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ScholarshipPoints Is it a Legitimate Site?

There are hundreds of websites that offer scholarships for students to attend college. Why so many, one may ask? Because there is demand for them. With college getting more and more expensive, students are finding it more of a financial burden to attend. Therefore they seek out scholarships to help pay for their education. ScholarshipPoints is no different than other scholarship websites; they offer their members to win scholarships for school. Since college is so expensive, ScholarshipPoints draws a lot of new members each year seeking out scholarships. 

What is ScholarshipPoints?

ScholarshipPoints is a online website that offers scholarships to students to help pay for college. However, although they are a scholarship website, they are different than other sites. For example, a site like ScholarshipOwl has scholarships on their site ready for students to fill out. These scholarships are from businesses and companies looking to help give out scholarships. What makes ScholarshipPoints different from others, is that the only scholarships that they offer are from the site itself. They do not have other people advertising their scholarships on their site, nor is it a site where students can browse hundreds and hundreds of potential scholarship opportunities. Instead, they give out up to $750,000 in scholarships from their own pocket each year to their members.

How Does it Work?​

With a website like ScholarshipPoints offering their own scholarships, one has to ask; How Can They Pay For That? The answer is surveys, games, and advertisements. What is unique about ScholarshipPoints is that they, at the core, are a online market research company. Their members can take surveys, play games, and read advertisers emails to earn points. These points can then be used to enter into scholarship drawings. There is no essays to write, or complex user profiles to fill out. Members just have to take surveys online, play games on the website, and read articles and emails to get entry into scholarship drawings. 

How to Join

Joining is easy for perspective college students. They website is easily navigated to ensure that potential members find the sign-up page quickly and easily. Once you have put in your name, email, age, ​and year in school, you are on your way to becoming a member. 

Once you are in, you can start taking surveys, reading articles, and playing games to earn points (hence the name: ScholarshipPoints.) Just by signing up you are automatically thrown into a drawing for a $10,000 scholarship. In addition to that, there are scholarships that come out every month or so that offer $1000, that if you have taken a few surveys, will have enough points to enter.​ ScholarshipPoints is killing two birds with one stone here: getting young students opinions on products through surveys, boosting traffic on their website and articles, as well as giving out money to those that could use it in the form of scholarships. 

ScholarshipPoints Website

In addition to offering surveys and scholarships on their website, what is unique about ScholarshipOwl is that they have their own content and articles to read while your their. They have a Campus Life section where students can read articles written by other students on college. These articles range from tips to getting your classes, to pieces on real world news. What is cool about these is that you can learn about college life all while earning points to spend on survey entries. 

Campus Life On SchoalrshipPoints

Should I Sign Up?

ScholarshipPoints is a great websites for perspective college students looking for some financial help in paying for college. They have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to their members in the past, are a tried and true legit scholarship site. However, the only downside to the site is that you have to take surveys in order to be entered in to scholarship drawings. This means that students do not have the freedom to apply to many different scholarships at once. Instead, they have to take a survey just to apply to one, which can be seen as a waste of time. Other sites, like ScholarshipOwl, do not require surveys. In addition, ScholarshipPoints only has a set amount of money they can give away in scholarships, and a set amount of scholarships available. 

In my opinion, if you are looking for a scholarship site that has hundreds of scholarships available that are worth more and do not require surveys, check out ScholarshipOwl. However, if ScholarshipPoints got you thinking about survey sites that pay members, I also have a solution for that. We have reviewed the Top Paid Survey Sites , many of which are featured on ScholarshipOwl. However, when you take surveys on ScholarshipPoints, you don't receive cash, just points for scholarships. On the websites, you can get paid out via Pay-Pal, or cash your earnings for gift cards, and products online. 

More Ways To Earn

Scholarships are a great way to save money on college. However, although you receive money, it is not tangible. You cannot cash-out scholarships on Pay-Pal to spend on anything. Yes, you are saving money, meaning you can spend that saved money on anything. However, wouldn't you also like to earn money online? Like I mentioned earlier, survey sites are a great way to do this. Building a secondary/passive income is easier than ever now that there are thousands of websites out there that you can join and earn money on. 

Since there are so many sites out there, it can be pretty easy to drown in websites, reviews, and emails from multiple sites. Here at Surveyswonk, we take it upon ourselves to review many of these sites, specifically top sites, and give honest, up to date reviews. Check out our blog, where we have reviewed over 50+ unique money making opportunities online. These unique sites span from survey sites like Swagbucks and ​Mindswarms to cash-back sites like Mr. Rebates. In addition to that, we have reviewed Multi Level Marketing Companies, debunking the myths that they all are pyramid schemes. 

Now, if you are really interested, take a look at some of the reviews.  Joining a site where you give your information to, and earn money from, is like buying a car. That is a extreme metaphor, but follow me through it. You wouldn't buy a car without knowing everything about it; warranty, add-ons, price, mileage, etc. With that said, you don't want to join a site without knowing as much as you can about it; privacy policy, pay out, ways to earn, etc. Our blog is a great resource where you can find all that information in the same place. So, get out there, and start making money from home on your own time.

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ScholarshipPoints offers survey takers a unique way to earn extra money towards an education. Compared to other options on the market, however, ScholarshipPoints lacks in variety of ways to earn and get paid. If you are seeking a higher return on investment we recommend that you look at the other top picks outlined on our homepage.

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