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Surveyeah Review: Scam or Legitimate Survey Site?

Online surveys are a very popular, and effective way of conducting market research. With the internet, companies can now reach people from all over the world for research. On top of that, they can specify the region they are looking for data in, the demographic, sex, age, average income, etc. Survey sites are all over the internet, asking for members to take surveys in exchange for a couple of bucks. Trust us, we know a thing or two about surveys. Check out our Top Paid Online Survey Sites to see our favorites. However, this isn’t about us, it’s about a survey site called Surveyeah.

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Surveyeah is based out of Milan, and started in 2014. They conduct research in 53 different countries, so chances are you can sign up wherever you are reading this from. They work with international business groups to conduct surveys on their products and experiences all over the world.

How Surveyeah Works

Signing up is quick and easy. Once you are all signed up, you will start receiving surveys in your email. These surveys are from major companies and corporations that you probably are already aware of. For example, if Toyota is thinking about unveiling a new touch assist screen, they will send out surveys asking people what they like and don’t like in a navigation system. Another example is if Kraft wants to open a new line of pasta. They will then send out surveys talking about already existing products, and new names for products they might want to start selling.

These surveys help companies research their consumers and marketplace on the drop of a dime, in mere seconds online. The more feedback they receive, the better prepared they are to start production of a new product, or offer a new service.


Payment for surveys ranges from .50 cents, to $2.00, and their equivalent in countries that have other forms of currency. This figure seems to be the baseline for many survey sites. If you are looking for other sites that may pay out a little more, may I suggest Swagbucks or MySurvey.

Survey Frequency

Members can generally expect to receive 2-4 surveys a month. This is a small number, due to Surveyeah being such a young company. One can expect more surveys per month with a larger company.


Ah, yes, the pay-out. This usually is the first-place people look when reading reviews. How can I get my money? Well, it’s a good thing you asked. Surveyeah pay’s their members in gift cards to Amazon, or directly deposits cash into your pay-pal. The minimum value for both of these options are $10, therefore it may take a while to have enough money in your account to cash-out.

Pay-Out Options

Bottom Line:

In all honestly, Surveyeah may not be the best site for you. They do not pay-out a lot per survey, and reaching that $10 minimum cash out value can prove to be tough a challenge. However, do not get down on yourself, there are other options out there. Check out Survey Site Reviews Page to find over 75 other survey sites. In addition to survey sites, check out our blog for unique money making opportunities that can range from product testing to working for a Multi-Level Marketing company.

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