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Shipt Delivery Review: Is it Worth It?

The internet has revolutionized the world of shopping as we know it. Nowadays you don't have to leave the comforts of your own home to make a purchase. The internet has become one big shopping mall where one can purchase electronics, rare books, and even groceries, all at the touch of one's fingertips.

Many people would consider going to the grocery store to be a harrowing but necessary task. Some don't find the time or find long lines to be intimidating. There are various services out there where someone will do the shopping for you and deliver the groceries right at your door and on the same day. Shipt is one such grocery based delivery service that allows customers to go grocery shopping in the convenience of their own home. It is convenient, easy to use, and free to join as a shopper if you want to make money on the app.

Join Shipt

Shipt in a Nutshell

Shipt is an online service where customers can send personal shoppers to do the shopping for them in local supermarkets or even liquor stores. The grocery based service promises to deliver the goods within the same day (with four hours notice).

Shoppers can avail of the service by becoming a member, by either paying an annual membership of $99 or a monthly membership fee of $14. The membership fee includes unlimited deliveries. However, the membership covers the delivery, and if you wish to tip, you can do so on your own.

How to Make a Purchase with Shipt

Those who are familiar with online shopping will find the interface to be a breeze as one can view the supermarket's inventory, which would include items that are on sale. Like any e-commerce site, one can simply choose from a variety of items on sale.

Shoppers have an option of choosing a delivery time for their groceries whether it is on the same day or the next day. Members can then pay for their purchases via credit card, which gets uploaded to a Shipt card.

How To Work With Shipt

I have talked about how Shipt works from the ordering side, but now let’s talk about how Shipt works from the shopper perspective. As an employee for Shipt, you are under the realm of Independent Contractor, meaning you work on your schedule and get paid per contract, or order that you fulfill. There are some requirements to working for Shipt, but they are not outrageous.

How Does A Shopper Pay?

Shoppers pay for groceries with a pre-paid card that Shipt gives them, that the customer loads money on before each time they request food. This payment plan eliminates any discrepancies in cost of groceries, and how much is being paid by the customer ordering the groceries. On top of this, it takes the responsibility away from the shopper, and puts it on the customer, because after all, they are the one that is getting the food.

Making Money On Shipt

So now you know how it works, and how you pay for groceries, let’s talk about how you get paid. Shoppers get paid via direct deposit on Friday for all work done in the past Monday-Sunday. Payment is made per order you complete, which usually takes around one hour, and pays $22 per hour.  This is by far one of the highest per hour rates of all the opportunities we have reviewed far eclipsing other high paying programs.


Since tax-day just passed us, I might as well add this little section about paying taxes on your income from Shipt. Since you are an independent contractor, your paychecks will not be taxed. Instead, you will have to fill out a 1099 form during tax season, if you make over a certain amount of money.

What Shipt Is



One of the great things about Shipt is the convenience it brings to many of its shoppers. Once customers purchase via the app, the groceries will be delivered to their front door on the same day! Granted, you have to give them a four-hour notice, but if you don’t mind waiting four hours, why not use the app to purchase groceries.

Save Money

Another Pro is that you can save money shopping on Shipt by searching all the deals and BOGO items at the grocery store. Where do you find these deals while shopping online on the app? Well, the “On Sale Today” banner is right across the center of the app, so unless you are very distracted when opening the app, you will find all the items that are discounted.


A pro for shoppers is that you are free to set your schedule. Flexibility in schedule is an excellent pro for working from home or using Shipt as an app to earn you a secondary income.



Although there are many Pro’s to shopping or working for Shipt, there are some cons as well. One of these cons is that there is a membership fee. Many people opt out of using Shipt because they say, “Well, I can get my damn groceries, why would I pay $14 a month to save myself a 20 minute trip to the store?”

Well, if that is you, take advantage of deals on the app such as $5 off your total order, or half-priced peanuts if you order in the next 30 minutes, to make up for that membership fee.  Remember you are paying or a service so there will be a premium.  Many have compared Shipt as an alternative to popular services such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron.

Higher Prices

Higher prices may also pop up, and this is most certainly a Con. People have complained that Shipt prices items higher than the stores do, to make up for the cost of paying drivers to shop and deliver the food to you. This fact is not made clear in the app, which is why it infuriates many customers.

Hassle Shopping

Now, let’s talk about the cons when it comes to working. The major con is that you are a personal shopper for someone, and that may feel annoying at times. What times may you ask? The times I am talking about is when an item is not available, and the person wrote in the comments section, “If wheat bread is not available, please find me gluten free bread that is under $6.00 a loaf.” Next thing you know you are now walking around the store like a chicken with your head cut off looking for a hyper-specific item for a customer.

Low Demand

Another con for working for Shipt is that you may not get a lot of orders when on the app. Since the app is relatively young, and not many people know about it, it is not a very popular form of home delivery. Therefore, since there is not a ton of people using Shipt to get their groceries delivered, as a shopper, you will not find yourself very busy. If you are not busy, you will not make a lot of money.


If you are looking for a way to get your groceries delivered to you and save gas money as well as your time, you should check out Shipt. Shipt is a unique app that has revolutionized the shopping experience and has put it all online. However, if you are on this site to look for ways to make money online, then you too might want to check out Shipt.

It should be noted that you may not make a lot of money on the site. Yes, $22/hour is an excellent wage, but if you only shop twice a week because there is not that much demand for shoppers, then it might not be worth your time.

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