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107 Frugal Ways to Save Money Right Now in 2018


Money can be a difficult topic to discuss. Many times, people do not feel they are financially sound. With taxes rising, housing getting more expensive, transportation cost increasing, education being so expensive; it can be tough to be comfortable with your funds. With that said, there are many little things that you can do to save money. I'm not talking about putting a dollar into a jar everyday for a year, but other frugal ways to save money, and tips that can save you a pretty penny in the long run. 

After all, we are a money making blog. With that said, we not only outline ways to make money, like our Top 20 Paid Online Survey Sites, but also ways to save money. In the end, money saved is money earned. Here are 107 Frugal Ways To Save Money, and hopefully you can adapt a couple of these strategies in your own life, that will help you start saving money and living happily.

1. Take Surveys!

Take Surveys And Earn Money

One easy tip to saving money is to create a secondary income in which you can spend from. With that said, there are many websites out there that can help increase or build a secondary income. Once you have established one, you can spend that money, and start saving the money from your primary income. Secondary income opportunities like survey sites are great because they are free to join. Sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey are great websites where you can earn money on your own time. A few hours a day, after work or in your free time, can make a difference in the long run. ​

Swagbucks logo

2. Shop From Home

Earn Cash Back Shopping With Ebates

Today, virtually every store has a website online. Now, with the explosion of delivery services like Amazon, you can order anything online. Whether it be food, clothes, dog toys, medications, movies, or anything else, there is a website where you can buy them on. Shopping online not only saves you the expenses of having to drive to the store, but there are also great promotions online. Sites like Ebates and Mr. Rebate reward members with cash-back for their purchases if they buy products through their websites. Their websites work with popular shopping sites like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and many others, to ensure that whatever you are looking for, you can find it on one of the affiliated websites. ​

3. Turn Off The TV

Utilities can be extraordinarily expensive. With that said, there is no point in leaving any ​appliance on. On average, people use their televisions more than any other household electronic, besides a cell phone. So, if the TV is always on, that is just bleeding your utility bill. Try and be conscientious and turn it off when you leave the room, or leave the house. 

4. Turn Off The Lights

Lights are left on all the time. Whether there is 4 rooms in your house, or 20, chances are at this very moment there is a light on in a room you are not in.

5. Turn Off The Water

See where this thread is going? Don't worry, I only have a few more on this topic. However, this is a big one. Water bills are a big part of the utility bills. Im not saying turn the water off while you are shampooing your hair, or anything extreme like that. I am saying though to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Or make sure you're sprinklers aren't running 24/7. Although this will only lessen your bill a little bit, its still saving you money. 

​6. Turn Off Your AC/Heat

If its a nice day, open some windows. Air conditioning and heating units are extraordinarily expensive utilities. Houses in the north see a spike in their bills during the winter and houses in the south see a spike in the summer. Its just the way she blows. However, if you turn off the AC and let a breeze in during the summer, or keep the heat in your house during the winter, you can save a good amount of money. ​

7. Sell Your Stuff​

EBAY: Sell Your Stuff

If you have a bunch of stuff cluttering up your garage or basement, why not sell it? There are apps like LetGo which can help you do so, or you can take to Ebay to sell your stuff.

8. Be Prepared When Shopping

How many times have you gone to the store for one item, and left with a full cart and a 100 dollar bill? You can completely avoid this by making a list, and sticking to it. Try and avoid random purchases, especially when you get to the checkout line and see all the magazines, candy bars, and featured products. 

9. ​Try Out Products

Product Testing USA

There are great sites out there looking for product testers. Now, I am not saying that you will be the guinea pig for new products, but you will be some of the first consumers to test out a product. A great site for this is Product Testing USA (pretty straight-forward name, right?). ​This site will not only pay you to test out some products and review them, but they also give you the product for free!

10​. Don't Have Kids. I'm Kidding, just don't spend a insane amount of money entertaining them. 

Kids are very easy to entertain. A stick would entertain them for a while, but you may make you feel bad playing fetch wth your 5 year old in the yard. However, it is quite easy to cut some corners and save some money entertaining kids. Go to the park, take them to the beach, teach them how to ride a bike. No need to go buy a Xbox when they are 5, just take them outside. 

11. Pay Attention To Your Bank

Many banks have different minimum balances, interest rates, ATM fees, etc. Take into consideration all of these when choosing a bank, or switching banks.

12. Get Rid Of Old Clothes

Have old clothes in your closet you never wear? Get rid of them! Stores, like Platos Closet sometimes will buy old clothes​ to resell. Or, you can have a old fashioned yard sale. Some of your old clothes may be great new threads for others. 

13. Data Entry

Data Entry

This falls into the same category as building up a secondary income. Data entry sites are great ways to earn some extra money when you're not working, or have some free time. The projects are straight forward, and outlined for you by the website. Virtual Bee is a great website which gives out data entry projects to their members. ​

14. Water

​Drinking water can save you money! Not only is a healthy alternative to pop or coffee or any other sugar drink, it also is free! (Or very cheap) Get a re-usuable water bottle and fill it up. 

15. Be Smart With Credit Cards

Credit cards can be death of people. Whether it be debt piling up, or your credit score falling, it can put a lot of strain on a persons financial situation. Be aware of the charges your credit card company has, and how it may affect you. 

16. Heck, Just Get Rid Of Them

Furthermore, if you can avoid buying on credit, you should. There are just unnecessary interest rates that will bite you at the end of the month. ​

17. Keep A Eye On Trials

Since we are talking about credit cards, keep a eye on trials you sign up for. Many times, you need to put in a credit or debit card number in to receive the free trial. However, if you do not cancel within the month, or the three months, you will be charged for the membership. 

18. Take Cards Off Of Memberships

If you do have a current membership, there are opportunities to take off your card, or change account information, so the account will close once the time has run out. Many people often find that they may have subscriptions to online accounts they no longer use. Get rid of these=saving money. 

19. Compare Prices

Whether you are shopping at retail or grocery stores, you should always compare prices. Perhaps you can do some research before you leave the house, so you know exactly where to go to get the cheapest products. If you can save 50 bucks shopping at Walmart instead of Whole Foods, and still get the same food, why wouldn't you shop at Walmart?​

​20. Shop Used, Not New

Shopping for used items is a great way to save money. Although it may feel weird shopping for used clothes, they are a lot cheaper. Furthermore, they also are all washed very well, and taken care of. Many times, the clothes weren't even worn that many times.

21. Used Cars?

Yes, you can also buy Used cars. These are a lot cheaper than buying brand new ones off the lot. In addition, Used cars are a lot cheaper because of previous owners putting some mileage on them. If you are shopping used, keep in mind mileage, any accidents in the past, and just general upkeep of the vehicle.

22. Carpool!

Stay Frugal and Carpool

While we are talking about cars, I've got to mention carpooling. If you work a couple of miles from work, and have coworkers near you, split the driving! Instead of driving everyday and using up a full tank in a week, drive once a day. This will save you a lot of gas money, plus stress, because you won't have to drive everyday.

23. Fuel Efficient Cars

Last car one, I promise. Although everybody wants to look cool driving a yellow hummer, or a big F150, those vehicles guzzle gas like a team drinks champagne after a championship. It is extraordinarily expensive to have to keep refueling and spending all that money on gas. Instead, opt for a more fuel efficient car. Now, I am not saying you have to go out and buy a Prius, but do some research before you buy about gas mileage. 

24. Don't Eat Out

Yes, we all enjoy eating out at a restaurant, or getting takeout. However, this is deadly when it comes to saving money. Instead, try and cook in a little more. In todays age, it's very easy to get into a rhythm where you pick up food from the same place everyday on your way home from work. But, if you just prepare your meals and cook them from home, you can save money everyday.

25. Bring A Lunch

Bring a bagged lunch to work. This falls into the category above about not eating out. Lunch at work can become expensive very fast if you are spending $10-$15 a day. Instead, bring a PB&J, Ham & Cheese, or leftovers from your home cooked meal the night before!

​26. Magazines

Get rid of them. How many times do you actually sit down with a magazine and read it front to back. I'm not saying people don't read them anymore, I am just saying that they are free online! ​

27. Newspapers

Get rid of them. Newspapers are already free online, or at least very cheap for online subscriptions. You may not look as official reading a newspaper on your iPad or phone, compared to opening up a paper newspaper, but you will be saving money. ​

28. ​Air Pressure

I'm sorry, I have another car one. Make sure your tires a pumped up. It cost a quarter at some gas stations to fill up your ties. Check to see what your cars tires PSI should be, and fill it up and keep it there. The less air in the tires, the less miles per gallon you get. It may be a very minimal difference, but if you drive all the time, it can add up. ​

29. Public Transportation

If you are looking for a more inexpensive way of commuting, take a look at public tranportation. Many major cities have a great infrastructure of public transportation. In Chicago for example, $2.50 can get you on a bus or train, and take you anywhere you'd like to be. Similar systems are in place in Philladelphia, New York, and other major metropolitan areas. ​

30. Auto Maintenance

Keep your car nice. Whether it be regular oil checks, brake checks, or something as simple as keeping the windshield wiper fluid full. Keeping your car in check will prevent it from breaking down, and also will keep the resell value higher for when you want to sell it.

31. Home Maintenance

I'm not saying that every month you have to clean out the pipes and AC vents, but simple touchups go a long way. Keeping the windows clean and loose will prevent them from sticking or getting stuck. Furthermore, keeping kitchen appliances clean will keep them from breaking or not working properly. These are easy things you can do that will help save you money when you realize that basic upkeep can keep them working for longer.

32. Buy Bulk

Buy Bulk And Save Money

A Sams Club or Costco ​membership can go a long way. The saying is, you have to spend money to earn money. Along those lines, you sometimes have to spend money to save money. Good things to buy in bulk are non perishable items, laundry detergent, batteries, and other everyday household items. 

33. Cell Phones

Cell Phone plans are expensive. They especially are expensive today due to how much we spend on data, apps, special services. A good way to save money is to go through your cell phone plan and cut out any unnecessary expensive. Apps can add up, as well as if you go over your data. Know your plan in order to minimize the chance that you may go over.

34. Take Care Of Your Phone

Here's another money saving tip for cell phones. Take care of it! A iPhone can cost up to $700. So, why not spend the extra $40 or so to buy a good case. Nothing is worse than breaking your phone, and having to spend a couple hundreds of dollars to get a new one

35. Take Care Of Your Laptop

Furthermore, laptops are expensive! More so than phones. Make sure you take care of your computer by purchasing a traveling case, making sure it stays away from any liquid, and out of the sun.

36. Student Loans

College is expensive. Chance are, you took some loans out when you went to school. For a young, recently graduated adult, these student loan bills can pile up. Consolidate them by finding student loan services that can help reduce the interest. 

37 Automatic Repayment Plans

On some student loan plans, you can opt to have it automatically taken out of your bank each month. These offers usually come with a deduction in the loan, saving you money in the long run, and having you pay back a small percentage less than what you owe. ​

38. Scholarships


If you want to avoid the massive amount of student loans you will inevitably pile up, look for scholarships! We have reviewed many scholarship sites such as Scholarship Owl and Scholarship Points, where you can apply for scholarships. If you win, you will save anywhere from $100-$1000 per scholarship on school. 

39. Men; simple razors

Why spend $45 on a fancy razor, people have used simple ones for years and never had a issue. Buy yourself a cheap razor. It gets the job done, and doesn't cost too much. 

40. Women; Easy On The Shoes

I know many women in my life that have upwards of 30 pairs of shoes. I have never understood it, but I get it. There are special shoes for outfits and occasions. However, if you could, cut it back a little. It will save you a lot of money if you only have a few pairs of shoes. 

41. Don't Smush The Tooth Paste

Do you have any idea how much money you waste on toothpaste? You probably go through a tube a month, and toothpaste is not cheap. So, when using it, don't smash it. Many people throw away toothpaste tubes that still have a few brushes still in them. Now, this is a very small amount of money that you can save, but if this paired with other ways, can save you a lot. 

42. Learn About Your Benefits

If you are working for a company that offers benefits, look into them. Many times companies offer Health, Dental, and even Eye insurance. Take advantage of these. They are already paying for them, so might as well use them. 

43. Cheap Activitirs

When meeting up with friends, throw some cheap suggestions out there. Instead of going to a bar and spending $80 on expensive drinks, bring a cooler to beach or to a softball field.

44. Check out Free Activites

Many cities offer free activities that citizens can attend. These can range from museum days to free concerts. Take advantage of these free events. Heck, you can even plan a event at one of these. 

45. Drive Defensively

Nothing can hit your finances harder than a speeding ticket. Or worse, a crash. Drive safe, drive the speed limit, be smart.

46. Take Care Of Yourself

​If you cannot bench 300 pounds, don't try. A blown out shoulder can ruin you. Not only will you have a sling on for months, you will miss some work, and have a hospital bill the length of a short novel. 

47. Stay out of ambulances

​If you can, avoid ambulances at all cost. They have a minimum fee when they pick you up. You could be one block from the hospital, but the ambulance will still charge you somewhere near $900. With that said, often times basic health insurance will not cover ambulance rides. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn't call a ambulance if you are having a heart attack, or another serious medical issue. I am saying that if it something that you can bear for a few minutes, and get a ride, do that. I, and people I know, have broken bones and felt a ambulance needed to be called, but instead had a friend drive me to the ER. You already are going to have a hospital bill, so might as well save when you can. 

48. Pack Snacks

If you are going on a road trip, or a long drive, pack some snacks. It is a lot cheaper to pack your own food, rather than spend money on gas station snacks every couple of stops. ​

​49. Shop Cheap

Shopping is a expensive habit. Clothes can be very expensive, but often times, don't even look expensive. With that said, some bargain shopping for everyday clothes is a great way to save money and be frugal.

50. Shop For Quality

This may be a tough one, especially when shopping cheap, but its worth mentioning. Buy products that will last. Nothing worse than buying a pair of jeans, and having them rip 3 weeks into wearing them. ​

51. Pass Me Downs

Another clothes tip. If you have kids, each kid is going to take a dent out of your wallet. Keep clothes looking good by washing them correctly and storing them well. ​Then you can pass these down to the younger child. They will think its cool cause they are wearing their older siblings clothes, and you will think its cool because you will not have to buy a whole other wardrobe. 

52. Schools For Kids

While we are talking about kids lets talk about their schools. Keep a eye out for deals with second, and third kids at school. Many grade schools will offer discounts for second children, as well as third children that attend the same schoo. Furthermore, keeping them all at the same school will cut back on transportation since you can drop them all off at the same place. ​

​53. Try Out Methods To Earning A Secondary/Passive Income

Multi Level Marketing business structure

Money earned is money saved. There are many Multi Level Marketing websites which can help you earn money on the side from home. Sites like Kyani and Protandim are great because they are proven legit.

54. Choose your vacations wisely

Traveling during non peak traveling seasons can cut traveling cost in half. The snow will always be in the mountains, and the beaches down south will always be sunny and hot. Try and stay away from traveling during peak summer weeks, be consciousness of the spike in prices during spring break weeks, and keep in mind winter flights are more expensive during ski season. 

55. Book in Advance

Many airlines offer cheap airline tickets if you book for a flight a few months in advance. If you are already planning on getting away, why not book flights early? 

56. Bring Packaged Food To Airport

You have to make sure it is unopened though! Airport food is ridiculously overpriced, and can turn any trip into a wallet burning adventure through the terminal.

57. Bring a Book On The Plane

Or a iPad with a movie. Many planes offer on-flight entertainment for purchasing. However, for the price they charge, you might as well get to sit down with the captain and fly the plane yourself. ​

58. Car Insurance

When picking a car insurance, understand what you need, and who will be driving. Packages are available for families with kids, as well as non-child families. 

59. Save On Dry Cleaning

If it doesn't need to be taken to the dry cleaners, don't take it. It cost a lot less to iron your own shirts and dresses than dropping them off somewhere and having someone else do it. A key to being frugal with saving money is cutting back on the amount of people that it needs to take to get something done. Additionally, the more you work on something, the cheaper it will be. I know ironing clothes is a pain, but if it saves you money, why not?

60. Repaire Clothing

​Instead of throwing away clothes, why not sew it? And if you do not have a sewing machine, check out Product Testing USA to see if there is one you can test out. After all, you get to keep it in the end. Read our review on that website here

61. Home Gym

Home Gym

Gym memberships can be incredibly expensive. If you can, avoid this in general. A set of weights can be purchased online for much cheaper than a month membership at a gym. There are still great ways to stay in shape that don't include paying $50 a month for a gym membership.

62. Run!

Running is a great exercise because it works multiple muscles at the same time. In addition to that, it's free! Why pay to use a gyms treadmill when you can run around the block and get the same workout! Plus everyone will see you running and be jealous of your motivation and athleticism. ​

63. Prepare Your Meals

A main reason people eat out all the time is because it can take a while to cook each night. However, if you spend a hour or so on a Sunday night preparing meals for the week, a simple microwave or re-heating of a dish takes no time at all. ​

64. Buy Tupperware

Tupperware is great to because you can save meals and keep food fresh. This also can help you transport food to work or school. ​

65. Coffee

Starbucks? Pass. Those places take your money and still mis-pronounce your name. Instead, buy a bag of beans, and brew it yourself.

66. Pass On The Pop

Sugary drinks are extraordinarily expensive. Along with that, they are bad for you! Drink water, its cheaper. ​

67. Grow Veggies

If you are fortunate to live in a house or apartment that has a garden, take advantage of it. Growing tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and other garden friendly veggies can cut back on produce cost. 

68. Monitor Watering of Plants

If you do have a garden, or plants in your background, monitor how long they get watered. Often times people can forget the sprinkler is on, and end up piling up a large water bill for the month. ​

69. Eat Less Meat

Meat is expensive, that is why a steak is always the highest price item on a menu, whereas the chicken breast is a bit lower. The more meat you buy, the less money you have. ​

70. Cable

If you paying for cable, make sure you know what kind of package you have. There is no need to be paying for the movie channels if all you do is watch Netflix. With Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu exploding, many people just buy subsciptions to those instead of paying for cable. 

Netflix Save Cable Cost

71. Adios Home Phone

If you still have a land-line, get rid of it. Chances are the only people that call that number are family members and telemarketers. You are already paying for a cellphone, why pay for another whole phone?

72. Play Games

Boardgames are a whole lot cheaper than going to spend money at a arcade, going out for the night, or paying for other entertainment. Plus, if you're playing with the right people, can be a heck of a lot more fun than going out to see a movie, or paying to watch a act somewhere. 

73. Exploit Friendships

If you have friends with extensive movie or music collections, ask to borrow some CDs. Now, If you have friends with gardens, ask if you can grow a plant in there. And, If you have friends that are paying for Netflix, see if you can borrow their log-in information in exchange for a meal every once in a while or a ride to the airport. But, ask nicely. Friendships can turn sour if you ask for too many favors. 

74. Hobbies

Try and choose some cheaper hobbies. If you are a adrenaline junkie, try bungee jumping or hiking instead of skydiving. If you enjoy shooting, purchase clays in bulk to save money. Hobbies are very important to have, but there is no need to be spending thousands of dollars a month on something you do for fun. 

75. Computer Downloads

Keep a eye out for free downloads, and trials. If you are designing something on the computer, don't pay for the software. Chances are you will be able to find a safe site where you can download the software for free. 

76. Download Free Trials

Yes, you should be careful around them, however, they are free! Create multiple Gmail and Yahoo accounts, use different cards, use different names! One can easily watch a whole season of a TV show on Netflix. Furthermore, with so many movie streaming websites, you can try a different one each month!​

77. Save The Cables

When you get a new phone, computer, printer, or TV, save the cables. You never know when you will need a specific cable, and that cable may be expensive if you try and buy it individually from a Best Buy. 

78. Save The Chargers

With phones changing chargers so often, it can be real easy just to throw the old ones away. However, you never know what old device you have laying around that you may way to use. That old device also probably doesn't use the new iPhone Lightening charger. ​

79. Save Old Phones

Since you are already saving chargers, also save any old phones. These phones will come in handy god forbid anything happens to your phone. Instead of buying a new one, you can reactivate a old one. ​

80. Buy Refurbished

Computer and TVs are cheaper refurbished than new. Popular electronic stores offer refurbished products for half the price of new ones. Just make sure you understand what was wrong with it, and that it has been fixed. 

81. Seal Energy Leaks

If you live in a cold climate, make sure your windows are sealed. There is nothing worse than having a crack in a window, and having to crank the heat. Furthermore, make sure the doors and windows are closed when you have the AC on.

82. Fall Months

Be Aware Of Energy During Fall Months

For fall months, if you are blessed with seasons where you live, can be a tricky time for home owners. Some days may feel like you need the heat, and other days may feel too hot and you need AC. Here are a couple tactics to cut back on utility cost during these months. 

83. Blankets and Sweaters

For those nights that are a bit chilly, don't touch the heat, just throw on a sweater. 

84. Fans

It is a lot cheaper to run a small fan than it is to turn on the Air Conditioning. 

85. Make your own gifts

The reasons kids make their parents gifts at school is because they have no money. Essentially, they are saving money that they do not have. Therefore, to be frugal and save money, you can make your own gifts. If you are a handyman, offer to build something. If you are a artist, paint a picture. Homemade gifts are also more heartfelt than purchased garbage that may end up in a storage unit anyway.

86. ​Offer A Service

Sometimes all people want for as a gift is a little help. Offer to watch a couples kids as a present, or mow a lawn for a friend. These are completely free to give, and all it takes is a little labor. ​

87. Be Aware Of Lights

I've already mentioned that you should turn them off, but you also should be aware of what kind of bulbs you use. LED bulbs, although expensive from the git-co, shine brighter, light up faster, and can last for years. 

88. Timed Lights

While we are on the topic of lights, lets talk about how you can save money with timers. If you have outdoor lights, put them on a timer. Therefore, if you forget to turn them off, they will automatically shut off. This is especially great during holiday seasons with Christmas lights.

89. Surge Protectors

Since I already talked about lights being left on, lets talk about safety. You are going to want to make sure that if you have a lot of devices plugged up, that they are on a surge protector. They are pretty cheap, save you energy, and will save your fuse box from exploding; costing you a boatload of cash. 

90. ​Shop After Holidays

If you need something, wait till after Christmas. ​Stores have huge sales weeks after the holiday season to try and sell al extra products. 

91. Shop After Seasons

If you need a new winter jacket, wait till April. If you want a new swimsuit, wait till September. You can weather the storm of having old cloths for a month if at the end of that month you can purchase a brand new article for cheap. ​

92. Buy Generic

They taste the same, and are a whole lot cheaper. Check out sites like Ebates or Mr. Rebates to also earn cash-back while doing so. ​

Mr. Rebates

93. Save Receipts

This is not only a great way to stay frugal and save money, but also a good routine to get into. Saving receipts can save you the hassle when you are wondering where a charge on your card went, or how much a shopping trip is. Also, with a website like Receipt Hog, you can earn money by taking pictures of your receipts!​

94. Beach instead of pool

If you live by a beach, go there! It is free to the public in most cases, compared to the expensive pools and waterparks.

95. Buy What You Can Afford

Do not overspend on houses or cars. If you already on a tight budget, a mortgage or car payment can make that even worse.

96. Check Your Credit Score

If you have credit cards, make sure you have a good credit score. That will help you out in the future when you make large purchases on the card.

97. Ask For Fees To Be Waived

If you are ever signing up for a service, signing a lease, car payment, ask for them to remove the fees. More often than not, they will. These fees are pointless, and will save you money if you don't have to pay them. 97

98. Pay Bills Online

Paying bills online save you on stamps and checks. It also helps you keep a close eye on your money.98

99. Coupons!

When shopping, use coupons. Many times they are offered in newspapers and magazines, as well as online. Sites like Ebates also have coupons for products when purchased online. ​

100. Keep Track Of Hygiene Product Costs

Toothpaste is toothpaste. I mentioned earlier to get every last drop out. Here I am mentioning that this isn't something you need to splurge on. Many hygiene products have store brand options that are just as good as the name brand ones.

101. Change It Up

If you find yourself in a rut, change your routine up a bit. You should especially do this is you find yourself stopping at the same store on the way home from work fro a bag of chips. Or if you find yourself ordering movies online on Friday nights when you don't go out. Routines are a nightmare for your wallet.

102. Start Saving

Being frugal now means you don't have to be later. You should be able to enjoy your retirement, so start saving now.

103. ​Check Local Listings When Buying A Home Or Apartment

You want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Look for cheaper homes, surrounded by equally priced homes. You do not want to be the cheapest house on the block, but you also do not want to be the house that is overpaying for the neighborhood. ​

104. Be The Designative Driver

Instead of going out on a Friday night and spending money, be the DD. This will certainly help you save money because you will not be spending money on drinks, and your friends will probably pay for your gas if you're driving them around all night. 

105. Read Our Blog

Our blog is a great resource to find unique money making opportunities. After all, our mission is to help people make money online. Therefore our blog is a extension of our mission. There are dozens of sites that are guaranteed to earn you money from home. 

Surveyswonk Blog

106. Don't Give Up

Finance is a long and bumpy road. Many times you will find that you get a lot of flat ties, and crash into a lot of objects. However, don't give up. At the end of the road is a nice beach house in the Hamptons if you save right, retire on time, and were frugal with your money at a young age. 

107. Share This!

Found something you liked? Agree with some of these ways to be frugal and save money? Well, why keep it all to yourself? Share it with your friends and family, and help them be frugal with their money. 

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