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ShopKick Cheats Review: Can I Make Money?

Do you find yourself sitting at home looking for ways to make some extra money? Well, if that sounds like you, you have come to the right place. Here we have reviewed over 50 money making websites online, weighing pro’s, con’s, cost, and rewards. One of the best ways we have found is through online survey sites. Our Top Money Making Sites feature great survey sites that get you paid for taking quick surveys online. Some awesome ones we have found and reviewed are Swagbucks and iRazoo. You can't go wrong with those, and many others we review, when it comes to making some money online. However, here we have a new opportunity; through shopping. Shopkick takes what you already do, shop, and turns it into a reward system. Now you can earn rewards just for walking into stores, finding items, and checking out.

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What Is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a website that rewards you for shopping at certain stores, and finding specific items. On top that of that, they also give you rewards for watching videos on their app for stores and products. Now, one has to wonder, "How does this make sense? How can I get paid just for going to stores and shopping? Where does Shopkick get their money?" Well, Shopkick operates using a platform for engaging shoppers while in the store. They have developed something called shop-beacon, a Bluetooth device that shop owners can place throughout their store. This then gives stats to owners when someone with the Shopkick app engages in the product that the beacon is placed near.

Store owners join the shop beacon trend, and then have access to data from shoppers that have the app while in the store. Furthermore, since people get incentives with the app to visit stores, store owners get more foot traffic, and customer engagement in specific products.

How To Join Shop Kicks

Join through the app store

Joining is free and easy. All you have to do is download the app through the Apple App Store, or Google Play. After you do this, all you have to do is create an account, and start visiting stores. It currently is available all around the United States, and works with any sort of phone that has apps and a Bluetooth option. To start using it, open the app up, turn on Bluetooth, and stores that use the app and shop beacon will pop up. After you have found a store, you can go to it and start earning rewards for shopping there.

Ways To Earn:

There are multiple ways to earn rewards (called kicks) on the app. For starters, you get 30-100 points just for entering a store. This usually takes a few seconds, meaning that you might have to stand at the front door for a couple of seconds for your phone to register your location, and connect to Shopkick. Another way to earn kicks is by finding items in the store. In addition to that, you can earn money by purchasing products, and connecting a card to your account. More about all of these different ways to earn below.

Kicks For Visiting A Store

Kicks for visting a store

Like I state earlier, you can get kicks just by going to participating stores. On the app, it will tell you all the stores in your area that offer kicks for visiting them. Here you can pick and choose where you want to shop, weighing the kicks value of each one. These stores may be different than ones that you frequently visit, but they are in all sorts of categories. Stores featured on the app range from clothing, to department stores, to grocery stores. Therefore, if you are about to go shopping, chances are one of the stores you are going to will offer kicks for visiting it.

Kicks For Finding Items

Kicks for finding items

Each store has specific items that you can scan for kicks. These items are usually spread throughout the store, to get you to walk around. After all, the app is used by stores to increase foot traffic, and product awareness. Once you find a item, you scan the barcode, and kicks are added to your account.

Kicks For Connecting A Card

Connect a card on the app to earn more kicks

The app has a page where you can add a credit card too it. No, it will not take your information, they are clear about that in their privacy policy. Furthermore, if you use the card to purchase items from the store, the app will get a notification, and reward you kicks for how much you spend. Bigger purchases equal more points; smaller purchases mean less points. You get the drift here. However, when purchasing items, users have to select credit. Even if the card is a debit, you can still run it as credit. This will not affect your credit statement, as the money is already on the card, since it’s a debit card. The app only recognizes credit cards, which is why you have to do this.

Kicks For Receipts

Save receipts and snap picture for kicks
Enter receipt after purchasing items with pink flags

At certain stores, there are KickBate items. These are items that are sponsored on the app, and are sold in the store. You can view a list of items that are KickBate items on the app; they will have pink flags on them. Once you purchase any KickBate items, you take a picture of your receipt, and put it in the app. You will then receive kicks for purchasing one of the sponsored items on the app.

Kicks For Referring Friends

Refer a friends to earn kicks

And finally, there are kicks for referring friends to use the app. This is a great promotion that many other online sites use. Friend refferels boost the community of the app because there are no better advertisers than people themselves. Furthmore, Shopkick strives to create a community, therefore the more the merrier. Kicks for referring friends is one of the easiest ways to earn kicks because you don’t have to do anything. Once a friend starts using the app, you get a kick bonus just for the referral. In addition to that, you get half of what your referral earns for the first two weeks. Therefore, if you know someone who shops all the time, and is very interested in this kind of app, refer them to boost your earnings. It may sound scummy to exploit your friends, but they can do the same thing! Next thing you know, all of your friends are on the app, and you can go shopping together to earn kicks.

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Cheat The System:

​Now that I have told you all the ways you can earn through the app, now its time to look at how we can cheat it too earn more for doing less work. Of course people that use these sites are looking to make the most money for the least amount of effort. For a app like Shopkick, the best way to earn some extra kicks would require you to drive around a bit. If you have the time, you can drive to all the stores near you that offer points and visit them for a few minutes. All you would have to do is get the points for visiting the store, walk around and scan some items, and then take off. If you do this for enough stores in a day, you can make a good amount of kicks.

This is of course completely up to you, and depends on how much you value your time. If it is worth a few hours of driving around just to get a few bucks, then go for it. Otherwise, its best to just stick to the simple ways, use the app how its supposed to use, and buy goods at your stores while earning kicks. 

How To Redeem Kicks?

Here is the juicy part. How much is each kick? Kicks are .4 cents each. Therefore in order to get $5 you need to earn 1250 kicks. This may seem like a daunting number, but with so many ways to earn kicks, it can be easy to attain. Most people wait till they get to the $5 threshold to start cashing out, however there are lower options. The lowest you can cash-out at is 500 kicks, which is $2. With that there a few stores that you can get gift cards.

What Can I Redeem My Kicks For?

Yes. Good question. Kicks can be redeemed for giftcards through the site. Giftcards are for most stores you can think of. The lower $5 gift cards are for retail and food. You can cash-out for a papa johns gift card, one for target, fandango, and dozens more. However, if you are a user that saves kicks for months, and get into the $300 kick threshold, there are some bigger options. For example, there are $300 giftcards to Tiffany’s and Kate Spade. Basically, whatever you are looking for in a gift card, chances are you can cash-out your kicks for it.

Gift Cards For Kicks


There are many pro’s to downloading the app and becoming a Shopkick user. For starters, it is a safe app that keeps your information protected. More about that in the Pravacy section. Furthermore, as stated earlier, there are multiple ways to earn. Becauce there are so many ways, one trip can get you in return a good amount of Shopkick. On top of that, there are multiple different kind of giftcards you can cash-out for. Whatever kind of card youre looking for, shop kick has. Lastly, there is no cost in joining. Therefore there is no risk if you don’t like the app.

  • Safe
  • Multiple Ways To EArn
  • Multiple Ways To Cash Out (Gift Cards)
  • No Cost, No Risk


Now it’s time to look at the cons for the app. Although there are many pros, you should decide if the cons outweigh those while making a decision. For one, the kicks you receive for specific task are low in the long run. I say in the long run because although you may be accumulating hundreds of kicks, since they are only .4 cents, it can be tough to get a lot of money through them. Another con people that are well versed in online money making opportunities are drawn back from is the fact that there is no pay-pal option. That means that even though you get money for earning kicks, you are locked into a gift card to a specific store. This can be a deterrent for people that want to earn real money that they can deposit into their bank account.

  • Kicks Are Low
  • Cash-Out Only Available for Gift Cards
  • May Seem Out Of Your Way To Go To Specific Stores

​Shopkick Privacy

Shopkick is a safe site. They will not sell your information to third party companies, nor will they share it publically. There are some concerns by users because they track your spending habits and card, but that can all be debunked in the privacy section. Although they see your transactions, they do not use that information to solicit goods to you, or spam you account with advertisements.

Bottom Line:

Shopkick is a cool app people it pairs bluetooth technology with businesses to offer incentives for customers to visit their store. These incentives can be cashed out for gift cards, which is always a plus. additionally, people already shop, so why not earn some extra cash while you do. Although there are ways to cheat the system to earn more points, there are both pros and cons to that. As I stated earlier, it all depends on how much you value your time. If you are okey with driving around all day and scanning items, while not purchasing anything, then by all means, earn those kicks. However, for many people, shopping is a "get in-get out" activity. Therefore it wouldn't make sense to go to multiple stores to get items just because you can earn some more kicks.

What I am trying to say here is this; Shopkick is worth it if you aren't relying on it for extra money. Yes, you will earn gift-cards, but not a lot. If you are try to look for a online activity that earns you real cash in a small amount of time, I have the answer. We have reviewed the Top Survey Sites, and over 72 other online money making opportunities, to earn you cash at home. 

More Ways To Earn Money From Home

In addition to Multi Level Marketing companies, we have looked at many other unique websites, one being Mr. Rebates. With Mr. Rebates, you can earn money by shopping online at your favorite stores. Members earn cash-back on their purchases at certain stores online; as long as you go through Mr. Rebates. Your purchasing information is kept secret, and their privacy policy assures members that they will not be spammed with coupons to purchase specific products.

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