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Is TreasureTrooper a Scam or a Legitimate Survey Site?

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TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides you with many chances to make money. It's a unique GPT site with an Indiana Jones feel. Like other get-paid-to sites members earn rewards for shopping, completing offers, taking surveys and referring friends. Only one person per household may participate and accounts cannot be shared between members of the same household. The website itself earns money from advertisers and they pay you to participate in their market research. In order to get started you'll need to provide your name, email address, password, and payment information. Then you'll receive an email confirmation. 

Ins and Outs of TreasureTrooper.

TreasureTrooper has hundreds of offers ranging in payout from $.50 to $50.00. Complete offers to collect money. Most offers are free to join and once you've clicked, you'll need to verify your completion. There is a caveat: you need to be at least 13 years old to participate. 

Once your officer is verified it is moved to a 'Pending Offers' page and then to an 'Approved Offers' page. They money is then will be added to your earnings on your 'My Treasure' page. You can't cash out until you've collected $20. From there you'll get paid on the 15th and 30th of each month from the previous pay period. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem for items at the Trading Hut.

When you refer friends to TreasureTrooper you get an extra 20% of all of the offers they complete. Additionally you’ll make an additional 5% commission from people your friends refer through their networks. 

Earn a free $1 just for taking tutorial

Earn $1 just for going through the tutorial.

What are the Different Ways I Can Earn Money on TreasureTrooper?

There are thousands of companies out there looking for people to sample and take surveys about their products. At TreasureTrooper, companies pay to send these surveys to you and then you're paid for each one you complete. The information you give to TreasureTrooper isn't sold to outside parties. At TreasureTrooper you'll find 100% free offers, surveys, tasks and more. 

TreasureTrooper allows you get cash offers. Cash offers pay you to participate. When you click on a cash offer, it takes you to a survey page that allows you to give 100% honest information. Participants answer open-ended questions with insightful, complete sentences. Participants can't rush through through surveys or "straight-line" the answers or offer approvals will be reversed. Each survey is individually priced but they range between $0.50 to $13.00. 

TreasureTrooper also offers cash offers. Participants can choose from three distinct cash offers: Study Storm, Survey Seeker and Daily Surveys. 

Study Storm

Study Storm has been temporarily disabled but will send users updates via in-site messaging when it's restored. 

Survey Seeker

The Survey Seeker feature lists multiple surveys that participants can choose to fill out. Each has a varying cash prize. 

Daily Surveys

Then there are Daily Surveys that you can take. Daily Surveys offers eight cash surveys that participants can take every day. When participants complete all eight, they're paid $5.50. 


Participants can also make money through cash calls. This means you call advertisers, ask hard questions and then listening to what they have to say. Payouts range between $0.50 and $1.50 per call.

Sponsored Offers

Cash path allows you to sign up for various reward opportunities. To get involved in cash offers you click on the "Cash Offers" page and follow the instructions provided. Once you've completed your offers simply click "Done" and you'll receive a verification from the advertiser that the work is complete and your account is credited. You must give accurate information in order to complete the task. Otherwise, it won't be credited to your account. 

Watching Videos

Cash videos pay you through a team of people working together to reach daily goals and win prizes. You watch as many videos as you can and once you reach a daily goal with your team you're awarded a free pearl which can be used to trade online through TreasureTrooper. Pearls can be traded in along with other treasures to win various rewards like Amazon, eBay and Visa gift cards.  

Scale Scavenger gives you the opportunity to watch videos, provided you're 18 or older, and be awarded one dragon scale for every 10 videos watched. Dragon scales can be traded in for prizes. 

Listening to the Radio

Cash radio allows you to get paid to listen to music. Each time you listen to music you're awarded an arrowhead which can be used to trade in for prizes. 

Downloading Apps

Cash mobile pays you $0.50 for every mobile app you install on your iPhone or Android. 

Virtual Currency

The site also offers virtual currency through Gold Coins, Arrowheads, Dragon Scales, and Platinum Coins. Gold coins are a type of currency that can be used in Mabutu's Trading Hut. They can be used to purchase Treasure Map pieces, Journal Pages and more. Every time you complete an offer that pays cash you're also awarded gold coins. Offers that give you $3 or less, offer one gold coin. When you complete offers that pay for between $3-$8, you're awarded 2 coins, and anything more than $20 gives you the opportunity to get 5 gold coins.

Arrowheads can be exchanged for Dragon Scales and Platinum Coins which an then be converted into prizes. Arrowhead dig sites allow you to dig through offers to earn arrowheads. Dragon Scales are used to buy items in Cogg's Coop and allow you to enhance your Dragon Lair. Dragons can be bred and sold. Platinum coins can be used to purchase gift cards and electronics. 

Platinum Rewards Club

There is a Platinum Rewards offer that allows participants to complete offers and get on the Arrowhead Rewards Wall. TreasureTrooper allows users to get two arrowheads per day to complete a poll. The poll is automatically connected to Twitter and Facebook and posts to your feed. Each poll is worth 25 arrowheads.

Refer a Friend

Earn by getting your friends to sign up through the referral program.  You will earn 20% of what they earn through the platform plus 5% from your second level referrals.  With no limit it is very easy to quickly rack up points on the platform. 


Head on over to the Forum for some solid advice.

When you're ready to get paid, please note, payments are processed on the 15th of each month. Payday is five days later. So if you earn $50 in January, you'll receive your check by February because the company cuts payments on net 30. United States residents with a registered PayPal account can be paid through Instant Pay once they have made $20. 

How Do I Know Treasure Trooper is Legit?

Ah the vaunted question that everyone asks about survey websites.  Treasure Trooper has an entire page dedicated to explaining how they are legit with proof of payment, a link to their chatroom, and a FAQ section aptly named the "Skeptic Center."  Unlink other survey sites, TreasureTrooper actively seeks to quell any inklings of doubt with it's legitimacy.  The chatroom is member run and you can talk live with dozen of members who once had the same questions you do.  There are two payment verification links provided, the Payment thread where users post their recent payouts for each other, and the Payment Gallery which captures screenshots of payouts to users. 

Treasure Trooper Skeptic

Notice how they have a tab labeled "Skeptic Center"

One huge upside of Treasure Trooper is their pledge to protect your information from outside parties or to harass you via spam, telemarketers, or junk mail.  Their privacy policy outlines much of these terms.  

How Can I Maximize my Earnings with TreasureTrooper?

There are a few ways to redeem money and awards on TreasureTrooper. Once you make $20 you can have the company mail a check or make a direct deposit into your account. 

At the Trading Hut, you can redeem coins, pearls, and scales for gift cards.  Earning referrals can stack points for you very quickly, and provide passive revenue long term.  Simply generate a referral link and start inviting friends.  

At Cogg's Coop you can redeem dragon scales you've earned taking Daily Surveys to develop a dragon and sell it once it reaches adulthood. You can then breed and sell your dragons back to Professor Cogg for cash. The most exciting part of the site is the dragon feature. In order to get dragons you need to get dragon scales by completing cash offers, daily surveys, forming a Dragon Scale Chain Bonus, winning hourly contents, patting someone on the back in the Treasure Trooper Chat room, winning the Jungle Slots and converting arrowheads and cash into dragon scales. Once you have accumulated enough scales you can purchase dragon eggs. Once they incubate, you feed them and they grow up, you can breed and sell them. Dragons are worth $5.00 to $100.00 each time they're bought and sold. 


  • Multiple ways to earn money: Surveys, offers, watching videos, downloading apps.
  • You can earn $2 just for signing up and going through the tutorial. 
  • Variety of tasks offered to earn rewards. 
  • Unique "Indiana Jones" feel for survey site, different than all the competition. 
  • Payment Proof and verification.
  • Members only chatroom.
  • Active referrals pay out 20%.
  • Well established gpt site.
  • Protects private information from outside vendors.


  • Too much going on.  Can be pretty confusing. 
  • You will be screened out of surveys without warning. 
  • Customer Service is not very response and won't credit manually. 
  • ROI is unproven and on the low side compared to other survey sites. 
  • Site design is a little outdated. 

Should I Join?

TreasureTrooper is a legitimate site that will never be a sole source of income, but is an easy way to make some extra earnings on the side. Besides, the most exciting part of the site is the opportunity to grow and develop baby dragons into ones that are worth $100 a piece.  Other than that there isn't much that stands out about TreasureTrooper.  The rewards are on the low side and things can get confusing if you are not familiar with all the lingo used on the site.  If you do decide to give TreasureTrooper a try you can sign up here.

For those who are looking to maximize making money online we highly recommend reading our Top Online Survey Sites review to get the best insights.  Some of our top picks include Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Mintvine.  

Other Options To Make Money

Still looking for more ways to make money online? Well, we have the answers to all your questions. Our blog features dozens of unique money-making opportunities. Some of these you can do at home, while others require a more active approach to the money making process. 

One great site that you can work fully from home on is Virtual Bee. Virtual Bee is a data entry site where you get to choose projects to work on, and when you want to work on them. Some projects pay hourly, while others have a flat rate. Another great site is Product Testing USA, where you test products in-home. Members receive products, test them, write reviews, and in the end, get to keep them! What a great deal, right?

So, get out there(online) and start making money. There is a lot of money to be made, it all comes down to choosing the right site for you.  We hope you enjoyed our treasuretrooper review and will explore more areas of our site. 

  • Ways to Earn
  • Payment Options
  • Return on Time


TreasureTrooper is a legitimate well-established gpt site that has been around for quite some time. While the website is quite outdated, the opportunities within are endless. If you are looking for a solid way to make some extra side cash, we highly recommend you test out TreasureTrooper.

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