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Shoptracker Review: Earn $$$ to Shop on Amazon

Do you shop online? More specifically, do you shop on Amazon? If you do, you are going to want to keep reading this. Shoptracker is a basic site and app that pays you for your Amazon receipt. Who knew earning money could be so easy? All you have to do is shop on Amazon, capture your receipt, and send it in. It is a great way to earn a couple extra bucks a year, and its free, so no risk involved.

Shoptracker and Harrispoll

About Shoptracker

Shop Tracker is a online website and app that is part of a bigger company called Harris Poll. Harris Poll is a online market research company that pays its members in exchange for surveys and other short polls. It is a community driven site where companies disseminate surveys randomly to the members of the site. ShopTracker is part of Harris Poll because they conduct market research on peoples spending habits on online stores such as Amazon.


How To Sign Up

Signing up is quick and easy. Their website is pretty straightforward, so navigating it wont be a issue. The only personal information they ask is your name, email, age, and address. This is to know your demographic, where you are from, etc etc. After you are signed into your account, you will be redirected to take a quick survey, conducted by Harris Poll. There are no wrong answers for this survey, so just answer them as accurately as possible. These questions are primarily about Amazon; how many accounts you have, how often you use Amazon, and what kind of account you have.

Getting Started

After you have finished the question, you will receive a alert that you won $3! Look at that, all you had to do was answer a few questions, and you get $3. After that, you will have to download the app onto your phone, computer, or any other device that has internet. It is very easy, and does not take up much space. Once you have the app, it will automatically sync with your Amazon account.

Is It Safe​?

Absolutely. The little personal information they recive from you when signing up is kept safe. Furthermore, your spending habits are not made public, nor are they attached to your name specifically. The only information that matters is your Amazon account and email, because that is where you will receive notifications about offers, as well as receive gift cards monthly.

How Much Can I Earn?

I should preface this section with a disclaimer. You will not earn a lot of money with this site. If you are looking for websites where you can earn a legitimate amount of money, may I recommend checking out our Top 20 Paid Survey Sites. There you will find sites where you can begin to build a secondary/passive income on. However, although you will not make a lot of money on this site, you still can earn a couple extra bucks a month.

After the intial $3 you earn for signing up for the site, you can earn extra cash monthly. Each month you can earn another $3 depending on how many Amazon purchases you make. They are not affiliated with Amazon, so it does not matter how much money you spend on the site. Like other product research companies they are just looking at peoples spending habits. Your personal purchase history is a goldmine for marketers looking to retarget across multiple channels. 

Most people that use the app achieve the minimum amount of orders to receive the $3.  A high number of purchases is required to earn more from the platform.  So hold back on the credit card, buying more items on Amazon will not guarantee you a higher payout from the platform. 

Should I Join Shopkick

There is two parts to this question. For one, if you want to earn a couple extra bucks a month, for basically doing nothing new, you should sign up for this site. If you already shop on Amazon, why not sign up and earn a couple of bucks a month for doing something you already do. I also recommend signing up for other sites as well to build up income. Pairing other sites with this one will increase your earnings each month. Secondly, this is a great site to join  because it is proven to be legitimate. They are part of Harris Poll, which is a very prominent site when it comes to market research.  The largest downside of the site is limited rewards but as we mentioned the program should be treated as a passive income stream that requires zero time outside of the initial install. 

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