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Survey Club Review: Read Before You Try.

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Making money is so easy nowadays that there are hundreds of online sites that promise you huge pay-days. One of the more popular online money making opportunities is surveys. Businesses pay websites to feature their products, and offer surveys to their members, to get feedback on their business plan, advertising tactics, and overall product. Survey Club is one of these companies. Similar to Swagbucks, and Clear Voice Surveys, Survey Club offers surveys to their members. In turn, you get compensated for taking the survey in the tune of a Pay-Pal pay-out. 

Is it Safe?

Survey Club is a safe site to join. The only information they ask of you is your email, name, and some simple background questions. They are powered by clearly state in their privacy policy that your IP address is anonymous, and you will not be spammed with ads or pop-ups. Furthermore, they have a Anti-Spam policy. Survey Club does not tolerate spam emails, and they will do everything in their power to keep your spam email empty. However, since there are so many other affiliate sites on Surveys Club, you will probably still receive a good amount of emails. Now I know what youre thinking, "You just said they have a Anti-Spam privacy?" Yes, but that is only for their site. When you sign up, the other sites that use Survey Club can still email you with offers and surveys. A good way to avoid all of this clutter in your email is to use a secondary email for the site. 

How Can I Join?

Joining Survey Club is quick and easy. You don't even have to click a tab to join the site; its right on their homepage. All you do is click where you are, and fill out a quick application form. After verifying your email, you are thrown right into the site. There are multiple surveys available everyday, from survey club, and other affiliate survey sites. 

16 million members across the continent

What’s Next?

Once you are in the site, you are free to take as many surveys as you wish, and you qualify for. The site will take your answers from your application questionnaire, and suggest surveys for you due to your demographic, and other information from the questionnaire. On top of that, there is a page with a list of surveys you can take. 

How Survey Club Works

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is made after you take the surveys they are offering. The payment for surveys varies from .50 cents being the lowest, up to a couple of bucks. However, you cannot cash out until you have reached $10. This is a pretty high value if each survey pays somewhere between the .50 cents to $2 mark. Because of this, it may take a while to get to that cash-out level. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

​Earnings are limitless on this site. Never will there be a point where you will get kicked form the site because you have earned too much money. However, the only thing that would limit your earnings is the amount of surveys available at a certain time. Due to there being hundreds of thousands of surveys out there, companies are pretty picky on who they want to take them. If you do not fit into the demographic the company wants taking the survey, you will not qualify for it. In addition to that, there may or may not be any surveys available at a specific time for anyone to take. Many times a company will put a cap on how many people they want taking their survey. Once that number has been reached, the survey will be pulled from the site. 

Why Am I Being Taken To Other Survey Sites?

If you do join, you may find that some of the surveys on Survey Club are on different websites. That basically means that Survey Club is just being a middleman, connecting you to other survey sites. That is why other survey sites can email you through your Survey Club membership.Technically you could have found the surveys on your own, without signing up for Survey Club. There is a piece of mind joining a website that lays it out for you, saving you time. Survey Club will tell you what website the survey is on, so there are no surprises when you click on it, and are taken to a external site. Now the only question is that if it really is worth it? Why not just find the surveys on your own through other survey sites, instead of joining Survey Club? 


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Lots of surveys available


  • Spam email from affiliate sites
  • Some surveys aren't even for Survey Club
  • Small pay-out per survey
  • Cash value of $10 may be too high for what they are offering per survey

Should I use Survey Club?

Survey Club is a great website for people that just want to waste some time online. However, what they are sacrificing is their email inbox (lots of spam from other sites), and their time (low pay-out for surveys.) This may not be the best site for someone that wants to take survey sites online. Instead, you should seek out other survey sites that do not act as middleman, and feature surveys strictly on their site. You can view and read about them here. We have looked at the Top Survey Sites, ranked them, and written reviews outlining the in's and out's of making money online. 

Other Options?

Yes, there are many other options out there. The internet is full of websites that can earn people money from home. We do our best by constantly updating our blog to encapsulate all of these opportunities. Not only have we reviewed more than 50 survey sites, but we also have reviewed the same amount of non survey sites. Sites like Swagbucks and Pinecone Research are at the top of the survey site game when it comes to paying out, pay per survey, and total number of companies using the site to disseminate surveys. However, surveys might not be for everyone.

If you are someone that needs to be a little more active, take a look at Amazon Flex. It is offered in most major cities, but if its not, you can sign up to be the first notified when it comes to your city. Amazon Flex is a new program from Amazon where people sign up to be delivery drivers. No, you do not have to put on a uniform and drive around a truck. Similar to Uber, you get to drive your own car. On top of that, you get to set the days you want to work, and the hours you want to work. ​

Furthermore, we have looked at cash-back sites like Ebates, where you earn cash-back for purchasing online from popular stores. Chance are you might already shop online, so why not earn a percentage of your purchase back? Long story short, we have reviewed a lot of site. So, give us a read, find the site that suits you best, and start making money from home! You will be surprised how much money you can make in a few hours. 

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