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Tickbox TV Review: Can It Replace Cable?

Do you enjoy watching TV but hate having to pay for a cable provider month by month? Furthermore, do you hate not being able to watch your favorite shoes and movie right after they come out? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to ditch cable and go for a streaming service like Tickbox TV.

TickBox TV

People nowadays are opting out of cable, and going with outside company streaming services like Amazon Fire Stick and Roku. Tickbox TV is similar to this; a plugin that works with an Android operating system and can work anywhere there is an internet connection. Now you can watch TV shows days after they are released, and according to their site, “almost every movie and TV series ever made.” On top that, they also have live TV channels such as CNN, FOX, ESPN, and other major channels.

What Does It Cost?

For a one time payment of $149.95, you can become a proud owner of a Tickbox TV setup. All you have to do is plug in the HDMI cord that comes with the box into your TV, and you are all set up. After setting up the internet, you are all ready to start watching Live TV, stream movies and shows, and even play apps from the Google Play store.

What Makes Tickbox TV Stand Out?

Tickbox TV is a simple box that, to many, seems to be the same as Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. However, There are some qualities and options that Tickbox has that the other smart TV boxes. For one, you can stream live television through Tickbox. This is a great option because you now do not have to wait for shows to be released, and you can watch news and sporting events.

Another great thing about Tickbox TV is that you can buy and rent PPV events on it. Some other cable providers charge you extra, on top of the PPV event. However, Tickbox TV does not charge you extra, since you are not paying monthly. Instead, a one-time payment for the event is all that you will be charged. This is great for people that enjoy watching Boxing, UFC, and other PPV streaming events.

Why Should I Get Tickbox TV

Tickbox TV is a great purchase for anyone that enjoys watching television but is tired of paying for cable. On top of that, many times the shows that people want to watch are not always on TV. Instead of paying for Netflix, HULU, or showtime every month, just get them all at the same time with Tickbox TV. Furthermore, the movie options are fantastic. People can now watch movies that were just released, from the comfort of their own home; with no extra charge! Save the $25 movie tickets, and just watch it at home!


If you are looking to save a bunch of money in the long run by dropping cable, this is a great alternative. Although you will have to spend some money up front, you have to spend money to make money. The one-time charge may take a dent out of your wallet, but saving you that monthly charge will end up relieving you of stress every month when you don't have to pay again. Tickbox TV is an excellent substitute for HULU, Netflix, and cable. In addition to that, it is priced out cheaper than some other options and has a greater library than it's competitors.

More Ways To Save

Furthermore, if you are looking for some other great ways to save money, we have the answers for you. Check out our blog, where you can find great resources like how to refinance student loans, and specifically, tips on saving money near the holidays. Hope this helped, and hope that you are a step closer to deciding on whether or not Tickbox TV is for you.

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