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Weegy Review: Get Paid to Answer Questions!

There are a lot of ways to earn a secondary passive income online. Between survey sites, data entry sites, and other money making opportunities, one can make a good amount of money online. However, one kind of site that usually gets overlooked due to the size of Google, and other search engine sites, are questions based answer sites. Weegy is one of these sites where you type in a question, and receive a answer in mere seconds. Instead of scouring the Google search page for a answer, the answer pops up in a box in weegy, quick and easy. 

More About Weegy

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Weegy is basically a artificial intelligence that answers your questions for you. But, although it seems like a AI technology, there are actually people on the other side answering the questions. Many times answers are already in the system, but when a question is asked where there is no answer in Weegy, the website pays another person to solve the problem. ​How does Weegy stay afloat in a market where Google and Yahoo have such a stronghold on the search engine world? The answer is that many times people do not correctly input questions into the google search bar to find answers. Search engine sites work on specific key words, and if you type in a question wrong, the search results will be scattered, and for things that don't relate to your original question. 

How Weegy Works

How Can I Make Money With Weegy?

Bingo. Lets talk about how you can make some money. Of course they does not expect that you know everything about everything. Instead, they just want to pay you to find answers to questions that are asked by Googling it anyway. Weegy workers take the question, modify it, input it into google, and 99% of the time find the answer that way. They then put that into the Weegy conversation box, press send, and earn .20 cents. Each conversation is .20 cents for the worker, and takes 15 seconds. Why? Well Weegy only gives their worker 15 seconds to find the answer, otherwise if it too long, why are people even on Weegy asking questions anyways. 

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How Do I Get Questions?

After signing up, you will be directed to a user page where you can wait for questions to be typed in. If Weegy cannot use existing answers to answer the question, it gets forwarded to you. That is when you look it up, type it out, and send it back. This is a tough website to stay on because questions come in at a infrequent rate, and as Weegy gets older, there are more and more answers in the database. Therefore they will not need as many question answers working for them.


  • Easy to sign up 
  • Cool new way to make money online
  • Easy to just plug and chug when answering questions
  • Can work with any computer and software. 


  • Questions come in at a infrequent rate
  • $0.20 cents/conversation is not a lot 
  • High cash out value, $20
  • Unknown future for site. Will they last? Will they fall short to Google?

Can I Make Money On The Site?

Yes. Money can be made on the site. Then again, its only .20 cents per conversation. Again, these conversations are infrequent, therefore a steady flow of questions is incredibly rare. ​Weegy may not be the best site for someone that is trying to find a single site to make money on. Instead, this would have to be a site that you sign up for along with other money making sites. 

Getting Paid

Payment, like mentioned earlier, is .20 cents per conversation. Once you have reached $20, you can cash out via Pay-Pal. This is a very high cash-out value which is why it falls in the Con's section. For someone that doesn't want to plug that in a calculator, you can ask Weegy! Or, ask me; that means you have to answer 100 questions to cash-out. ​That is a lot of questions to answer. 

There are some complaints about Weegy, such as them not paying members for their answers. This is a huge negative, because people have put in work to answer questions, yet receive no compensation. ​

What Now?​

If you feel lost, with no direction, I am here to help. Yes, Weegy is a cool concept for a site, but the question is, "How long will it last?" People always go on Google first due to their online presence. ChaCha use to do the same thing that this site does, and they bottomed out after a while. It feels like only a matter of time until Weegy cuts their losses and folds their hand. ​Now, don't get upset saying, "Now how will I make money online?" Well, if you want a nonsense free way to learn about money making opportunities, I have the answer here. Check out our review on Top 20 Online Sites that get you paid. Easy to ready, packed with information, and focused on making you money. 

More Ways To Earn?

Since Weegy is a unique site, lets talk about some other unique sites where you can earn money online. One unique site that has caught our attention recently is Product Testing USA. This site is a survey site that instead of asking you questions, they send you products! You then use these products, take pictures of them in use, and answer some questions. This kind of survey is very useful to companies because they can see how the product is used, and how people react to using it. Furthermore, another hands on survey site is Mindswarms. Mindswarms is a video based survey site where you record yourself answering questions on a product. Of course, both of these sites have privacy policies where your information and answers are kept safe and anonymous. ​

If you are looking for other unique opportunities to earn money online, look no further. not only have we reviewed more than 50 survey sites, but our blog features a whole lot of reviews on other ways to earn money. Maybe Data Entry is more your style, or a Multi Level Marketing company. Either way, we have looked at a plethora of sites, ranked them, and written up to date reviews on them, making sure we are providing our readers with the most useful information as possible. So, check us out, and see how easy it can be for you to earn money from home!​

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