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Quest Mindshare: Legitimate or a Scam?

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Making money online has never been easier as the popularity of online paid surveys has risen.  The best thing is that participation costs zero investment of money.   Quest Mindshare  is one of many options for making money online via paid surveys.  Often compared to PaidViewPoint among survey insiders, Quest Mindshare is a relatively unknown survey site.  Upon further examination we decided to perform a thorough review of the program to give our readers an accurate assessment.  

How Does Quest Mindshare Work?

Anyone familiar with paid surveys will know that companies are continuously looking to perform market research.  Both small and large companies want real honest reviews about their products or services.  Quest Mindshare partners with these businesses to create surveys which are then presented to qualified users.  Users are preselected based on a certain criteria such as age, race, income levels, number of kids, etc.  As a participant of the Quest Mindshare program you will receive rewards in exchange for completing surveys.  

How Can I Join?

Signing up is very simple.  All you have to do is visit their website by clicking here.  Once you land on the homepage, fill out the form fields to register. In order to be eligible for the program, you must live in a preselected number of countries and be at least 14 years old at the time of registration.  See our chart below for more clarification.  There is an option to sign up for the panel if your country is not listed, but it appears to be through a separate portal.  Obviously, owning a computer is required and use across all browsers is allowed.  We suggest filling out the form accurately and with a real email address, since survey opportunities will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Countries Available for Participation:

United States


United Kingdom












South Korea

New Zealand

Quest Mindshare account registration page

What’s Next?

After registering for Quest Mindshare, you will be redirected to another screen to re login.  Be on the lookout for an email to verify your email address.  Once verified, you will need to log back in to get to the main dashboard.  Quest Mindshare's backend is super simple.  On the left you will see a box titled "Your Surveys", on the right there should be a box labeled "Get More Surveys."  The "Your Surveys" section displays the paid opportunities you currently can participate in.  Before proceeding we highly recommend that you fill out the rest of your profile under the "Get More Surveys" heading.  Doing so will help Quest Mindshare match you with the best opportunities to get paid.  There are quite a few questions to get through so make sure you are answering truthfully in order to get the best opportunities. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Don’t expect hundreds of dollars from participating in Quest Mindshare.  While the program claims to have one of the highest payouts in the industry,  we found that statement to be somewhat true.  Rewards can be earned when you complete surveys that are emailed to you. All surveys are paid in cash values, so there is no need to convert via a point system.  Paypal is the preferred method of redemption but amazon gift cards are available to users in the United States and UK.  As a US citizen you will need at least $12.50 in order to cash out. 

Surveys will usually take you around 10 minutes to complete and will pay anywhere from $1 to $6.  On the homepage their is even a claim that you can make up to $90 by completing the music rating surveys!  Since these numbers seemed to be much higher comparative survey sites, we decided to take a further look and investigate. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

Technically the answer to this question is limitless.  Based upon our experience with the site however, we would say very little.  The first pain point was the profile surveys, which took forever to fill out.  Not only were they time intensive, there are no rewards for completing this task unlike other sites such as MySurvey.  Upon completion we did start to receive around 3 to 4 opportunities a week via email.  Most of these where a huge waste of time, however, as we were screened out after answering a few questions.  The payouts seemed very lucrative but unfortunately we failed to qualify for 14 out of 15 opportunities.  

The one survey we did qualify for was a three hour music survey that paid out $60.  Upon further inspection we decided to forego the opportunity because of concerns over payment by multiple users.  Imagine spending three long hours and then not getting paid!  Other users have reported Quest Mindshare deducting money from their account without any notice. 

Although they pay cash via PayPal, Quest Mindshare is not what they used to be for me. I stopped receiving music surveys (which was my favorite type), there never was compensation if you do not qualify for a survey and then I had money deducted from my earnings with no explanation? I cashed out one final time and quit.

United States


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Minimum cash out value is low ($12.50). 
  • Surveys take little time to complete. 
  • Lucrative payouts if you do qualify for a survey.  


  • You aren't rewarded for the amount of time it takes to qualify. 
  • High chance that you will be "screened out" of opportunities. 
  • Several user complaints about missed payments. 
  • Only one way to earn. 
  • Can be a huge waste of time. 

Should I use Quest MindShare?

Quest Mindshare does have some positive upsides to the platform.  These however, are largely overshadowed by the glaring negatives.  We do not recommend Quest Mindshare as a good use of your time.  What good are paid survey opportunities if you only qualify 5% of the time?  A common concern raised on review boards is the failure of Quest Mindshare to pay users.  If you are willing to take a leap of faith, you are more than welcome to sign up via this link.  Otherwise, we would suggest checking out some of our top rated survey sites such as Swagbucks or MySurvey

Remember at our goal is to help you the user make as much money online as possible.  We have personally reviewed over 50+ survey sites so we know exactly what programs bring the best value to our users.  Stop guessing and get started making money today!

More Options?

​There are other money making options on our website other than this site, and the ones I have mentioned. If you are looking for survey sites, check out our page on survey site reviews. There you can find dozens of reviews on top survey sites, as well as reviews on why some sites fail, or are red flags. In addition to that, our blog features tons of articles on unique money making oppurtunities online. All of these featured on our blog can be done through home, on your website or on your phone, and can help you start or build a secondary income. 

For example, a site like Mr. Rebates is a cash-back site where you shop online through their website. They work with top retail and grocery stores to ensure that you will be able to find, and purchase, exactly what you are looking for. Once you have checked out, Mr. Rebates will give you a percentage of your purchase back; similar to how debit cards do cash-back at the pump. 

Furthermore, there is a site like Virtual Bee, where you can work as a data entry processor from the comfort of your own home. You are free to choose when you want to work, and which assignments you want to work on. This freedom to schedule is perfect for someone who is looking to make money on the side. 

There are options like these, and many more, all on our blog. So, I'll stop here, and let you get started on making money online!


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