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QuickRewards Network Review- Legit or a Scam?

What Is QuickRewards?

QuickRewards is basically a website where you get paid to complete different tasks such as playing games, visiting websites, taking surveys, or shopping online.  GPT sites are getting more and more popular, but QuickRewards has been around since 2002. There are many ways to earn rewards on QuickRewards, but most of the offers on this site are provided through third parties.  Therefore, in order to complete many of the tasks, you'll have to sign up for third party sites.

That can be a major turn off for some people with GPT sites or reward sites. We have reviewed dozens of online survey sites and reward sites and have found that there are plenty of high paying or high rewarding websites that require you to sign up for third party services. It may be annoying to make multiple accounts but these are often the highest paying rewards because of the higher payout to the survey or reward website (QuickRewards in this case). 

How to Earn Money With QuickRewards. 

Although there's a variety of ways to earn money, taking online surveys is the least efficient way. For the amount of time you have to put into to taking the surveys, you are not sufficiently compensated in the rewards.  Also, similar to some other survey sites you could end up being screened out of a survey after wasting time filling out the qualification poll.  It is recommended that if you are going to use QuickRewards, you partake in some of the other options to earn cash such as playing games, visiting websites, or shopping online.  On top of the options just mentioned, you can also earn rewards by watching videos, playing trivia games, and reading paid emails.  

If you choose to take advantage of the offers embedded within the paid emails, you have the chance to earn even more rewards.  Online shopping through QuickRewards is a good way to earn rewards if you were already planning to buy the things you are shopping for.  It is not recommended that you go on and buy things just to try to earn rewards.  Rather look at the rewards as more of just an extra bonus for buying something you were already planning to buy.  With QuickRewards, you can earn up to 25% cash back on over 1,000 brands by shopping through the site. Sign up today to see a list of all participating brands.

On top of earning cash back, you also have the opportunity to receive exclusive coupon discounts.  Finally, if you are happy with QuickRewards and think your friends should join, then refer them!  QuickRewards offers a referral program where you will earn 5% of your friends' earnings just by having them sign up through your link and use the site!  

QuickRewards Sign-Up

Upon signing up for QuickRewards, you will be asked to join at least one of these programs.  To summarize, the three different programs to choose from are:

  1. The Shop and Save Program where you get cash back for online shopping,
  2. The Paid for Your Opinions Program where you get paid for taking surveys
  3. The Earn Cash Online Program where you get paid for reading emails, visiting websites, playing games, and more. 

Sign up for QuickRewards is pretty simple which is not surprising. As you can see in the photo above, you get to choose what services and rewards you want to sign up for from the beginning. 

If you are only interested in using QuickRewards for the surveys then you can select that at sign up so you will only receive survey emails from them. Like we mention previously though, we recommend you take advantage of the other rewards like the shopping cash back or the games and websites for rewards. 

You are going to receive a large number of emails from them, but if you are planning to try and make a good amount of money from online surveys then you should appreciate that. 

You don't need a credit card or any similar information to sign up, and the sign up process is quick. 

How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

Different survey sites have different methods of offering rewards, whether it be in the form of cash, points, or gift cards.  QuickRewards offers rewards in the form of both cash and points.  What is really nice about QuickRewards is that there is no minimum cash out amount.  Other survey sites require a minimum amount of points or cash before you can cash out and receive your earnings, but QuickRewards allows you to cash out whenever you want.  

You can earn cash by taking paid surveys, playing trivia games, viewing ads, or shopping and can be redeemed via PayPal or exchanged for gift cards.  QuickRewards offers a variety of gift cards to choose from.  It usually takes about one day, or 24 hours, for the redemption transaction to go through.  QuickRewards' points are known as QuickPoints, and these can be earned by answering trivia questions, viewing ads, visiting websites, or watching video clips.  About 10,000 QuickPoints equate to one US dollar.

You can also redeem your reward for gift cards and money towards some major businesses and companies. We think their reward program is done well and gives you plenty of options. Here are some of the ones on their list. 

  • Amazon
  • Paypal
  • Red Lobster (and other restaurants)
  • check
  • check

Privacy of QuickRewards

​QuickRewards is overall very safe and you can feel confident that any personal information you share on the site will not be shared across the internet.  Like many survey sites, you do have to provide some personal information such as your name, email, and some demographic information in order to participate.  However, QuickRewards promises to not sell any of your information to third party websites.  If you participate in QuickRewards surveys through third party sites, those third parties do gain access to some of your information and can contact you via email, however; you can unsubscribe from their mailing list at any time.  


  • Free to join and easy to use
  • No minimum cash out amount
  • Redemption available through Paypal, gift cards, or a variety of stores.
  • Given a 4 out of 5 stars on SurveyPolice (high rating)
  • Multiple ways to earn rewards other than just surveys. 


  • Offers only available to residents of the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • Site interface is outdated.
  • Users will be contacted by third parties (super annoying).
  • Surveys are time consuming and offer little rewards. 
  • Can be screened out of surveys near the end. 

Is QuickRewards Worth It?

Overall, QuickRewards is a nice way to make some extra money doing things you would normally do like online shop or watch online videos.  You will not makes tons of money using QuickRewards, but if you are planning to do some online shopping anyway, why not earn rewards while you shop?   Although you may be contacted by third parties, QuickRewards is in no way a scam and will not sell any of your information to these third parties. You always have to figure out if survey sites are legit or scams, but QuickRewards is definitely legit.

If you are looking for a way to make money online on a website that offers more ways to earn money than just taking surveys, then QuickRewards is a solid option for you - click here to join.  A better option however resides in Swagbucks or MySurvey.  You can check out our full reviews and rankings of other survey websites here.

Other Ways To Earn

If you are still looking for other sites, whether you want to pair it with Quick Rewards, or start all over, we have the answer for you. Here at Surveyswonk our mission is to help the reader make money. We carry out our mission by reviewing as many money making websites as possible. Our Top 20 Paid Online Survey Sites is a great resource to find surveys sites that pay-out the highest. 

In addition to survey sites, our blog features​ unique websites that are a bit different than traditional survey sites. For example, Fiverr is a site that pays out to its members once they complete freelance writing gigs that have been posted on the site. Mr Rebate is another site we have reviewed which is a cash-back shopping site. A percentage of your purchase is rewarded to you, which you can cash out for in Pay-Pal. 

Furthermore, if you just want to read some tips on how to save money, check out the recently posted article 107 Frugal Ways To Save Money. After all, money saved is money earned. ​


  • Ways to Earn
  • Payment Options
  • Return on Time
  • Worth the Time


QuickRewards Network is a survey site that pays you out for taking surveys but also for doing things you already do like shop online. You can get cash back by shopping for things you are already gonna buy or gain points from playing games and visiting websites. The payouts for time on surveys are not great but it is not a scam and can make you money.

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