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Smart Panel Review: Legit or a Scam?

Smart Panel is a project of market research that is run by the company Verto Analytics. The members of this panel are a group of elite and digital users of the media. They claim to hold techniques and opinions that influence the way we use apps and technology in everyday life. The Smart App runs silently in the background of the user's devices, anonymously and securely measuring the way you use your device. Exclusive registration is done through invitation only.

How does Smart Panel Work?

Verto Analytics does exactly as the name suggests, collecting data and subsequently selling it to large analytic companies and corporations. In Smart Panel, an individual is paid to register and install software onto their devices. Not everyone qualifies for the surveys but the moment you register to join, you will be asked about the type of devices you have and how many of them you use. Once accepted, you will then have the option to add the software to each of your devices, which will earn you $5 each. You can claim your reward after all the devices you own are synced with the software, a process that takes 30 days.

How To Earn Cash on Smart Panel

To earn rewards, the app has to be installed and remain active on at least one device per the device category you own. You will earn $5 for just qualifying, another $5 for every installed month after that and a loyalty bonus every three months. Once the app has been installed and has been active continuously on all your devices for a minimum of 30 days, you can redeem your rewards. However, you can not be able to receive your monthly incentive if your device has been re-sending data. They also offer a loyalty bonus to members who have been there for a while – an extra $10 after 6 months and $15 after every three months thereafter. Redeeming of rewards can be done through Amazon or Pay Pal.

The potential rewards for one device are stated below: 

  • $110 for 12 months.
  • $170 for 18 months.
  • $230 for 24 months. 

Special Features of the Platform

A Better Digital World

Anonymous statistics collected from the smart panel help your favorite websites, technology companies and apps improve their features and services for everyone. This data is used to influence new technology and features that come out with updates. It's really cool to think that your behavior could shape the future of technology!

An Elite Community

Every member of the platform cares about how things work and operate. The feedback they give is indispensable to the people that are in charge of making things work. By signing in the smart panel, you become part of this community. Make sure to give honest and thoughtful feedback, those violating these rules can be kicked off the platform.


Among the many means of earning points that the smart panel offers, the referral system crowns it all. This is not a common feature in other paid survey sites, therefore getting a site that has a paid referral program is unique. For every person you refer, you are rewarded with 10% of their earnings for life. The more referrals you have, the better your chances of earning more money!

​A Panel Blog

After you have signed in, you can access an exclusive blog only for registered users. You can be able to browse through some of the many blog posts which are written by other users of Smart Panel. You are also able to access newsletters, which are posted on a monthly basis, containing the very hottest and juicy technology news and other diverse useful reads.

​Online Surveys

Smart Panel regularly sends you online surveys which you as a member, are allowed take periodic participation, which presents you with yet more opportunities for earning more rewards.


  • You can earn money doing very little, just install the app. 
  • You are not locked into any commitment. 
  • Easy way to earn cash doing what you would normally do anyways. 
  • Can be paid via paypal.
  • App is clean and easy to navigate. 
  • Referral program is easy to use and can quickly accumulate rewards.


  • The app could potentially slow down your internet connection. 
  • Some people believe that it interferes with the internet connection such as closing tabs and web pages or not allowing the user to access certain pages on the internet.
  • Qualifying for the surveys can be frustrating. 
  • Compensation for completing tasks is quite low. 
  • You are required to install the app on all devices that you own, but if you do not use your devices regularly, you could be thrown off the platform.
  • You are giving up your privacy to use the app, many people dislike this!

Should You Use Smart Panel?

Apps such as this one are mostly generally criticized for slowing down your internet connection. Though some users deny this, the fact still remains that this is a very common complaint, together with other internet disturbances. There are some other significant customer service issues related to this platform, which has made a lot of users frustrated by this app. However, we can confidently say Smart Panel is not a scam, and it is a good way to make a few extra dollars every month. There are actually a lot of different ways you can make money from this platform, but all of them require some amount of effort. The easiest being simply installing the app and keeping it active on your phone.

If you find yourself in a position where you are constantly not qualifying for surveys, do not be discouraged, there are a lot more options that you can try out. Overall, we would say Smart Panel offers an opportunity to earn money simply by using your phone. Heck who doesn't like making an extra $100+ a year? If you are willing to put up with some potential internet issues, Smart Panel is an easy way to make money.

If you are looking for a much better paid survey option we encourage you to check out Swagbucks or MySurvey.  Both are very good options to earn cash fast.   Our personal review of the Top 20 Online Survey Sites for 2017 also provides excellent information and rankings for anyone looking to get started making money online.  

Other Options

On top of survey sites, there are hundreds of websites out that there can help you earn a secondary/passive income, or just some extra cash on the side. Our blog features many unique oppurtunities to make money online. If you are looking for a survey site, yet don't like answering questions on a web page, try out Mindswarms. Mindswarms is a video based survey site where you record yourself answering questions and using products. This form of surveys is a little more personable, and lets the company truly get a idea of your opinions and reactions of a product. Of course, your video and information is kept safe, and will not be published on the site. In addition to Mindswarms, another great website out there that involves a little more face-time is Product Testing USA. The name tells all; test out product, get paid, keep products after you're down. 

Furthermore, there are Multi Level Marketing sites like Kyani and Protandim. Although the start up cost can be surprising to some, the earning potential is endless. Once you have sold enough product, and gotten enough people working beneath you, you can easily earn a good amount of money each money. It all depends, for this site and other survey sites, how much time you want to dedicate to making money on the side.

Hopefully you find a great site to make some money one. Once you do, you will want to keep going. Might I suggest pairing a couple of sites, meaning joining and using 2 at the same time. The more opportunities you have to make money, the more money you will make. ​And once you have, drop a comment and let us know what worked for you! 


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