Swagbucks Review - Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Swagbucks

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Swagbucks Review - Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Swagbucks

If you're looking for a time-tested, reliable way to make money online by taking paid surveys, then this Swagbucks review was written specifically with you in mind. Whether you're a teen, stay at home mom, unemployed, or almost any other life situation, you can most likely find a way to earn some extra cash with this opportunity.

And yes, even the busy corporate executive can profit from Swagbucks too, and we'll show you exactly how in this guide. Keep reading for our full in-depth review.

Pro tip: If you happen to already be an avid Swagbucks user (or you signed up a while ago but never did much with it), you can still learn a lot from this guide. Keep an eye out for these "Pro tip" notes in bold throughout this guide.

Because guide is super in-depth and covers many topics, I'm including a quick navigation menu below so you can skip to the exact section you want to study first. If you're completely new to online surveys and just heard about Swagbucks for the first time, I recommend reading from start to finish to get the most out of this guide.

What Is Swagbucks?

The term "Swagbucks" can refer to the company called by that name, their website www.swagbucks.com, or the points you earn by doing specific activities on their website.

The Company

According to their BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile, Swagbucks.com is a an alternate business name (sometimes referred to a DBA or "Doing Business As") owned by Prodege, LLC. Based on those public records, other information about Prodege LLC includes...

Contact Address
PO Box 70
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-0070

Date of business formation: June 9, 2005

Official website: http://www.prodege.com

Other alternate business names include: MyGiftCardsPlus.com, and MyPoints.com

Also worthy of noting is that Prodege has a BBB rating of A+, which is stellar (it's the highest-level rating available.

We've heard a lot of people in the community ask "Is Swagbucks legit?" Here's our short answer: because of their BBB rating plus numerous other factors including our own personal experience, Yes, we consider Swagbucks to be a legitimate website and opportunity. You can read more about their legitimacy here.

The Website

swagbucks review home page

Above: screenshot of Swagbucks.com home page

The website has grown very large since it was launched in in 2005. As of October 2020, alexa.com ranks it as the 436th most-visited website in the USA (this number is much higher than many of the other survey websites we've reviewed).

Personally, I find the website very easy to navigate. From the home page, you can set up a free account (although we recommend using this link to get a sign-up bonus), login, or learn more about the company and the opportunity.

Social Media Presence

Swagbucks has an official Facebook page and there are some very active discussions on reddit.

What Are "Swagbucks"?

"Swagbucks" (also sometimes referred to as "Swag bucks") are a form of currency. You earn points by doing things like taking surveys, buying things through their shopping portal, using their search engine, and so on. Each action has a certain amount of points attached to it, and you'll almost always know ahead of time how much you'll earn by completing that action.

Later in this guide, we'll go into much more detail on how many points you can typically earn from each task. Once you've earned enough points to cash out, you can redeem your points for gift cards, cash, or other rewards. Let's talk about some of these cash out options next.

How Much Is A "Swagbuck" Worth? (Cash Out Options)

Once you've earned enough Swagbucks (points), you can cash them out for money or other rewards. The points to cash ratio varies depending on how you redeem your points.

The lowest redemption option I've come across is to donate 5 points to non-profit organizations including Save the Children, The Humane Society, charity: water, and more. For this charity option, one point equals 1 penny. So donating 5 points equates to donating 5 cents ($0.05). You can donate up to 5,000 points at a time (equivalent of $50).

The lowest cash out option I've seen is a $1 gift card to Amazon.com, which costs 120 points. That costs 1.2 points per penny, which is a little more costly than some of the other redemption options.

Once you get to 500+ points, the typical ratio tends to be about one penny per point. For example, you can get a $10 gift card to Walmart for 1,000 points. Or get $25 in your PayPal account for 2,500 points.

The largest cash-out option I've seen is to get a $250 gift card (Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, etc) for 25,000 points.

Pro tip: If you look in the $25 gift card range, sometimes you can snag a deal (typically marked as "SALE") to get a $25 gift card for as low as 2,000 points (that's about .8 cents/point)

How Does Swagbucks Work?

We've covered a bit about how you can use Swagbucks (do things that earn points, then cash them out for reward). Now let's talk about how the system itself works.

In a nutshell, companies pay Swagbucks to collect market data or to promote/sell products and services. Each offer has different terms, but I'll give you a couple examples to hopefully paint a clear picture in your mind.

For example, companies or organizations may pay Swagbucks a flat fee to collect a survey from a particular demographic. This is a little hard to explain, because each survey is different and there are so many different types of companies that want to collect consumer data.

An easier example to explain is the cash back system. At the time of this writing, you can get up to 7% cash-back (in the form of points) for buying products in certain categories on Amazon.com. How can Swagbucks afford to pay this? Well, Amazon pays them an even-higher percentage for each sale generated through Swagbucks, and Swagbucks keeps the difference (that's their profit margin). Swagbucks wins because they make a profit, Amazon wins because they get a sale, and you win because you get cashback. It's a win-win for everyone!

One more example. Sometimes you'll see "Special Offers" or "Limited Time Offers" where you can earn sometimes several thousand points to sign up for offers like Netflix or Hulu or subscription services like that. Just like with cash back offers, these companies pay Swagbucks a flat rate to generate new customers, and Swagbucks pays you a portion of what they earn (so they keep a profit).

If that's all the info you needed and your ready to setup your free account, click here to get started now. If you want to learn more, keep reading...

13 Ways To Earn Points (i.e. "Swagbucks") That Can Be Redeemed For Cash

There are many ways you can make money through swagbucks.com, which can be good and bad. Good because you're not limited to just one or two options. Bad because it could feel overwhelming.

Wondering which method to start with? My goal in this section of my Swagbucks review is to help you understand how each method works so you can decide for yourself which one to start with and which ones to avoid completely.

Pro tip: use a timer (better yet, a spreadsheet if you're that geeky) to calculate how much money you make per minute or per hour on the tasks you do. Over time, you'll be able to determine for yourself exactly which method makes you the most money.

Paid Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the most popular ways to earn money from your account. It's also one of the most profitable methods, although there are still a couple other methods that can make you more money faster (I'll present these in future sections), so make sure you don't just limit yourself to surveys.

To get started, after you login to your account, click the Answer link in the left-hand navigation bar. Here's a picture of the link...

earn swagbucks from surveys

Then you'll be presented with a list of surveys, including an estimated time to complete and how many points you'd earn by completing it. Here's an example of what I see in my account at the time of this writing...

List of Swagbucks surveys in account

This may be obvious, but if you only have a limited amount of time to do this work each day, I recommend sorting by the "SB Amount" column and starting with the highest-paying surveys first, because you'll generally earn more points for your time with surveys that take more time to complete. Of course, if you have plenty of time on your hands and you just need a couple extra bucks, go all-out and take each surveys every day.

The surveys that are available at any given time depend on your demographics, as well as which companies are currently paying Swagbucks to promote their surveys. So I recommend checking back daily (or multiple times a day if you have time).

Pro tip: if you check your email regularly, you can opt in to receive surveys by email. Look at the top of the right-hand sidebar where it says "Receive Email Surveys - Sign Up"

Want to see what surveys are available to you right now? Click here to setup a free account, and within minutes you can begin your first survey.

Shop And Earn Cash Back

If you already buy a lot of things online, you might be able to get cash back on your purchases if you buy through the Swagbucks "Shop" portal. Because it only takes a couple extra seconds (especially if you use the SwagButton browser plugin/addon, which we'll talk about a little later), this is in my opinion the fastest way to make the most money with Swagbucks.

Here's how it works. Let's say you're shopping on Amazon.com for a cool piece of clothing for your boyfriend or girlfriend and you find just the thing you know they'd love. Before you add it to your cart, take note of the item and go to Swagbucks and login. Then go to the Shop portal and seach for Amazon. Follow the prompts to click on the "Shop Now" button and then the "Shop" button and you'll be redirected to Amazon.com. Now you can search for the item you want to buy, and when you add it to the cart and purchase it, you'll get a certain amount of cash back for your purchase. I've personally seen the cashback percentage range from 3% to 7%, and that depends on what type of thing you buy on Amazon (clothes, electronics, home services, etc.)

Pro tip: If you already know exactly which website online where you want to make your purchase (Amazon, Macy's, Target, Expedia, etc), start from your Swagbucks account and go directly to your desired online store from there. Then do your shopping. Just make sure that if you close out of your browser tab or window to go back to your Swagbucks account and start over, just to make sure you get cash back for your purchase (cookies are used to credit the cash back to your account).

If you're the curious type and you wonder how it the world Swagbucks could afford to pay you for shopping at another company's website, let me explain briefly. Swagbucks has what's called an "affiliate partnership" with these companies (Old Navy, Amazon, Staples, Groupon, etc) which means that those companies will pay Swagbucks a certain percentage of the sales that they generate for them. So when you go through your Swagbucks account to make a purchase, the link you click is encoded to tell the partner company that the visit/sale came through Swagbucks and they pay Swagbucks a portion of the sale. Swagbucks in turn pays you a percentage of the commission they get.

If that's all confusing, don't worry. You don't have to understand how it works to profit from it! All you need to know is that before you make a purchase online, go through your Swagbucks portal first so you at least have a chance of getting cash back.

For the record, this cash back feature one of my favorite features of Swagbucks. It's literally free money (as long as you're buying stuff you already were planning to buy).

Pro tip: If you really want to strike a great deal but you're not shopping for anything in particular, look through Groupon offers and when you find one you want to buy, go through the Swagbucks Shop portal so you can get cash back on your already-discounted purchase (that's right, you can get cash back on Groupon offers you redeem!)

Pro tip for personal finance geeks: find yourself a really good credit card that has no annual fee and pays you the most cash back for your purchases (I think Chase, Discover, and Amex usually have the best cashback rates). Whenever you make a purchase online, go through your Swagbucks portal to get cash back, and then use your credit card to make the purchase so you get another round of cash back. Just make sure you don't get addicted and start buying things you weren't going to buy just because you get some money back, haha!

And one more tip before we move onto the next thing. Prodege LLC, the same company who owns Swagbucks, also owns MyGiftCardsPlus and offers cash back on gift cards purchased through their website. So if there's a store where you shop that's not listed in the Shop section of your Swagbucks account, launch MyGiftCardsPlus through your Swagbucks account and see if that store has a gift card option available there instead, and you can get some cash back by buying a gift card for yourself or for someone else. Try it out now!


If you haven't already read how to "Shop And Earn Cash Back" above, do that first, otherwise what I'm about to explain next won't make any sense.

If you ever do any shopping online at all, you've got to install the SwagButton plugin/addon in your web browser. 

Here's where to find it. Look at the bottom of the navigation bar (left-hand side on desktop) and find the Quick Links section. In there, you'll find the link to SwagButton. Or click here if you're already logged into your account. You might also see a banner advertisement promoting the SwagButton show up at the bottom of your screen when you're in the Shop portal.

Once you've installed the plugin, you'll notice it throughout your web browsing experience in several places. First of all, you'll notice it appear at the top of your browser when you visit a website that qualifies for cash back. In fact, sometimes you'll even see a button "View Available Coupons" if any are available.

You'll also get Swag Code alerts, which are basically free ways to earn a couple extra points here and there. Not a big money maker, but still worth doing because it takes very little time. And if you can make an extra 50 to 100 points here and there, that adds up in the long run!

You'll also get alerts about money-making opportunities when the SwagButton plugin is activated. For example, you may get a notification saying that new survey was posted or that a new offer is available. I don't find these notifications annoying, but if you get tired of them, you can always safely uninstall the plugin.

And you can rest assured that the plugin is safe and won't mess up your computer. You're not going to have to deal with adware and other annoying things like that if you install the plugin. That said, please note that I am just sharing my personal experience in an attempt to help you; I am not authorized to officially represent Swagbucks or their plugin. If you're concerned the plugin's safety or your personal information being collected, you can read Swagbucks' SwagButton EULA (End User License Agreement) and their Privacy Policy.

Note: The SwagButton plugin is only available on Chrome and Firefox on PC or Mac. In other words, it's not available on Safari on Mac or Edge/Internet Explorer on PC.

Search Engine

When you search the web using Swagbucks Search (powered by Yahoo), you'll have opportunities to make some extra money. Not a huge money maker here, but if you're looking for an easy way to make a couple extra bucks (literally, just a couple) for doing almost nothing, here's your opportunity.

I've yet to find any promises on the official Swagbucks website about how much they pay just for searches, but The Penny Hoarder says you can earn "between 25 and 50 SBs per day" and SimpleFamilyFinance.com says that "7 – 20 swag bucks ($0.07 – $0.20) seems to be the usual haul for a handful of searches."

To make sure you get your searches in each day, you may want to install the Swagbucks Search extension for Chrome, which will simply default your searches to go through Swagbucks.

Full disclosure here: I'm too partial to using Google to switch my default search engine (nothing against Yahoo or the other search engines - they're great), and I'm too lazy to remember to do a couple searches a day through the Swagbucks search engine just to be rewarded with no more than $15 per month, so I don't personally use Swagbucks' search engine. But that's just me... the decision is yours.

Swagbucks Watch

What if I told you that you could make a whoppin' ten cents per hour to watch videos? I know, it's practically a joke except it's for real. That's how little money you can make watching videos in your Swagbucks account.

I suppose if you just feel like being entertained and want to watch some ads and come out with a couple pennies afterward, go for it. But personally, I think it's a huge waste of time. Don't bother.

But since this is a comprehensive review of Swagbucks, I'll at least explain how this works. After you login to your account, click the Watch link in the navigation bar, and you'll be presented with a bunch of videos you can watch. After you've finished watching the video or playlist of videos, you'll earn a couple Swagbucks. "A couple" as in 2 or 3 SBs usually.

Want to give it a try? Here you go.


It only earns you 1 SB (about one penny) but it also only takes a couple seconds, and it's an arguably fun/interesting thing to do. When you're in the Answer section of your account, click the Daily Poll link and when you answer the poll of the day, you'll earn a point. Only available once per day. Here's a visual of where the Daily Poll link is in the navigation bar...

Swagbucks daily poll

I'll let you decide if it's worth the time for you. If you do it every day, you'd earn about $3.65 per year. Not a whole lot of money, but again it doesn't take much time at all, especially if you're already checking the Answer section (paid surveys) every day.

When it comes down to it, it's mainly just a fun way to share your thoughts on relatively unimportant things and hear what other people think. Here's an example of a question I've seen come through the polls...

Question: What super power do you wish you had?
Answers: Flight, X-Ray Vision, Super Strength, Mind Reading/ Telepathy, Ability to communicate in/understand any language, Super Speed, Invulnerability, Other

That question got more than 1,200 comments in one day, and some of the comments got replies. Some people really get into this!

Here's today's poll (must setup a free account first to access).


If you enjoy playing games online anyway, you might as well make some money doing it! Especially if you get competitive, you'll appreciate the ability to earn more points (which can be redeemed for cash) the faster/better you perform at certain games.

With a wide range of game types, if you love games you'll probably find something you like: arcade, casino, educational, puzzles, and more. There are three main ways to make money with games...

First, if you simply want to make a couple pennies here and there, play the Swagbucks Games. Typically, you'll earn up to 10 points for playing the game, depending on your performance. At the time of this writing, the three Swagbucks Games available are: Swag Memory, Swag Jump, and Swagasaurus Run.

Second, you can earn a percentage of SB's per $1 spent in the game. Usually, it's 18 SB per dollar (that's 18% cash back). At first glance it may seem silly to spend money on a game only to get part of the money back again, but there's a reason...

The third way to make money with games is to qualify for sweepstakes when they become available. This can get really fun for those who like a little competition and the suspense of waiting to find out if you won the big prize! I've seen prizes as high as 25,000 SBs (about $250) for first place winners.

As with any games of chance, you have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if it's worth risking some of your own money to possibly make a lot back. This may be one of the biggest ways to cash out through Swagbucks, but can also be risky. Want to give it a try? Try your luck (it's free to sign up).

Daily Goal

This is just icing on the cake. As long as you are active each day and do things to earn points, you stand a pretty good chance at qualifying for the Daily Goal bonus. The qualifications can change each day, but today for example if I earn 30 SBs I'll get an extra 3 SBs as a bonus. Straight up free extra money.

You can find the Daily Goal drop-down menu at the top of the page when you're logged into your account. Here's a screenshot of what to look for...

Swagbucks daily goal screenshot

Hourly Random Winner

Every hour, a new winner of 1,000 SB's (about $10) is announced on the official Swagbucks Blog. Look on the right-hand sidebar at the top where it says "Hourly Random Winner."

According to their post that explains the qualifications, if you are selected as the winner of the hour, you must visit the blog and claim your 1,000 SB bonus. You must be logged in and also have a profile picture set up in your account (if you're logged in right now, here's a direct link add your profile picture)

Sponsored Offers

In the Discover section of your account, you'll find a plethora of ways to make some free money and/or get some pretty sweet deals. Here's a screenshot of the link to click on in the menu to get started...

swagbucks discover offers

You'll find free offers like coupons and free samples, "get paid to sign up" offers from places like Hulu, Uber, Dollar Shave Club, Home Chef, and many many more. You an also earn SBs (points) for requesting free quotes for insurance, financing, home offers, and more. Offers change regularly so check back regularly.

At the time of this writing, here are a few examples of offers currently available (just to give you an idea of how much money you can make with this and how easy it is)...

Example 1: Get 1,000 SBs (about $10) by purchasing a bundle of 3 magazines through MagazineStore for $10. That gets you a full-year subscription of Better Homes and Gardens®, Family Circle®, and Rachael Ray Every Day™. That's an example of an offer that is great for people who love magazines, because you get 3 subscriptions essentially for free when you factor in the cash-back through your Swagbucks account.

Example 2: Sign up with Uber as a driver (doesn't cost anything) and get 3,000 SBs (about $30). When you take your first paid passenger, you get an additional 5,750 SBs (about $57.50). Plus you'll of course get paid by your passenger (through Uber) to transport them. This is a great example of an offer that will "cost" you more time the some other offers, but will pay off really well in the end if you're truly interested in the offer (in this case, being an Uber driver).

Example 3: A final example is Hulu. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up and get 2,500 SBs (worth about $25). There are two Hulu plans to choose from: $7.99/month with limited commercials or $11.99/month for no commercials. If you've been wanting to get a Hulu account anyway, this is a great way to get a couple free months. But even if you don't want a Hulu account, you'll make more than you spend even if you cancel after your first month, because you'd spend about $8 to make about $25. That's a $17 profit for just a couple minutes of your time, plus you walk away with a "free" month of Hulu (free when you factor in the cashback reward). Now this idea is risky, but technically you could probably even cancel your first month after 8 days and still get your 2,500 SBs plus get a refund, but that's kind of bucking the system so don't be surprised if you actually lose all your points doing that. Either way, just make sure to cancel your subscription eventually when you don't want it any more, because it will auto-renew monthly if you don't.

Wondering how these special offers and deals work? How can you get paid to sign up for free trials or fulfill other free offers? Well, big companies partner with Swagbucks to make this possible. These companies include TrialPay, RadiumOne, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Revenue Universe, AdGate Media, Kiwi Wall, AdscendMedia, and SuperRewards. In the end, you get exposed to new products and subscriptions, and that's a way for companies to advertise to you. That's why they're willing to spend money to get their products in front of you.

Want to give it a shot? See current offers here (requires account to access).

Pro tip: because there are so many offers, I recommend taking a block of time (even up to an hour or more) sifting through as many as you possibly can and sign up for as many as you can. If you get the right offers and sign up for them fast enough, you could possibly make more money per hour taking advantage of these offers than you would by answering surveys. Or do both surveys and offers and make even more money!

Online Coupons and Grocery Coupons

Located in the Shop section, you can redeem coupons for online stores as well as for local grocery stores. Start by clicking the Shop link in your account menu. Here's a screenshot...

swagbucks shop - get coupons and deals

As with other offers on Swagbucks, these coupons change regularly, so if you see something you like, claim it right away.

Online coupons have included discounts from companies like Brookstone, Express, Justice, Dell, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, and a lot more. What's particularly nice about online coupons is that you typically get cash back on top of the discount coupons! For example, at the time of this writing I see a discount from Old Navy for 10% off dresses plus 3% cash back!

Grocery coupons are printable and often feature well-known name brands like Scott, OxiClean, Dial, Kleenex, and a whole lot more. At the time of this writing, there are more than 400 coupons available!

And for each coupon you redeem at your local grocery store, you'll earn 10 SBs (about $0.10).

Pro tip: You may notice that these coupons are made available through a partnership with Coupons.com, so you might be wondering "Why not just go directly to Coupons.com and forget Swagbucks?" Here's why... although all the Coupons.com coupons on Swagbucks are the same as directly on Coupons.com, by going through your Swagbucks account you'll get an extra 10 cents cash back whenever you redeem that coupon. So obviously you're better off going through your Swagbucks account.

See what coupons are available now (free account required).

Swagbucks Local

With Swagbucks Local, you can get cash back on purchases you make at local restaurants (only certain ones that qualify). And it's pretty simple to get started. All you have to do is link your credit card through your Swagbucks account.

When I linked my card, I even got a 100 SB bonus just for doing that. I was surprised to see local restaurants in my area (Lancaster city, PA), even a couple mom-and-pop restaurants (i.e. not chains) offering 7% cash back!

In case you're wondering, this really works (I've tried it). I went to Silantra (delicious food, by the way) and bought two wraps for my wife and I, and I got an email on my way home saying that my Swagbucks account was credited 116 points (about $1.16). All I did was pay for my food with the same card I linked with my Swagbucks account!

Looking over the terms and conditions, I feel 100% comfortable entering my credit card (actually, debit card in my case) into Swagbucks Local. Yes, they do share the information about that transaction with the local restaurant so I can get my cashback, but why should I care about that? It's not like my personal information is being shared or compromised.

So I give this a thumbs up, of course as long as you can find restaurants in your area that offer this. Find what's in your area by setting up a Swagbucks account and then go to swagbucks.com/cashback, or click Shop and then Local in the menu. For moments when you're on the go, download the Swagbucks app (available in the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play store for Android) to find qualifying restaurants in your area.

Referral Program (Invite Friends)

So you've been using Swagbucks for a while, and you've cashed in your first paycheck and you're wondering how to make even more. Ready to kick things up a notch?

Refer a friend and earn a $5 bonus plus 10% of their earnings for life. Not bad, huh?

There are a couple details you should be aware of, though. First of all, the $5 sign up bonus is available only if your friend takes certain actions. If they do actions that earn them 300 SBs during the same month you refer them, you get $3. Additionally, if they spend $25 or more through Shop & Earn (also in the same month you refer them), you get an extra $2. That adds up to $5 total.

But even if they don't meet those qualifications within the first month, you can still earn 10% of the points they earn for life, but only in certain categories. 

"The earnings eligible for the 10% referral program include the categories along the top menu bar: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover... Categories that do not count towards 10%: Sign-up bonus, Swag Codes, Daily Goal Bonuses, SB Visa awards, Accelerator awards; others may be added." 

With that knowledge in mind, when you're ready to start referring your friends, login to your Swagbucks account and click the "Refer & Earn $5" link at the top of your account page. Or just go directly to swagbucks.com/invite after logging in.

Pro tip: Get ahead of the game and invite as many of your friends as you think will sign up for Swagbucks while you still have a chance, before your friends invite your mutual friends and earn the referral bonus instead of you!

Still don't have a Swagbucks account yet? Click here to get started (it's free!).

Trade-In Program (Discontinued)

Over the years, Swagbucks has offered trade-in programs for cell phones and video games but it has since been discontinued. This post in 2010 announced a trade in program for video games, but the trade-in link now simply redirects to the Swagbucks home page. I can't seem to find anywhere that says the program is discontinued, but I also haven't found a working link to cash in on the trade-in program.

So as far as I can tell, Swagbucks no longer offers any trade-in programs at all. If you know otherwise, please say something in the comments section below!

Swagbucks Credit Card (Discontinued)

Back in July 2013, Swagbucks announced on this blog post that they were offering a credit card called the Swagbucks Visa® Rewards Card. And it was a pretty good offer, too. It had a bonus for signing up and a bonus if you spent a certain amount within the first 6 months. Plus you'd earn 1.25 SB's per dollar (equivalent of more than 1.25% cash back, depending on how you'd redeem your points).

Unfortunately, that offer has since been discontinued. The closest thing you can get to earning cash back on credit card purchases is Swagbucks local (described above), which gives you cash back on purchases at qualifying local restaurants.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Swagbucks definitely earns the spot as one of the best websites to make money taking surveys online (here are the others we've reviewed), particularly because your options for making money extend well beyond simply taking surveys. With coupons, cash back, "get paid to join" offers, sweepstakes, and so much more, almost anyone looking to make a couple extra bucks can find something interesting.

If you're a Swagbucks veteran, I truly hope you found this "Ultimate Guide" valuable and will use what you learned to make even more money with your account. Please share this guide with your fellow Swagbucks enthusiasts, and use the comments section below to share your personal experiences with the community.

If you're thinking about setting up a Swagbucks account and you're wondering if it's worth it for how much money you can make, I encourage you to take the plunge and get started today! (you don't need any fancy Swagbucks sign up code because it's free to setup an account)

Sources (Credits)

Following is a list of credits for all the sources used to put together this comprehensive Swagbucks review.

Jonathan Hostetler

Jonathan is a tech geek, entrepreneur, and self-development enthusiast. He gets a kick out of improving his own life an the lives around him, particularly in the areas of health, finances, and spiritual pursuits. His "claims to fame" include guzzling a half dozen raw eggs on camera, being born in Chad (Africa), and rising the ranks of salesman and SEO Specialist with no college education (just good 'ol self-taught education). Married to his soulmate and father to possibly the most charming young man in the world.

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