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Vital Card Review: The Credit Card That Pays You To Share.

Do you use a credit card? If yes, listen up. Vital card is a new credit card that pays you to get people to sign up for the card. Yes, you’ve probably heard of all the cash-back cards that give you a percentage of your purchase back on gas, groceries, or other items. However, this card is different. Instead, it pays you cash for getting people to sign up for the card. This may seem like a pyramid scheme, but I assure you, it is not. Instead, it is a platform for people to share a card, earn money from it, and build the customer base of the card.  If you want to join now, simply click here

What Is VITAL?

VITAL is a credit card company that was started by a team of entrepreneurs, bankers, and lawyers that all shared a common goal; to launch a card that makes the people money, not just the banks.  Members of Vital Card have previously worked at large corporations such as Google, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs and even  

How VITAL Works

For starters, it is important to know that VITAL does not exist at this very moment. They decided to roll out a pre-launch website to gain interest, and get a list of people to distribute the cards too. It is not very difficult to get approved, and most people who already qualify for a basic entry level credit card get a VITAL card.  Users are allowed to pick from four amazing designs: Space Gray, Matte Black, Gold, and Rose Gold.  

VITAL works by marketing to its consumers a card that can earn them money. You get a certain amount of points and cash for each person that you refer to join VITAL. There is a ticker on their website that shows the amount of earnings you can make per month for every person you refer.  You also earn cash back for everyday purchases such as groceries or uber trips.  The fastest way to earn more money using the card is to network with friends who also sign up and use the vital card. 

Is This A MLM/Pyramid Scheme?

Although some of their strategies are like that of a multi-level marketing company, they assure you they are not one of those companies. Additionally, they do not dump product on their sales members, like other Multi Level Marketing companies do. Instead, they simply are offering a great card that, if the person chooses to, can earn cash rewards for referrals.  Often in MLM or other similarly structured businesses this is called a "downline", which simply means the people that you brought into the business that generate you cash from selling services.  In this case the "downline" is new users that are brought in via social sharing and peer to peer interactions that drive sign ups for the vital card.

Vital also operates in a much higher regulated industry than many other MLM programs.  Thus they are under constant oversight into business practices and lending procedures. 

However, if you choose to not join the cash rewards program, you still receive 1% cashback on all purchases. This is similar to many of the other programs that we feature here on site.  

Cash Rewards Program

How Referring Earns Points

Each time you sign a friend up for VITAL, you earn 4 points towards your VITAL score. In addition to that, you receive 2 points for friends your friend signs up, and 1 point for friends of friends of friends.  This can continue to build into perpetuity, there is no limit to the amount of people or points you can acquire.  We like to think of potential users as affiliates who you can leverage to exponentially grow passive income. 

At the end of each month, VITAL adds up your points, and puts it on a chart with everyone else’s points. They then divvy up the cash reward pool, and proportionately pass it out to all members. Note: Make sure that your friends who sign up underneath you keep their card active. You do not receive points if they do not use the card.  All they need to spend is $1 a month to remain active, for you to keep your points and compensation plan.  

The best users will spend anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 dollars on the card a month.  With the average American carrying roughly $11,000 in credit card debt it's easy to see how quickly you can rack up rewards on other people's spending habits.  Imagine if just 10 of the people you directly signed up switched from using other credit cards as their primary card to the vital card.  That along could generate significant monthly passive revenue for you to use as you please.  

How Does the VITAL Cash Rewards Program Work?

Each time your card gets swiped, you get 1% cash back, and 1% of your purchase gets put into the cash rewards pool. Therefore, if there are a lot of people with the card, spending a lot of money, that pool can grow quite quickly.  At the end of the month Vital takes the total pool and divides by the total amount of vital points.  For example let's say the pool total was $10,000, the total number of vital points was 10,000 and you had amassed 100 vital points by month's end.  Your payout would be $100 for that month ( (Total Pool/Total Vital Points)*Your Vital Points) ).  Moving forward as long as everyone in your network keeps using Vital to the same degree, you would continue to earn $100 each month.  

Creative Ways of Gaining Signups

Here are seven creative ways to increase the number of signups with little to no effort. 

1. Share Vital on Social Media

The most effective way to gain signups is to simply share!  Most of your immediate connections can be reached these days by way of social media.  Popular affiliates have launched huge campaigns via social media for years, so it's safe to say it's a successful business model.  So go ahead and send Great Aunt Sally from Wyoming a link, who knows it could pay off.

2. Text/Email Family and Friend

Brush up on some email skills and hit the send button.  Trust me it beats the chain emails your grandma sends to every family member once a week.  

3. Sign Up People Using Other Gig Services

Anyone who already participates in the sharing economy such as Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, etc is a great target for signups.  Think about it, they are already used to hustling for some extra cash through networking.  Another great resource to tap into is anyone peddling any type of MLM program.  Whether it be paparazzi jewelry, crappy sports drinks, or just plain old Amway, these people will most likely sign up for any opportunity to earn extra cash. 

4. Engage in Conversations at Work

Turn the next water cooler conversation into an opportunity to promote Vital Card.  Or you could send them passive aggressive emails about joining a "secret club", your choice. 

5. Run Ads on FB, Google, and Instagram

For those savvy enough to try, paid advertising can be a gold mine for signups.  Novices beware many individuals fail at getting paid traffic to convert.  

6. Create a Review Video and Post to Youtube

Video yourself going through the website with a tool like Quicktime and give your honest feedback.  Be sure to give clear directions so viewers can sign up easily. 

7. Blog/Write About Vital Card

Tell the internet about your experience with Vital card.  Give an honest review, your readers will appreciate it. 

Are There Any Fee's?

There are no monthly or annual fees involved with Vital Card. In addition to that, the credit card rewards program is not taxed.  Remember however that credit card companies often enact an annual fee once enough users using the card on a monthly basis.  Keep an eye out for additional fee structures once Vital card goes live. 

What's The Catch?

There is a catch for the cash rewards program. In order to be eligible for the cash rewards program, you need to spend $250 per month. If you do not reach this spending limit, you will not receive your reward for referring people for that month. However, this isn't the worse. Chances are, you may be already spending that much money on other credit cards, so it is no different if you use this card. 

Another downside of the card is the low cash back rewards offered versus other competitors on the market.  If you spend very little on credit cards and do not plan on actively recruiting friends to sign up for the card, you will most likely only be receiving 1% cash back on purchases.  There are many other credit cards out there that offer more lucrative reward programs.  Do your own research before jumping right in, you may find that the vital credit card is not the best option for you. 

Want To Join?

It’s free, easy, and risk free; so why not? Save time and click here to join the site, and start referring your friends and family members to get the cards when they are released in 2018.

Upon hitting the homepage, click on "Get Early Access".  You will be directed to a email optin form.  Enter your email and you will be guided through the sign up process.

Thank you for reading our Vital Card Review, check out other top affiliate programs here.  

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The Vital Card offers you a chance to earn money in a whole new way. Featuring a unique rewards program, Vital Card is trying to revolutionize the way credit cards work. Start earning passive revenue today by signing up your friends, and using the card on daily purchases.

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