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Surveysavvy Review: Real or Fake Survey Site?

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Companies are constantly conducting surveys and tests to see what their consumers like, and dislike about their products. Recently, due to the explosion of the internet, online survey sites have been a vital part to consumer research. SurveySavvy knows all about this. They have been around since 1999, so they have seen how big of a affect internet surveys have become on companies and their products. As well as being around for a while, they are part of a bigger company, Luth Research, so they have credibility and clientele. On top of that, they think similarly to many other survey sites; why not pay people for their opinions? This site is one where you can get real cash just by answering survey questions. 

How Does It Work?

SurveySavvy works by recording its members answers to surveys. They then send these answers to the companies that requested their survey be conducted, and that information is used by companies to improve products and experiences. Additionally, these companies use sites like SurveySavvy to get a wide variety of opinions from people across all demographics. Companies pay a fee to the site for posting their survey, and that money in turn gets sent to you, their member, for compensation in taking surveys. 

How To Join?

Joining is quick and easy. To start, you just have to view their website and start a profile. After filling out some basic questions, you will go to your email to verify your account. Once you have verified your account, you will fill out a quick profile questionnaire. The reason the sites requests more information about you is so that they can send you surveys when companies are looking for the specific demographic that you fall under. ​Finally, you are all set up to start taking surveys. Surveys will be sent to you via email, where you can complete them on the site through the link.

Multiple Ways To Earn

Here we go; time to talk about making some real money. For starters, there are a few ways that you can make money on the website. ​

  • Taking Online Surveys. Companies will pay for their surveys to be featured, and the website will give those to you to take. Surveys range from $1 to $10, and the compensation will be outlined in the email you receive. 
  • Referrals. More about this can be viewed below, because it is pretty cool, and unique from other survey sites. 
  • SavvyConnect. SavvyConnect is a cool way to turn your internet browsing into cash
How To Make Money


SurveySavvy works on a 2 tiered referral program. It is 2 tiered because you not only get compensated for your referrals joining, but also compensated for referrals of your referrals. It's complicated, I know. But think of it this way; if you refer your friend, you get paid. Now if your friend were to refer someone, you friend would get paid, like how you got paid. However, since you were the one to refer your friend, who is now referring people, you get a kick back of that compensation. Cool, right? You can literally just refer people to SurveySavvy and make money off of them doing the same thing. ​

What is SavvyConnect?

SurveyConnect is a online growing software that SurveySavvy started that monitors your internet history. They gather viewing habits, and search engine activity, and send that to companies. This is a very lucrative business because companies are always looking at internet trends and patterns, and your searches can help them collect data. Of course this software can be turned off, and the company cannot view your information if it is turned off, or if you are in incognito mode. ​This is to ease the minds of those that do not trust browser monitoring software. With hackers in todays age, many people do not trust such companies to monitor their searches. However, in SurveySavvy's privacy policy, they state that your information is kept safe. 

Is SurveySavvy safe?

Absolutely. Being that they are part of a bigger company, Luth Research, they follow the guidelines their parent company has. They quote in their privacy setting that, "Luth Research meets or exceeds industry standards regarding electronic data security." Furthermore, in their privacy setting, you can read that your information is not used, or sold to other companies, and everything is kept anonymous. This is important for a site like this, where you have the option to have them track your internet habits. ​Like mentioned early, they want to make sure you feel safe using their website. They would not be a good website, or even still be around. if they get hacked. The fact that they are still operating, and thriving, is a testament to how safe their site is. 


There​ are a lot of positive things to take away from SurveySavvy, from both sides of the surveys; those giving it, and those receiving it. For one, SurveySavvy cares about their members opinions, and because of that may reward you up to $10 for your answers. Additionally, with so many ways to earn, making money can be quite easy. Along with making money, SurveySavvy also wants to better your viewing experience online, which is why SavvyConnect is such a great idea. They send your habits to companies that in turn fix confusing webpages or cut down on intrusive advertisements that you click out of. 



Multiple Ways to Earn Money

Low Pay Out For Each Survey

Keeps Information Safe

Pay In Checks

Help Companies in More Way's

May Seem Intrusive 


However, there are some cons to SurveySavvy. To start off, although some surveys can pay-out up to $10 dollars, according to members; those are few and far between. Secondly, some may view SurveySavvy as invading their personal space a little bit with offering SavvyConnect. This can be a deal breaker because although it may be helpful to companies, people may view it as being nosey and obtaining information that they don't need. Furthermore, the biggest downside is that they pay via check. Many of the premium survey sites like Mintvine or Swagbucks offer multiple ways to get paid.  Members can cash out anytime after they get at least $1. Then, in 4-5 weeks, you will receive a check in the mail. The wait period sometimes isn't always worth the measly pay-out you get. 

Bottom Line:

In Conclusion, there are both positives and negatives to becoming a member. Overall, if you really want to earn some cash, you have to be ok with downloading SavvyConnect. Yea, you can take surveys and refer friends and family, but that will not make enough to have a affect. Allowing your internet habits be monitored, and sent to companies, will help you make some serious change. Then again, if that is not you, do not fret. Check out our reviews on the Top 20 Paid Survey Sites for 2017 to make some serious dough online. 

Extra Cash?

If you are looking for some more ways to earn extra money online. Here at Surveyswonk we have a blog that we are constantly updating with brand new money making opportunities. These range from more survey sites, to shopping sites, to even sites where you watch videos for rewards. It is a great resource to utilize when searching for ways to earn a secondary/passive income online. 

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