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Tomoson Review: Can I Get Free Stuff?

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There is a lot of money that can be made online. Usually these ways are either through surveys online, or getting paid to write reviews. As someone that writes reviews online, I am always looking for new ways to make seem extra cash. Tomoson is a unique company because they not only write reviews, but they also give the products to the reviewers. With such a easy website to join, everyday people can become "influencers." 

Influencers is what Tomoson calls their reviewers, because technically your goal is to influence other people to use a specific product. This website has a two pronged approach to reviewing products and connecting reviewers to companies.

How Does Tomoson Work?

As I stated earlier, there are two different sides of the website. There is the part where you can sign up to be a influencer, and another part where companies join to be connected to influencers. These companies have products that they want people to review, therefore use Tomoson as a platform to find reviewers. If you choose to be a influencer, you will fill out a quick user profile which will help companies know who you are, your specialties in writing, and if you are the right pick to review their product. ​This is unique because most sites that pay you money only pay for surveys. Surveys are still great, and companies like Utellus and Swagbucks thrive off that environment, but Tomoson is for people that are more hands on, and want to voice their individual opinions. 

How Tomoson Works

Who Can Work As A Influencer

Technically, anyone can work as a influencer for Tomoson. It is best if you already write a blog, or have blogging skills, but that is not a make or break it for working. Tomoson accepts everyone into the site, but getting hired is another story. They do not promise that you will be hired for a job just by signing up. Companies look at peoples profiles and choose themselves. Therefore it would be best to fill out the profile extensively. Companies and brands are looking for people that would effectively be able to review their product. Consider adding anecdotes about yourself, showing the company who you are, and what you are capable of. It also is a plus if you already write a blog. This shows companies that you have a strong following, and will likely select you since they know you can share your review.

What If I Don't Write Online?​

If you do not have a blogging website, fret not. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still huge mediums for sharing reviews with people. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, or followers on twitter, showcase that in your profile. Anything you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd, and show you can share the information to a large crowd is great. After all, you are being hired not only to write a review, but also advertise the product to your followers. ​

How Do I Get Hired By A Company?

Companies will promote their products on the website, and the application process to hire is open to all influencers. However, for each product, the company usually has a couple of requirements that influencers must have in order to review the product. These can be anything to how many twitter followers you're blog has, and how good your blogs SEO is (Search Engine Optimization.) More about this later if you are unclear on it. In addition , similar to an app like Uber, after you complete a job, the company will rate how well of a job you did. In turn you will also rate the company, and how helpful they were in the process. Influencers can see companies ratings, to decide if they want to work with them through Tomoson. Conversely, companies will see the ratings of influencers, and will choose if you are the right person for them. 

What Is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Word Optimization, is a buzz word when it comes to websites, blogs, and any content online. What it means is how well your content ranks on a view categories online. These categories are usually how your content is formatted, the readability of your content, links in your blog, and overall writing and grammar. Companies look for blogs and websites that have high SEO because they are more visible on google, and the content you create will be prevalent online, harvesting organic viewers. If you're still lost, here is a great resource to check out. 

$$ How Do I Get Paid? $$

Bingo. Everybody wants to get paid for doing work. A perk about Tomoson is that they do not make a commission off your your work, and foot the bill for all expenses. Therefore whatever the company says they will pay you, you get paid. Usually reviews for products are around $5 for shorter reviews, and can climb all the ay up to $45. In addition to getting paid, you are reviewing a product, therefore you will receive the product from the company. Usually the companies send you the product for free, but there are a few exceptions when you will have to pay for it; at a highly discounted price of course. ​Exceptions can be anything from the product being very expensive, therefore they cannot just give it away for free, or the terms and conditions of the company not allowing them to give free products out to reviewers. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

Great question. After all, this is a blog about making money online. Here's the skinny of it; you're earnings are uncapped with Tomoson, there are just a few factors that are involved in it. For one, you have to be selected to write for the company. With there being hundreds of influencers on the site, getting a new job everyday may be tough. However, if you kill your first couple of jobs, and get a high rating, companies will see that and want to work with you. Secondly, not all companies pay the same. If you get hired to write a lot of smaller reviews, you will not see a high flow of money. Then again, if you get a couple of big catches on the site, and write reviews for $45 bucks, you're set. It all depends on the companies and the pay-out for the review. 

Tomoson Blog

If you are really interested in Tomoson, you should check out their blog. There they have information for new influencers, how to boost viewership of blogs and articles, and social media campaigns. It is a great resource to read up on when you start out on the website as a influencer. ​It also is a platform to learn about Tomoson and affiliate websites and companies they work for. 

Tomoson Blog

​What's the Verdict On Tomoson?

Honestly, this is a great site. It is free to join, free to write, and easy to make money on. I say easy to make money on, but I don't say how much you can make. Yes, writing $5 is making money, but it depends on how much your time is worth. If anything else, it will help you learn about SEO, and how blogs work. This can help you in future online endeavors.  And who knows, you might be amazing at it. If you're killing it in the ratings, you'll become a popular influencer on Tomoson. After that, the more companies that rate you well, the more you'll be contacted to work with.  Overall, it's a safe site to join, no risk involved, and there is money to be made on it. 

However, if you find the reviewing process to be intriguing, just don't want to write a blog about it, I have the answer for you. We have reviewed the Top 20 Survey Sites for 2017, and they all help you're pay-pal fill up with cash from taking surveys. 

Extra Ways To Make Money

With the internet being so vast, there are many other opportunities besides Tomoson to make money. Our blog alone features more than 50 unique money making opportunities. It is always great to see people signing up for sites and earning money on their own time. Because of that, we take it upon ourselves to provide readers with the most in-depth, and up to date reviews on top money making websites.

Swagbucks logo

For example, we have reviewed a site Swagbucks. Swagbucks is our number one ranked site because of the size, the member loyalty, and the legitamecy. Along those lines, sites like Pinecone Research and MySurvey rank very high for the same reasons. However, they are each unique in their own ways. check out our reviews to see the differences, and make a decision as to which site you want to join.

Now, if survey sites aren't your thing, there are many other choices out there. One of these unique choices is Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is a program started by Amazon where you can become a Amazon delivery drivers. With Amazon Flex, you set which days you want to work, what hours each day you want to work, and how far you want to drive. ​

In addition to a site like Amazon Flex, which is a little more hands on than traditional survey sites, there are product testing sites like Product Testing USA. There you get to test products straight from companies, and film yourself reviewing them, answering questions, and using the products. So get out there, and start making money from home!

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