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WebEmployed Review – How Can They Help You?

Are you looking for a great way to make money online? Do you find yourself tirelessly searching the internet for unique ways to make money, complete tasks, and sign up freelance jobs? Well, search no longer. WebEmployed is a great site that does just this; helps put you in contact with websites that can earn you money online.

About WebEmployed

WebEmployed is “a blog that reviews the best sources for earning income online.” The blog was started to help those from underdeveloped countries find jobs and earn money to support themselves, their families, and their communities. Web Employed found that there was a lack of resources for young people that are deserving of good jobs, which led to these people turning to labor-work although they are experienced and skilled enough to complete tasks on online for pay.

To counter this, they started their website to help connect people to these opportunities online. The blog features sites that can help you earn money online, whether they are writing jobs, freelance jobs, academic jobs, short tasks, affiliate marketing, or online selling.

Ways To Earn?

As I mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to earn money online. Because of this, WebEmployed has broken up their site to cater to these different ways of earning. There are numerous tabs, each one is a different way to earn, with articles written on websites that feature ways to earn in that category.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancers live life at the moment. They are not tied down to by a career, nor are they bound by the 9-5 work with one main employee working for a salary. However, it is risky if not done correctly. Often, freelancers find themselves struggling between jobs, and having to deal with the hectic lifestyle they have created for themselves. Conversely, freelancing is a great way to earn some extra money as a secondary form of income. WebEmployed helps you find these freelance jobs and has articles teaching you how to efficiently work as a freelancer.

Writing Jobs

Websites are continually looking for people to write content for them, either as a part-time writer, or working as a freelancer. However, it can be difficult at times to find websites that are looking for writers. This is where WebEmployed comes into play; they have articles under their writing jobs tab which show you exactly where to look for witting gigs, big and small, and how to work as a writer and get your content published.

Academic Jobs

These jobs are more for those that are looking at making money by either becoming a tutor, selling teaching resources or teaching English online. There are great opportunities out there, and once again, WebEmployed comes through with a fantastic, efficient, and effective way to locate these opportunities to earn money.

Short Tasks

A short task can be anything from a survey site to an app that pays you to do certain tasks like working out or becoming a part-time virtual assistant.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic and sales generated by their referrals. WebEmployed has articles that teach their readers how to work as an affiliate marketer, whether it be with Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliate Programs.

Online Selling

This category is for those that hoard, are designers, or have a car/room they don’t mind lending to others. WebEmployed has articles that feature sites where you can do all these things. If you have extra stuff just laying around, you can find a website to sell it on! If you are a designer, you can sell products that you have made! Heck, if you have extra room in your house, why not rent out a room on Airbnb?!


WebEmployed is a great resource to utilize if you want to start making money online. They feature very helpful articles, on all the above topics, and tips and tricks to succeed in all your money-making opportunities. Check them out, you certainly will not regret it, and you certainly will not regret it once you see your bank account get a little bigger by just sitting on your computer at home.

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