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Solavei Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

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There are an infinite amount of ways to make money while online. One of the most popular ways to make money online is survey sites. We have reviewed over 50 sites that you can earn money on from the comfort of your own time. However, this post is about a different way of making money; through a Multi-Level-Marketing program called Solavei. They work by selling mobile data plans and sim cards to users through their affiliation with T-Mobile. On top of that, members can also purchase phones through the company, receiving free sim cards with the purchasing of a new cell phone.

About Solavei

Solavei was started by a businessman named Ryan Wuerch, out of Bellevue, Washington. Wuerch has had a complicated past when it comes to other businesses ventures that he has started and spearheaded, that have ended poorly. I say poorly because they have ended in the plunging of stock prices, as well as lawsuits against him and his company. However, he decided to get into mobile marketing with his new company, Solavei.

Solavei mobile plan

Solavei is a company that sells mobile plans for $49.99, and sim cards for phones for $29.99. The plans are unlimited data, messaging, and voice, which at $49.99 a month, is a pretty sweet gig. Additionally, users can become business partners by becoming a brand partner. Unlike other mobile companies, Solavei does not pay for advertising. They instead recruit people, like yourself, to market the plans to friends and family. Solavei then pays you compensation for every new member that you recruit to purchase a plan.

How Does It Work?

The company is technically a Multi-Level Marketing company. Therefore it works by creating tiers within the business plan. For example, if you purchase a mobile plan, and become a brand ambassador, you will be in control of your tier. Once you have started, you can start recruiting people to purchase the mobile plan. This is very similar to being compensated for the referral of friends on other money making sites.

However, you not only make money off of the people you have recruited, but you also make money off of people they recruit. For example, if you recruit three people, and they each recruit three people, you get a piece of the pie from your immediate recruits, as well as their recruits. I know that sentence was receipt heavy but stay with me here. In this example, you are at tier one, your three friends being tier two, and their niece friends are tier three. The bottom nine kick up money to the second tier, making them money. The second tier then, in turn, kicks money up to you, on the top tier.

how Solavei Works

This is the whole idea behind a Multi-Level Marketing business plan. You make money off of people you have referred, as well as making money off of people they refer to the company. Eventually, if your group gets big enough, you can make a good amount of cash each month.

Multi-Level Marketing

Yes, Multi-Level Marketing has a bad connotation among people as being a “pyramid scheme.” The top %1 reap off the hard work of the lower levels, who do not make nearly as much money as the person above them. Solavei prided itself on not being a pyramid scheme, as they were selling a usable product. However, due to the layout of the business, many people took it as a scheme.

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up, you can become a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors do the marketing and advertising for the company. In return, they get a commission and referral bonus for recruiting new users. It works by forming a multi-tier program in which your recruits can recruit other people. To get paid, you have to have a trio of recruits. What this means, is that you refer three people to sign up for the mobile plan. For getting one trio to sign up, you are rewarded $50. 2 trios of people underneath you; and you get $100. The price per trio goes up as you expand your tiers, earning you $200 for three trios, and $300 for 4.

In addition to the initial payout, you receive $20 per month for every trio that you have. These residual payments are called Path Pay. You get paid more each month for the number of trios that you have underneath you. What this means, is that the more people sign up for the mobile plan, the more you get paid.

How Is This Like A Pyramid Scheme?

Well, if you were to draw out your tier, it would look like a pyramid. This is where the name comes from. You being at the top, and you're recruiting working beneath you. However, another way to join, that screams pyramid scheme is that you can pay a $149 just to get a membership to Solavei. Membership means that you can recruit people without actually purchasing the product. This is one of the fundamental ideas of a pyramid scheme; making money without actually selling a product. Solavei differs from this because they do have the option, which they have based around, of buying the mobile plan.

What Happened?

To cut to the skinny of it, Solavei shut down. CEO Ryan Wuerch released his decision VIA webcast to alert people of the closing of the company. He stated on the website that they could not “reach terms with our current mobile service provider to continue providing quality, cost-effective service to our members.” Wuerch continued to state that the market for mobile service providers is extremely competitive and that they just could not get a stronghold in it.

Solavei had been receiving multiple complaints in the years leading up to Wuerch shutting down the company, due to its pyramid scheme-like business plan. However, through the whole thing, both Wuerch and other heads of the company, repeatedly stated that they were in the means of legality when operating a multi-level marketing company. You can read more here on Geekwire, an online website that covers online companies and technology, as well as provides expert analysis on the technology industry.

Not For You?

Don't worry; we have the solution for you. If you are looking for some money making opportunities online, check out our blog and survey site reviews. Here I, along with a team of experts in the field of saving you time and making you money, have written about over 50 money making opportunities online. We have dived deep into the internet, giving you the insider information on the pro's, con's, and our rankings of sites out there.

More Ways To Earn?

If you are looking for a tier like a program, that is not a pyramid scheme, nor shut down, check out Kyani. Kyani is a company that sells nutritional supplements through their members. By joining you become your supplier/company, and can sell their products. To start, you purchase a package and start selling the products to friend and family. You also can sell the packages to people, who then work a tier below you. This is a great opportunity because it is relatively cheap to start, and is a proven legit Multi-Level Marketing company.

In addition to that, there are survey sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey which can help you start building a secondary/passive income. Members take surveys online through these websites and get compensated for their time. Survey sites are a great way to make some extra money and are taking the internet by storm. Their popularity builds, especially for these two specific sites, due to the member loyalty, and positive comments about their experience with the site.

There are options like these, and many more on our blog. We have taken the time to review more than 50 money making opportunities. Constantly updating the reviews keeps our reviews as true as they can be. So check us out, and start making money from home on your own time!

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