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YouGov Review – Your Opinions Do Matter!

There are countless survey sites on the internet –more than we could ever even cover, meaning that there are millions of your responses and opinions out there. Sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey have tens of thousands of people using their site alone. Have you ever wondered what happens to your opinions? You spend countless hours answering random questions, but once you submit the survey, your job is done. YouGov makes sure that your opinions really matter. YouGov is a survey site where polls are conducted in order to gather information. These polls can be about brands, politics, products, public affairs, and many more interesting topics. All these topics are important, and are very broad, making it so that these results can be credible enough to be used for large media sites. The answers you give will then be analyzed for a general public opinion on a certain topic.

Yougov Homepage

With YouGov, your opinion will not go to waste. The surveys and polls that you will take are sponsored by YouGov clients that care about your opinion. People’s opinions are necessary in order for people to improve their product, service, or just to gain knowledge about what a normal person thinks and feels about any certain topic in today’s world. The information that you give in a survey, as well as the information you provide to sign up, will be kept private, but your results will be publicized. When I say that, I do not mean that the whole world will know that you specifically took a survey and answered questions. You will be able to view the poll results on a website once it is completed. Pretty cool, right?

YouGov Surveys

The surveys that you are able to take are generally very short –it will only take about a couple of minutes for you to complete it. Many surveys are only 20 or 30 questions long, which is fairly easy. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to take longer or more difficult surveys in order for more points, but you will not get this chance that often. The longest survey that you will ever have to take with YouGov would be 20 minutes long. The longer and more complex the survey, the more points you will earn!

Yougov Sample Question

Sample question on YouGov.

How Do I Get Paid?

The great thing about YouGov is that you do not have to wait for checks to be mailed to you, nor do you have to wait for a direct deposit. You will be able to get paid through pre-paid gift cards from VISA, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, and many more companies. In addition to that, you can redeem your points for things that are not of any monetary value. You can trade your points in for apparel such as shirts, or tote bags. It all depends on what you want to get for the work you have done, which is pretty cool!

Just for signing up, you will be able to earn 2,000 points! Many of the items that you can redeem cost about 5,000 points, so you would only need 3,000 more. Many users claim that it takes a long time to get these points, so be wary of this before expecting to become rich off of these surveys!


  • Surveys are relevant and short. 
  • Your opinion is published after completing surveys. 
  • You can see results of surveys right away. 
  • Can redeem rewards for items and gift cards. 


  • No cash option. 
  • Can take a long time to reach 5,000 points. 
  • Only one way to earn. 

Is YouGov a Scam?

YouGov is a completely free website to sign up for –they will never ask you for payment on their website. All your responses are highly valued, and they say that their results have been featured on websites such as CBS and Business Insider! It may take a while to gain a large amount of money with YouGov, but it is a legitimate website. If you’re still interested in taking surveys that matter, click here!

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