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Screenwise Trends Now Rebranded as Cross Media Panel.

Do you enjoy making money? Obviously you do, otherwise you would not be reading survey site reviews. Survey sites are a great way to make a couple extra dollars everyday just by sitting on your computer. What's great about these kinds of sites is that anyone can join. There is usually no age requirements; as long as you're over the age of 13 or so. A great site that used to exist was called Screenwise Trends. They were a online market research website that monitored users internet habits and offered surveys as well. Now they have become Cross Media Panel. However, they did not go out of business, they just made some improvements to the site. You can check out our review on Cross Media Panel here, or keep reading to learn more about what Screenwise was, improvements they made, and more imformation about Cross Media Panel. 

What Was Screenwise Trends?

Screenwise Trends was a online company that worked with Google to track its members search habits. They developed a browser extension that you downloaded on chrome, which would run on the background while you were using Google Chrome. The obvious question of course is it was safe. The browser extension would not interfere with your browsing, nor would it keep any information attache to your name. All data it got was stored completely anonymously.

Why Do They No Longer Exist?

Screenwise Trends was rebranded as Cross Media Panel. Cross Media Panel is a company that is owned by Google, therefore it basically is a extension of Google. It does the same thing that Screenwise Trends did, just with some improvements. In addition to running in the background while you are browsing the internet, they offer promotions and surveys so members can maximize their earnings while online. Along with that, they joined Google, a monster company, to effectively and efficiently analyze data

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What Kind of Information Are They Looking For?

Cross Media Panel is looking at your search habits while on Google Chrome. Specifically, they are collecting data on when people are surfing the web, how long they stay on pages, and what applications they use and download. This is great data for companies to have because they will be able to advertise better if they understand their consumers search habits. It is a positive for you as well because than advertisements will be more effectively placed on the internet, as well as how long they are there for. For example, If you are searching through the internet, and find a website that has a advertisement on it, usually if it is too long you exit out. Companies will see this, and shorten advertisements in order to keep you from exiting out of the page. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is made weekly to users of Cross Media Panel. Members get paid $1 per device a week. In addition to that, you can set up multiple devices on the website, and get paid extra cash for each one you use. Therefore, if you have a multiple devices, and register all three, you can earn more money per week.

Want More?

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