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Receipt Hog Take Pictures of Receipts, Earn Cash.

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Want to earn money for doing something you already do! Look no further because here we are looking at the mobile app Receipt Hog. This app is a great way to earn rewards and money for doing a everyday activity; shopping! Buy stuff, save receipts, feed the pig, and earn rewards.

What Is Receipt Hog?

As I mentioned above, Receipt Hog is a mobile app that earns you money after you have gone shopping. They are a market research company that focuses on consumer spending habits. Receipt Hog can monitor consumer spending apps by viewing your receipts, and tracking your purchases. How do they do this? That is what makes Receipt Hog unique; you take pictures of your receipts on the app, and that gets sent to Receipt Hog. 

How To Sign Up?

Signing is a easy, non-invasive process. All you have to do is download the free app in the Apply App Store, or Google Play. There is no registration process that requires you to fill out any information, or join any other sites. On top of that, you will just have to allow the site access to your camera. 

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How Do I Make Money?

There it is, the only question people really care about. Yes, you can make money on the site. How? Easy. You just have to take a picture of your receipt after you have go shopping. You are already spending money on shopping, so why not earn some money back by taking pictures of your receipts? However, you do not necceasrily make money for each receipt, instead you make coins. This is the same for many other websites, ClearVoice Surveys for example. Rarely do you find a online money making survey site that pays in straight cash. Usually you will be rewarded in coins, and then will be able to cash-out in the form of money or gift cards. Read right below here to get a understanding on how the coins work, and how you can turn coins into real, tangible money. 

How Receipt Hog Works

How Much Coins Do I Earn For Receipts?

Receipt Hog deposits coins into your account each time you take a picture of a receipt. For the first receipt of the month, you also get added to a monthly sweepstakes for a drawing of 5,000 coins. Ill get to the coin to money exchange rate later. In addition, for some receipt you can choose to earn spins instead of coins. Receipt Hog has a hog slot machine on their website where you can spend spins to earn even more coins. 

How Many Coins Do I Earn Per Receipt? 

For every receipt that you snap a picture of, you earn a certain amount of coins. Here is the amount you earn for each receipt, and how much you spend. A receipt for

  • $10 earns you 5 coins
  • $10-$50 earns you 10 coins
  • $50-$100 earns you 15 coins
  • $100 and up earns you 20 coins

​20 coins is the maximum amount you can earn for taking a picture of a receipt. This means that no, you cannot take a picture of the receipt you got when you purchased your new car, and receive hundreds of coins. 

What is the Coin to Money Exchange Rate?

This may be one of the only downsides to Receipt Hog. It is such a great concept, and so easy to join and take part in, but it does have a very low payout. Here is the coin-money exchange:

  • 1000 coins = $5
  • 1800 coins = $10
  • 3200 coins = $20
  • 4500 coins = $30

​Because you needs many coins just go get $5, this site seems impractical for someone that wants to make a lot of money online. However, if this is a site that you are on just to see how much money you can make, it might be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, it can be used as a spending tracker for you, since it saves your receipts. 

Is It Safe?

Receipt hog is one of the safest sites out there. They do not require any personal information from you to sign up, therefore nothing is stored in their site. In addition to that, your receipts are kept anonymous from your name, phone number, and email, therefore third-party vendors will not be able to track you down or email you with unsolicited offers. ​


One of the biggest Pro's of this website is that it is just asking from you take a picture of your receipt...nothing else! It is a positive way to research consumers because it does not require any questions to be answered, or surveys to be taken. It is as if there were a person working for Receipt Hog outside of the grocery store asking for your receipt. In addition to that, it is a very easy app to configure and use. All you have to do is points and shoot. It then automatically gets sent to Receipt Hog where they will use it to help market consumer goods, take a look at consumer trends, and brands that sell. ​


​This is the category where the above numbers come into play. Receipt Hog does not pay out a lot for each receipt. If you were to do that math, you would have to spend a incredible amount of money to even earn close to $5 worth in coins. That is probably the only con, because of how big of a impact it has on members earning money through the app and site. Rather than wasting your time saving up thousands of dollars in receipts, another money making website may be a better option. 

What's The Bottom Line?

​The bottom line is this; Receipt Hog is not a great way to earn money from home. Although the concept is very cool, and there are a lot of positives for the website, it is just too hard to make real money through it. It is unique from survey taking sites because of how they collect their data, but for now, they are not paying enough to really make it a favorite for online money making websites. Due to the low amount of coins per receipt, and high amount of coins needed to make money, this might not be the site for you. Instead, what is making headlines now-a-days, is online surveys. has a ton of reviews on survey sites that can earn you real money, unlike Receipt Hog. Check us out to see how much you could be making, and how easy it is to make it. 

More Ways To Earn

Receipt Hog is truly a unique opportunity to earn money by shopping. Another site that is similar to this site is Mr. Rebates. On Mr. Rebates​ you can shop online at top sites and earn cash back for a percentage of your purchase. However, in addition to shopping sites that can earn you money, our site features much more. Check out our blog where we have reviewed 50+ unique money making opportunities. 

For example, a great site that is relatively new is Amazon Flex. With Amazon Flex, you join the fleet of Amazon drivers. However, you get to drive your own car, set your own hours, and decide how far you want to drive. Its essentially Uber but for Amazon Packages. You can check out our review to see what states it is offered in, or how to be first in line when it comes to your state. ​

These two, and many others, are featured on our blog. Of course we also have reviewed 60+ survey sites, ranking them, and giving our opinions on if its worth your time. So get online, find the right site for you, and start making money!​

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