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Utellus How To Make Money Online.

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Market research is a huge part of product production, advertising, and selling points. Companies want to make sure that their consumers are getting the best product possible, and that they are advertising effectively. Because of this, companies regularly take part in surveys, in which they ask consumers questions about their products, offers, and promotions. This is a great way to get the publics opinion on certain parts of their business; keeping some parts the same, and changing others. Utellus is a online research panel website that does just this. They conduct surveys, gather opinions, and send that information to the company that paid them to put out the survey. 

More About Utellus

Utellus is a big online market research company that conducts surveys for companies and products. They are part of a bigger company, Precision Opinion, which has provided research and data to companies for over 20 years. They are known as the "Most Trusted Name In Market Research," and have received many awards in the research world. Because Utellus is managed by this confirmed legit company, they know what they are doing. However, due to the fact that they are part of a large company, they are picky about who can join. 

How To Join?

Joining Utellus is not as easy as other sites, Swagbucks for example. Instead of being able to join by pressing a button, you have to be invited to join the site. The next logical question would be, "How Can I Be Invited." Again, this is also not a easy question to answer. For some sites, such as Nicequest, you can take part in other websites to get invited. However, for Utellus, invitation is more complicated than that. Utellus selects its members from a group of addresses in your area. They do this because they want a certain amount of people from each zip-code to be in the site taking surveys, therefore they have even demographic of people across the country. You will get a letter in the mail with access code which you use to sign up. 

Is It Safe?

Utellus is a safe website to join if you get invited. It can be hard to trust a website who just got your mailing address randomly from local databases, but once you are in, your personal information is safe. When they initially got your information, they just had address. Therefore whatever additional information you give them is kept within the website. Utellus does not sell or publicize your information in any way throughout your tenure on the website, as well as after you leave. They reside within a security environment that has met FEDAMP, Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, requirements. 

How Can I Make Money?

Again, this is only if you are invited, and you accept that invitation. Once you are in the website, making money is quite easy. Members can take surveys online, by way of mail, or even on the phone. Utellus has a state of the art, 700 phone, calling center which puts out surveys on the phone daily. These surveys are paid for by companies, therefore it's only right that Utellus pays its members for taking them. Surveys generally take from 5-10 minutes, and pay out 100 to 500 points each time. Each point is equal to a penny, therefore surveys can earn you either $1, or $5 each time. 

Once you have reached 2,000 points, or $20 in cash terms, you can cash-out. However, cashing out does not mean inputing your Pay-Pal information and receiving the money. Instead, Utellus lets you use your points to purchase electronic gift cards. You can view the gift cards by going to the rewards page, or clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions:

​How Often Can I Take Surveys?

Each member receives at least one survey a month in their email. However, members can take up to 4 surveys in a single month, if they get invited to them. 4 sadly is the maximum amount of surveys you can take.

How Much Can I Earn?

Surveys pay out between 100-500 points. However, you will know how much the survey pays before taking part in it. Therefore you can choose whether or not you want to participate in the survey, depending on how many points you will earn.

Whats The Deal With The Phones?

Utellus is not a telemarketing company, therefore you do not have to worry about getting calls from people trying to sell you stuff. They're calling center is strictly for surveys online, and not a means for solicitation. 

How Will I Be Contacted For Surveys

In your profile, you set how you wish to be contacted for surveys. Most members choose email, however some prefer getting phone calls with survey offers. You are free to change this as any time, you just have to go to your profile and update the information. 

Should I Join Utellus?

Well, its really not up to you. Being that is invitation, this is only a good question for those that do get invited. Honestly, If I were you, I would not join Utellus if I received a invitation. For one, who are they to be so exclusive. I get that they are part of a big company, but they do not pay out enough to make me want to wait around for they surveys. Secondly, they don't pay much. Each survey only pays up to $5, and with a 4 survey a month maximum, it could take months to make enough money to make the gift cards worth purchasing. Additionally, with such a high cash-out for their low paying surveys, it may take months just to reach that $20 threshold. 

Alas, do not be afraid, there are other survey sites out there. Instead of wasting your time waiting to be invited, or on the site taking surveys, check out other survey sites online. You can view our Top Paid Survey Sites For 2018 to really read about some awesome sites that can get you paid online. 

More Ways To Earn Money

Since Utellus is a invitation only website, many people will find themselves looking for other sites to make money on, since they did not find the golden ticket in the chocolate bar. However, here at Surveyswonk, we want everyone to make money online. Because of this, we have taken it upon ourselves to review as many money making opportunities as possible. We give honest, up to date reviews on tops sites ranging from survey sites, to Multi Level Marketing Sites. One survey site that has caught our attention recently is Pinecone Research. It has caught our attention because the surveys featured on that site pay out a little more than other sites. This is great because we all want to make as much money as possible, and with a site like Pinecone Research, that is possible. 

Furthermore, there is survey sites that is a little untraditional and unique called Mindswarms. They are a site that instead of having you fill out surveys online, you film yourself answering questions and using the product. This gives a pulse to your review, which companies like to see; people using products live and giving on the spot opinions and reviews. 

However, if surveys sites are not your forte, like I mentioned earlier, there are other sites out there. Amazon Flex is a site that introduces you into the world of delivery driving; driving items from Amazon vendors and packaging stores to their customers. Similar to Uber, you get paid for how long you have to drive, and if is all on your own time. In addition to that, there is a site called Ebates where you earn cash-back for shopping at popular stores online. These are two completely different examples, which is a taste of the vast amount of reviews and opportunities we have on our site. Check out our blog for more, and chances are for each review, all your questions will have been answered, and you will be ready to start earning money from home, or on the go, all on your own time. 

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