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ScholarshipOwl Complete Review: How Does It Work?

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Going to college cost a pretty penny these days. And in todays society, most higher paying jobs require a college education. In order to be successful, in many fields, you have to attend college and get either a bachelors or masters. Many people have heard the phrase "you have to spend money to make money." College is one of those things that you have to spend money on in order to make money in the future. However, with college getting more and more expensive, young kids these days are finding it harder to afford higher education. That is where scholarships come into play. Businesses, universities, and the federal government offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid to help students attend college. ScholarshipOwl is one of these sites that offers students scholarship opportunities to pursue their dreams of higher education. 

How To Join?

Joining ScholarshipOwl is quite easy. They are always looking for new members and students to apply for scholarships. ScholarshipOwl wants all of their members to have the best resources to finding scholarships. To join, students just have to go onto their website and fill out a profile. There are multiple parts of this profile, that all need to be filled out. The reason they ask so many questions is so that they know who you are, and can find scholarships that you qualify for. For example, if you are a student-athlete, ScholarshipOwl will share with you scholarships for students that played sports. It is best to fill your profile as accurately as possible, to ensure that you scholarships you qualify for. 

Is It Free?

ScholarshipOwl free to signup

Absolutely. ScholarshipOwl understands that you already are about to pay a massive amount of money for college, so they offer this free service to help you save money with scholarships. However, there is a option to pay $20 a month to upgrade your "package." What this does is basically just open up your net to a few more scholarships, more features, and a account manager. This by no means is necessary, and most students op-out of paying and use the free service to find scholarships. ​

What Kind Of Scholarships Are There?

There are many different scholarships offered on ScholarshipOwl. After you have joined, you will not only receive invitations to apply for scholarships, but also will see open scholarships that anyone can apply for. Typically there are two kinds of scholarship applications out there. Similar to Fastweb, there are ones that you have to write essays for, and ones that you don't. For the ones that you don't have to write essays for, your application is basically already filled out from your information provided to ScholarshipOwn when you joined the site.

Essay scholarships are more in depth, where you answer more personal questions about why you deserve a scholarship, and how it will help you. On top of that, some questions may be less subjective, where the scholarship is looking for students to think outside of the box. Either war, both kinds of scholarships are a great way to make some money to help pay for college. 

How ScholarshipsOwl works

What’s Is Unique About ScholarshipOwl

A down side to many websites that students can join to apply for scholarships is the monotonous motions of refilling-in information for multiple scholarships. What makes ScholarshipOwl different from other sites is that you can apply for multiple scholarships with one application. An example of this in the college application process is College App. College App is where you fill out one application, and can send that to multiple colleges that accept College App application. ScholarshipOwl allows its members to fill out a single application and use that to apply for multiple scholarships. Therefore you can save some time when applying to scholarships. 

Basic Points

  • Easy to sign up 
  • Great member reviews
  • Can use one application for multiple scholarships
  • Option to pay for more resources 

​How Much Are The Scholarships?

Money Picture For Scholarships

​Scholarships range in monetary value. The lowest amount that scholarships on ScholarshipOwl offer are $100. These kind of scholarship applications will be very basic, and not ask for much information. However, scholarship applications that require multiple essays will have higher rewards. Certain scholarships on the website offer as much as a $10,000 scholarship to a student. 

In addition to scholarships on the website, ScholarshipOwl offers it's very own scholarship. It is called "You Deserve It" and everyone that is a member of the cite has a chance to earn it. It is a $1000 dollar scholarship that is rewarded to specially selected members for just filling out their profile and scholarships. This is a great incentive to joining the site, because you can possibly receive a scholarship by not doing anything but joining. 

ScholarshipOwl Reviews

ScholarshipOwl earns high marks from multiple magazines, companies, and online review sites. Forbes magazine praised ScholarshipOwl for finding scholarships for students. On top of that, ULoop rates ScholarshipOwl as one of the top scholarship websites out there today. It is obvious that ScholarshipOwl is popular not only among different companies and websites, but also by its members. Scholarships are a godsend by the financial gods for students looking for financial assistance when applying for college. ScholarshipOwl wants to keep their image as one the best scholarships online.  ​They do this by making sure their members are receiving invitations for scholarships and help students fill out their applications. Secondly, they continue to update their site, and offer more and more scholarships to members.

Payment? I Thought It Was Free?

Additional fee's can come about after you utilize their website for long enough. Although they do offer a free trial, you may have to end up paying for the surface. Payment for the service is on a three month basis, charging $15 per month. If you cannot find a schoalrship during your free trial, but still wan the oppourtunity to find and apply for scholarships, you may have to pay for this. 

One question you may ask yourself is this; "why should I be paying for a service that finds you scholarships? I clearly am already looking for money, what makes you think I have money for this?" Well, there is a old saying that goes like this: you have to spend money to make money. Yes, $45 may seem like a good chunck of change, but it may be worth it if you end up getting a $1000 scholarship, and at that point you are netting $955, which you can use for books, tuition, housing, anything!

Should I Sign Up For ScholarshipOwl

Why Not Join ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is a great site to use to find scholarships to help lessen that inevitable financial blow of attending college. They are one of the biggest scholarship finding websites on the internet, and come highly recommended from counselors and teachers in high school all over the country. There is absolutely no negatives to joining this website. ScholarshipOwl's goal is to connect students to scholarships that they would not be able to normally find. They do a great job with this, and receive hundreds and hundreds of applications a day. So get to it, and start applying for scholarships. Because if you don't you will regret it down the road when you are neck deep in loans that you could have avoided by receiving some extra cash through scholarships.

In addition to scholarships, a great way for students to earn money online is through surveys. Check out out reviews on Top 20 Paid Surveys Sites For 2017 to make some extra cash. College is expensive, so might as well make as much money on the side as you can to help pad your bank account. Therefore you can receive money from scholarships to help pay for school, all while getting money online to help pay for that new pair of sneakers, or a weekend trip to see some friends. 

In Addition To....

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