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Zoombucks Review: Is it a Legitimate Site?

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Nowadays people pay more attention to their smartphones than their real life. This may be a gross exaggeration, but it is partly true. Now, what if I told you that since you are spending so much time on your smartphone, why not make some money while you are? That's every dream come true right? Making money for doing something you already do. Well, Zoombucks is an extension of that. They will pay you for playing on your smartphone, sharing content, watching videos, and taking quick mobile surveys.

What Is Zoombucks?

Zoombucks was a multi-model marketing company that stressed mobile apps is a great way to earn money at home. What I said was because they no longer exist. However, they were taken over by Grabpoints. Grabpoints was a sister site to Zoombucks, and they felt that they would be more successful together. And boy, was that a good call. Grabpoints still has all the great features from zoom bucks, just with more online presence and reward options.

How To Join?

If you were a user of Zoombucks before, you could still log in with that information. However, that wouldn't make sense since you're reading a review, so Ill just talk about joining Grabpoints. Their website is very easy to navigate through, and even easier to navigate their mobile app. They are predominantly a mobile company, but they do have a very helpful and useful website. Joining is quick and easy and only requires you to give your name and email. Once you have verified your email, you are set to grab some points on the app (See why they named it Grabpoints?)

Ways To Download The App

How To Earn Points On Grabpoints

Download Apps To Earn Points

Points can be earned multiple ways on the app. For starters, you can take surveys from your phone, or desktop, to earn points. These surveys are short and easy, and more times than not are open to all age groups. However, there are some surveys that companies conduct through Grabpoints that focus on a specific demographic. Similar to a site like Swagbucks and iRazoo, Grabpoints offers rewards to people for completing surveys. The number of points for each survey will be clear to the user before taking the survey. This is to keep their users happy because people like to know how long the survey will take, and how much they will get paid before they do it.

A Second way to earn points is for downloading apps. This is part of what I was talking about earlier. If you are on your phone all the time, chances are some of those times you are playing games. Grabpoints has featured apps that once you download them, you will be rewarded points. Points are rewarded for certain apps just for downloading, and others for playing the game and reaching a certain level. This is a great way to get introduced to some new apps on your phone and make some money while you are at it.

Grabpoints Social Media Presence

Share Grabpoints on Social Media for rewards

Grabpoints pride themselves on being a user shared app and website. What this means is that they offer rewards and points just for sharing their app. Users have a few ways to share their app to earn points: Facebook post, Instagram, or even just a picture of you using the app. This is a great way to earn rewards, specifically the younger generation, who are constantly posting on social media sites.

How Much Are Points?

Here I am going to break down point values, and how that translates to real-world cash. For starters, a single point is 1/10th of a penny. For those of you, like myself, who are horrible at math, means that $1 would be 1000 points. That may seem like a very high number, which it is, but there are multiple ways to earn points, and each of those ways varies in point earning. What this means is that it is not very difficult to rake in points, and get some real money out of the site. Games that you download can earn you between 100 and 700 points, so if you play your cards right, two games can equal $1.

Additionally, you can watch videos on the app to earn points. Although there are hundreds of videos that can be watched, each one only offers you 1-5 points. That is a very small point value if you are trying to get to that 1000 point number. However, any extra points matter. Furthermore, there are surveys that you can take. These surveys offer anywhere between 500-2500 points. These take a few minutes but are worth it in the end for points.

How To Redeem Points?

Redeeming points on Grabpoints is easier than ever. Once you have reached some points where you are comfortable with cashing out, there are a few options for you. One of the options is to cash in for a gift card for Amazon, BestBuy, Xbox, and many other online stores. The second way is the cash way. Well, not cash, but PayPal. Therefore you can get the money in your PayPal, and you are free to spend it on whatever you'd like. This is a great option, used by other sites like MyPoints because it doesn't lock you into a certain store like a gift card would.

Bottom Line:

Heres the skinny on Grabpoints: It is a great app to earn money while on your phone. A lot of survey sites are mainly online and don't offer games to play. However, Grabpoints is not only mobile but also has fun ways to earn. Due to that, it is a favorite among users for its accessibility. You can earn points anywhere, anytime. (Of course, that is if you're not driving or performing open heart survey.) However, if you are looking for more traditional ways to earn some money online, look no further. Here at Survesywonk, we have all the answers for you. We have reviewed over 60 sites to make money online; ranking them, weighing pro's and con's, and giving our final review on it. So check us out. Hopefully, you find a new way to earn some extra cash in your free time.

More Ways To Earn

Survey sites are great, don't get me wrong. Swagbucks is one of the best sites out there, along with MySurvey, a site I mentioned earlier. However, some people are looking for something more than a survey site. For those, our blog has the answers. Our blog has more than 50 unique money making opportunities. For those that want to play a more active role, but still want to take surveys, sites like Product Testing USA and Mindswarms are the best choices. At Product Testing USA you get to test actual products from companies before they are released. Along those lines, Mindswarms s a survey site that instead of taking surveys online, you film yourself using products, and answering questions.

Now, if you want to be even more active, there are Multi-Level Marketing sites like Kyani that you can join. These sites are for people that don't mind being their advertisers, selling products to friends and family. Although it is a little harder to get started, and cost money, whereas survey sites are free, the earning potential is limitless.

Furthermore, if you just want to look around, see what sites are out there, our website is perfect for that. There you will find honest, up to date reviews with pros and cons of each site. We want you to be able to make money online. Therefore we review the top sites to do so. With over 100 websites, there are many options for you. So, check us out, see what site fits you the best, and start making some money.

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