Swagbucks Codes - Where To Get Free Codes That Have Not Expired

Swagbucks Codes – Where To Get Free Codes That Have Not Expired

If you're an active member of swagbucks.com, you've no doubt seen hints at the opportunity to redeem Swagbucks codes (sometimes referred to as “Swag codes”), and you may be wondering what that means. In this guide, we're going to unveil the mystery behind these seemingly elusive codes so you can cash in on free money through your Swagbucks account.

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What Is A Swagbucks Code (aka “Swag Code”)?

A Swagbucks code is simply a special promotional code that can be redeemed for points, which can, in turn, be converted into a gift card or other rewards. The purpose of these codes is to reward loyal members who follow Swagbucks on their website, social media, and their mobile app.

What Does a Swag Code Look Like?

Before you go out and try to earn these codes, you should know what they look like. That way you can spot them when they're presented to you.

While each code is unique, they are always composed of simple letters and numbers, and it's always one word (i.e., no spaces), but it's usually several words run together. For example, one day around Valentine's Day, the posted the code “ShowYourLove” to their Facebook page.

Where To Get Swag Codes

The most reliable source to find swag codes is through Swagbucks' official website and their social media pages.

If you browse the web using the Swagbucks search engine, you may notice an unobtrusive notification occasionally that includes a code you can redeem immediately for points. My recommendation: if you see one of those notifications pop up, redeem it right away. If you wait, you might miss out on your chance because those codes expire so quickly.

You can also follow Swagbucks on Facebook and you if you're diligent you'll notice a couple of free codes that they post here and there. Once again, redeem them right away before they expire.

Same goes for Twitter. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, and you'll come across a couple of free codes here and there.

What About Swag Codes On Other Websites?

If you've searched the web for swag codes, you've no doubt find websites other than the official Swagbucks website that lists codes you could apparently redeem for points in your Swagbucks account. Where do these come from?

These codes originally come from a Swagbucks user that discovered them and decided to share them with others. In my personal experience, often these codes are already expired because they're only active for a short period (a couple of hours or a couple of days at best).

So the question remains: Is it worth it? If you feel it's worth the time scouring through a bunch of Swagbucks codes and trying to redeem them only to find out that most of them are expired, you may find some codes that are still active. So in a sense, yes you might make some money, but I'd recommend earning Swagbucks points through their special offers section or their cash back shopping portal.


So in summary, look for Swag codes on the official Swagbucks website and also on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Redeem them as soon as you find them before they expire. Happy searching!

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