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WhatUsersDo: How Does It Work?

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In todays society, with everything being available online; whether it be through social media sites, or online retail stores, it is important for companies to have strong websites. Whatusersdo is a website that sets its members up with task and test to complete while viewing a website. They send this info to the original website, which in turn helps them make their website easy to navigate. Unlike market research companies, that use websites like Swagbucks and MySurvey to conduct surveys, Whatusersdo focuses on the layout of a website, and how easily it is navigated through. In a way, this is its own form of market research.

How Do I Join Whatusersdo?

Joining is quite simple. For starters, you are going to want to go on their website and sign up to be a tester. Their website is also the main portal for companies to join and have their sites tested, but navigating it isn't too difficult. This website is unique because not only do they operate in the United States, but also multiple countries around the world.

To join you simply have to fill out a quick survey with your name, age, demographics, and Pay-Pal name. After this you will be instructed to set up your webcam and microphone so you can take the test. Once you are all set up you will take a sample test, where it is best to act as you would in a real one. This sample test will give the website information on how accurately you complete task, and how much feedback you provide. Once you are done with this, you wait. Test will be sent to you through your email, and that is where you will click the link to get started on one. These emails are not daily, and users usually take between 4 and 6 test each month. 

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What Does It Mean To Be A Tester?

Being a tester means that you will be assigned to websites, and asked to perform tasks on them. These task can range from putting new items in a shopping cart, to finding certain information on the page. The companies that are using this site are seeing how easy their website usability is to the average person. They will not only get results on how quickly you navigated the site, but also will get information from you as you complete the tasks. The webcam and microphone are used to see your facial expressions while navigating the site, and the microphone is used for you to give commentary as you are completing the task. 

Give Feedback

It is important for users to give feedback while they are completing the task. This helps the companies because they get real feedback from everyday users like yourself. Don't be afraid to be critical, and on the contrary, don't be afraid to compliment the usability. Companies benefit off of feedback, and hope to make your experience on their site as pleasant as easy as possible. 


Whatusersdo keeps all of your information and provided video and audio feedback safe on its site. The only people that view this are the companies seeking Whatusersdo's help in developing more usable websites. All companies that use this site agree to not share any information they get from the users, and ensure the privacy of your feedback.

Have Questions?

What is really cool about Whatusersdo is that they have a chat service while you are on their main site. You can have a real time conversation with a employee of the site through messaging. Here you can ask questions on how to navigate their site, how to join, and what will be expected from you as a user. This makes the site very personable and welcoming, as well as easy to get around if you have quick questions. 

Get Paid

Test and tasks usually take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, and pay out $8 each one. Whatusersdo pays through Pay-Pal and deposits the money in your account on the 25th of each month. It's as simple as taking a few surveys in a month, and waiting for payday. 

Should I Use Whatusersdo?

This is a great site if you are looking to make an extra 30 bucks or so a month. Because most users only take 4 or 5 surveys a month, it is not a great way to make a income, or even a lot of walking around cash. However, it is a fun, unique experience that is different from other survey sites. Furthermore, if you are annoyed by websites that have difficult to navigate pages, get your voice out there to help improve others. Feel free to get started here.  Then again, if you are looking to make more money than this, check out our reviews on top money making survey sites, and start your path to getting rich while on the internet. 

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