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Is Vip Voice a Legitimate Survey Site or a Scam?

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The world’s leading companies rely on VIP Voice to help them develop and offer the right products and get them in the right places at the right prices for the right people in order to grow their businesses. VIP Voice conducts more than 12 million surveys annually. You share your information through surveys designed to gather your opinion. Companies use the survey information, plus information VIP Voice gets from retailers, to improve business decisions: strategic planning, product development, marketing, sales, and measuring results. How can you make money? As a member of this online research community, you make money when you complete surveys about the products you buy, services you use, stores you shop in, and more. Your opinions will be blended with other members. The companies and brands you love rely on this information to make better business decisions. VIP Voice covers a wide range of industries, so whether you like food or fashion, video games, and more, your opinions matter. 

Is it Safe?

NPD Online Research Group, now known as VIP Voice, is well-established. It has a membership of 3 million, you just have to agree that this is one of the most popular sites around. The NPD Group owns this survey panel and the parent company has been providing market research study on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. The company has existed a long time. The company claims that it worked with more than 1700 companies and manufacturers, in and out of the USA use their services. VIP Voice provides marketing research activities, supply public opinion and feedback that shapes decision-making process of their clients, with regards to products and services. The Better Business Bureau’s Rating, there is no entry of NPD, their online version, but there is a more comprehensive descriptions about the parent company itself that says theNDP Group has accreditation from the BBB since March 1972. The BBB verified the business has done extremely well, as they awarded this company with the highest A+ rating. 

How Can I Join?

Go to VIP Points, and fill in your information. Click submit. Once you confirm your registration, you will be eligible to begin taking surveys. Plus, you will automatically be entered into VIP Voice's $1,000 Registration Sweepstakes. Then every survey you complete, you will earn VIP points. With VIP Voice's tiered rewards program, the more surveys you take the more points you'll earn. Then you can use you points in sweepstakes and auctions for rewards. You'll also be eligible for vacations, electronics, appliances, and more for participating. 

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How Do I Get Paid?

For compensation, the panel chooses uses a rewards points system. You're paid in points. You will work on accumulating your points until you are able to redeem your points through a members exclusive website,

The redemption options include (but aren't limited to) gift cards, laptops and direct bank deposit. The points you earn through VIP Voice allow you to gain automatic entry into any sweepstakes on the payment site. Additionally, there is also a cash payment system for some selected survey work. Please don’t count on the cash payment system as these don't happen on regular enough basis to count it as consistent cash flow.

The panel also boasts of an exclusive Survey Points Booster program. This is clever and entices  you to take more surveys on regular basis. For example,  the first two surveys you attempted pay you 25 points each. But the pay out for the subsequent two surveys nets you 50 points each. From the 5th survey work onward, you will be rewarded with 100 points each. The survey points go up fast. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

There are a few cash surveys on VIP Voice, but not many. Unlike other paid survey panels, VIP Voice does not generally offer cash. Instead, members earn points which they can then exchange for entries into sweepstakes or for bids on an auction. Each point you use in the sweepstakes is considered an entry, so the more points you put into the draw the greater your chance of winning. VIP Voice has a mechanic called the Survey Points Booster, so the more surveys you complete the more points you earn. There is also a daily sweepstakes, which offers you a chance to win $100. There are monthly sweepstakes with a variety of valuable prizes, such as vacations, electronics and more. In the auctions, you bid your points as currency. Whoever bids the most by the end of the auctions wins the item.


  • The survey questionnaire is straightforward and it does not take much time to complete.
  • Survey participation is not the only way to earn points. SweepLand Instant Win Game (available for U.S. residents only) allows you to win points without slugging at the surveys.


  • VIP Voice rejects a cash system and sticks to their unique reward system.
  • You won't know much points you are supposed to be paid should you decide to take up the work.
  • Survey invitation emails often do not exceed 2 in a week.

Should I use VIP Voice?

Rest assured VIP Voice is a legit site. There are plenty of paid survey and GPT sites like MySurvey and CashCrate that will reward you for your time and opinions in a more straightforward fashion. VIP Voice is unique in that it offers a lottery and auctions in lieu of direct payment. This feature is challenging because the closest thing you can get to a non-paying survey site in the paid survey market. So if you are ready to join, sign up for VIP Voice today. 

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