps on your phone? Why not do both at the same time? No, I do not mean go watch Family Feud while playing 8 ball pool on your phone, but play Qriket! Qriket is a app that allows you to spin a wheel for a chance to win some real money. It is a simple app that is fun to play on your downtown, free of charge, to have the chance to win some money. 

What Is Qriket?

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Qricket is a small company that was started by two guys in Ontario about 6 years ago. They did not start getting traction until the past year or so, when they saw a boost in users on the app. It is a market research company that shows advertisements and surveys to its members. It is similar to traditional survey sites, such as MySurvey, but instead of rewarding people with points for surveys and adds they watched, they offer spins. This is a fun new way to conduct market research through disguising advertisements with interactive games. The wheel keeps you coming back, and viewing new advertisements while you're there. 

What’s Qricket All About?

Qricket is a online app that offers spins to its user to win money. Each spin of the wheel gives users a 50/50 chance to win anywhere between .05 cents and $500. The game is simple: pick a color, spin, and win! (or lose.) Users spin a two-colored wheel, blue and yellow, and if they win, have a chance to win anywhere from .05 cents to $500. This of course is random and all luck, therefore you will probably not get $500 3 times in a row.

How Do I Get Qriket?

Qricket is a app that is available for free on both Apple App Store and Google Play App Store. There is also no cost to sign up, nor is there any in app purchases you would need to link a card for.

Make Money with Qriket

How Do I Earn Spins?

Users can earn spins on the app by watching videos, answering questions, and taking short surveys. Similar to how free apps on phones require you to watch a quick video, Qriket does the same thing to offer you spins. This is how Qriket is able to give out money. Advertisers and Marketing companies pay Qricket to have their advertisements and surveys featured.

$$ How Do I Earn Money? $$

As I said earlier, winning cash prizes are completely random. You may get lucky and win $20 on your first spin, or sometime it may take hundreds of spins to win more than a couple of bucks. That is why this game is so addicting. Users continue to spin in hopes that they get the highest prize possible. However, unlike other gambling games, you do not put any money into the app, just your time, therefore if you lose it does nothing to your balance in the app.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Although there are advertisements in the app, these do not follow you when you go to other apps, or visit the internet on your phone. In addition to that, Qriket does not take any personal information from you, therefore no personal information of yours is stored in the app. The only time they may need information from you is when you are cashing out your earnings! When you do that, your account information is safe, per their privacy policy.

Critiques of Qriket

Of course, there are critiques and complaints for Qriket. In today’s society, it is very hard to make people happy, therefore complaints are everywhere. Here are the most popular complaints about Qriket, and downsides to downloading Qricket:

Small pay-outs

I did win a lot of money: This app is random; therefore, some users may never experience winning more than a couple of cents. Often this will be a reason it gets rate low, or deleted off of people’s phones. However, you have to understand that this is not a app that “guarantee’s” your money, it just offers you the chance to win some money.

High-Cash Out Value: IT is true, for a site that has lower pay outs, it has a high cash-out value. Qriket does not allow users to cash-out their earning until they have reached $25.

How Do I Get More Spins?

In order to get more spins, you have to watch videos on the app. These videos usually only last 30 seconds, and reward you anywhere from 1 to 25 spins. In addition to that, users can spend their earnings on the app to purchase more spins.

Why Should I Join?​

Tap To Spin and Win Qriket

In all honesty, this is not a app where making money is the focus. Unlike certain survey sites like Swagbucks and Clearvoice Surveys, earning money is not the point of this app. The main focus of this app is to get advertisements across to viewers, and reward them a fun game. This is a perfect app for people at work, on the train, or just sitting at home bored. It takes no brainpower to spin the wheel and watch videos, therefore it is perfect to waste time on. Instead of scrolling through Instagram for 10 minutes straight, why not spin the wheel a couple of times and try to win some money?

Is It Legit?

All signs lead to yes; Qriket is a legitimate company and app. Although they have had some complaints about how ​the app works, and the critiques they have for it, everything else is sound. They do pay out in PayPal, and will not scam you out of your earned money. Now, is it worth your time? That is something you are going to have to decide for yourself. Some users say that they earn about .50 cents in a span of 5 minutes on a OK day. That means that you could be looking at a few hours of dedication a day to make a couple of bucks. However, if this is something you are doing just to pass the time, and not relying on it as as a supplemental income, then why not, download the app. If you are going to be sitting on your phone anyways, try to spin a couple of times and make some money. 

More Money?

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