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Valued Opinions Review: Is it a Legitimate Survey Site?

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In todays world, market research is a vital part of all business plans. Companies constantly put out surveys, trials, and test products. Valued Opinions helps these companies by getting people to participate in studies and survey different products. Similar companies like Swagbucks, and Mindswarms do the same exact thing. Established in 2004, Valued Opinions is one of the largest online market research companies. They are part of a bigger company, ResearchNow, and have more than 3 million members. 

Back Ground on Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a monster company. With over 3 million members, and counting, they are constantly posting new surveys. They also are members of multiple market research governing bodies such as The Marketing Research Association and The Market Research Society. You can check out their websites to get a insight on how surveys help companies, and the impact of your answers. Along with being in good standing with big time research companies, they also are the biggest market research company in the world. With that recognition, and amount of members; both survey takers and companies, they have plenty of surveys to offer. Additionally, they operate globally, not just in the US, to get a wide net of answers to surveys. With that being said, you can be anywhere in the world and still have access to Valued Opinions. This is a great attribute for a company to have, because of how many people they can now have access to. 

How Can I Join Valued Opinions?

Joining is quick and easy. The first step is to click here to visit their website. After putting in your email and some quick information, you will fill out a registration form. This will help you get connected to surveys that are pertinent to your demographic; what you do, where you are from, age, etc. To help the website run better, it would be wise to allow the cookies on the website. As well as that, the best thing to do is to keep updating your profile. This will keep the website updated on you, and will help get you more surveys each day. 

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. All of your information is kept safe on the website. ValuedOpinions is privately certified by TRUSTe, a company that makes sure businesses are upholding their privacy settings, and keeping your information safe. TRUSTe is a company trusted by many websites to ensure their users information is safe. Additionally, to help the website run smoothly, the cookies do not interfere with your information, or online searches. For some computers and softwares, you may have to allow cookies on this site to run. However, like i mentioned previously, these will not have affect on your security, nor will it effect how smoothly your computer runs. 

Join Valued Opinions

What’s Next?

After you register, its time to start taking surveys! Surveys range from being 5 minutes long, to about 15 minutes. The site will alert you how long each survey will be, and what you will get in return for taking it. This can help you plan out your time, and make sure you don't get roped into a long survey with a low pay-out. Additionally, there are some surveys that can take up to a few weeks, these would be diary and log surveys of you testing out a product or online service. Secondly, these surveys are not multiple choice test. ValuedOpinions, like the name suggest, values your opinion on products. It is best to answer the questions as honestly as you can, to benefit the company giving the survey. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Each survey thats offered to you is a chance to make anywhere between $1-$5. However, it is not straight cash. Cash for the surveys you complete will be deposited into your account on the website, which you can redeem for gift cards. ValuedOpinions offers gift cards for a wide variety of retail stores, both physical and online. This is similar to other survey websites, take Swagbucks for example, in the sense that you get paid out in gift cards quite quickly. 

Once you get to $20, you can cash out for the gift cards. The cash-out period is 24 hours, and you will get a email with your online gift card. However, if you choose to get a physical gift card, that will take 2-3 weeks to get to you.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There is no maximum to the amount of money you can make. With 3 million members, ValuedOpinions obviously has enough money to shell out to its participants. Nevertheless, you still may not qualify to take every survey out there. Because of this, your earning potential may be capped due to the available surveys. To stop this from happening, you want to make sure you update your profile regularly in case of any changes. This will help expand your net of possible surveys you can, which will in turn increase the amount of gift card redeemable points you earn. 


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Part of a bigger company, so it's legit
  • One of the biggest online market research companies
  • Quick cash-out for mobile gift cards
  • Certified safekeeping for your information


  • May not qualify for certain surveys
  • Might be tough to make a lot of money
  • No Pay-Pal options, all rewards are gift cards

Should I use Valued Opinions?

If you enjoy giving meaning reviews on product, instead of just clicking yes or no boxes, then this site is great for you. Along with that, since there are more options than just surveys, such as trial testing, its a great way to be exposed to some new products. Also, since it is a global company, you can be connected to products from different countries as well. 

Conversely, if you are looking to make some money to transfer to pay-pal, this will not be the survey site for you. As well as that, you may not be able to take as many surveys as you want, due to certain surveys looking for specific demographics to take it. 

​It all comes down to how much you want to earn on a survey site, and how you want to earn it. For Valued Opinions, you can only make gift cards, and can be potentially not allowed to take as many surveys as you'd like. Because of this, Valued Opinions may not be the best earning option online. But alas, don't give up now. Check out our top rated survey sites page to see reviews on more sites that help you make some extra coin by taking surveys and polls. 

Not Into Surveys?

If you are looking for other ways to make some extra money online, there are many other options. Although surveys are a very popular way to make extra cash online, there are other opportunities. For example, if you'd like to get out on the road a bit, but don't want to Uber, there is Amazon Flex. With Amazon Flex, you can sign up and join the fleet of Amazon delivery drivers. Now, I know what you are thinking, "Do I have to drive a big truck?" The answer is no. Like Uber, you can drive your personal car. All you have to do is pick up packages, and deliver them to houses in your area. Another unique way to earn some money is through shopping. You already shop, so why not make money while you do it. Ebates supplies cash back to all their members for making purchases from popular online stores. ​

Along those lines, we have reviewed dozens of other unique opportunities. You can read about them all on our blog. It is a great resource that will save you time, and help you earn money. Hope this all helps; now get out there and earn a some extra cash on your own time. 

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